Friday, March 20, 2009

YT fail lol

Ah so I actually BF BF BF'ed (as opposed to cbf'ed) making a video for youtube, but I'm sure it was broken'ed because it took more than three hours to upload. So I cancelled it and enjoyed Royal Pirates instead. They are a cool duo that do rock cover versions of some songs like Circus and Mirotic. This brings some of my favourite things together in a skeetfest-inducing culmination of pure awesome.
Britney Spears. Check (Hey, her music is so catchy like wow yeah and I am very lame)
Korean. Check
People who are more attractive than they are unattractive. Check (because we are all superficial ^ ^)
A singer with that pre-pubescent voice that was big in the early 00's. Check (I like it lol)


Hmmm did anything interesting happen today?
Well not really, but we had to do a role-play in Mandarin, and I guess that was pretty funny for us because we put a lot of hard work and effort into it and we were the embodiment of productive teamwork but yeah not really. It was pretty simple we just had to act out buying boxes for putting a jumper and scard into the mail (but I'd say ours was a tad more interesting than the others merely because our play involved a calculator, savings and not very good reasoning skills, and 三个超人  lulz) 

So I was on my way to bed but then mum called me over to help cut ribbons to make lolly necklaces for some thing she has tomorrow. Now whenever I do something last minute I'm going to say it's genetic (I made this "fallacy" really easy to identify, just for you Mr Kong).

For now I'm going to sleep because I feel like going to the library tomorrow morning to nerd out. 


  1. Ahh.. Genetic Fallacy: fallacy where opponent produces reasons that would mean he or she support the view, instead of arguing their case forward on its merit. The attack is indirect because they are saying the view is held because of their special circumstances.

    I am pleased to see the utilization and recognition of fallacies in your post. However, as a friend, a feel I should help you spot some more. n_n

    The title "YT fail lol" is the Slothful Induction fallacy (or scapegoat). This is a fallacy that occurs when someone blames something that is not to blame - usually because they are at fail themselves. Here you are blaming YouTube, where it might necessarily be your internet connections fault. Another example of this fallacy: "I didn't mean to kick Musu's groin, it just happened to get in the way of my foot". n_n

    I think there's a Hasty Generalization here as well. Where you say YES YES YES when you have only used a small sample size to represent your argument.

    Still friends, k? :)

  2. I think I've seen the singer from Royal Pirates' 411 on soompi.
    that's irrelevant because I've never clicked on the link.
    but they are pr0.

  3. bleh
    anything i say now will not match CK's hardcore comment T______T