Tuesday, February 16, 2010

happy birthday nat : ) + uni orientation

Last Saturday was Natalie Petaia's 18th birthday party and it was very very enjoyable. No thanks to Nat, but entirely thanks to the karaoke machine :P After a hard long night of a good party I hit the karaoke machine hard with Nat's friend Grace and Nat chimed in to perform a Mariah Carey classic--"Always be my baby". This song reminds me of a lot of things but mostly of the time before Mariah got too lazy/old to dance. Now all she does is wiggle around on stage but I guess with a voice like hers it's okay. I met a fair few cool people at Nat's party and was quickly reminded of how cadbury Ryan is. Anyway happy 18th Natalie n_n

Oh uni orientation week has started and it's quite fun probably because it's not actually university and therefore not hard or work but semantics shemantics. Free shirts and food make it worthwhile and today in our library research lecture me and Christine passed the time by being lame and making jokes about the Phillipino gogo dancer who walked in only to find he had come to the wrong lecture.

Prior to the lecture I was headed to school to collect my laptop but got caught in some freaking torrential rain and so I found myself sitting, soaking wet, underneath a tarpaulin for viewing BBC tennis matches for around half an hour. My spirit crushed a few hours before my lecture was supposed to start I ran to the bus stop to go home because the rain made me sad and want to go home. Then I got to Indro walked to the train station and dried off my clothes in the bathroom, and then I realised that it would be pointless if I didn't go to my library research lecture if I left the house in the morning so I walked back to the bus and caught the reverse trip of the same bus into the city and walked to uni.

Anyway my sister has been going on about how awesome Nicky Minaj is. I didn't get it at first but after watching her perform with Robin Thicke on 106 & park I've done a complete 180. She's really entertaining to watch perform in that whole ''lady gaga captivates her audience by merit of being so dedicted to her performance'' way. Yes that does involve being weird and having bulging eyeballs.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I think I am attracted to people like me. Not really attracted but more drawn or maybe even just happen to be surrounded by people who like distractions from actual problems.

On Christmas Eve I had an argument with my dad and my mum thought I had run away when I was just sleeping in my brother's room. So she got my sister to text me to tell me to come back and the text just said, "Mum said come home. We got a microwave".

Everyone deals with their shit differently, and I guess our difference is not being able to deal with it at all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

la futura, 未来, luminai

Okay so once again there is no food. So I might be dramatic but I also know that I would find it quite difficult to make a meal out of flour and rice. Oh, and if Macguyver is reading this and thinks he can somehow pull a turkey roast or a bomb out of that, fuck you. Anyway sleeping on my hard mattress is like getting beaten uyp in my sleep or sleeping with a limp or something because whenever I wake up I feel like my spine is misaligned and my body feels more tender than menstrual time nipples ( or so I hear they are tender 8-) ). Anyway with that I have some news.

Since I last posted, actually probably a long time before that, I have finished school and have received my (shit) results. I didn't end up getting my IB diploma but I still managed to get into QUT Law which I was offered a place in last night so yeah. Oh, I know R kellz doesn't read this because it has too many words and too few pretty pictures but yeah you read correctly QUT--the university you don't consider to be a real university. So now my mum is thoroughly disappointed in my results and has no qualms with telling me how much I suck for doing the course I'm doing at any time of day and for having a shitty QTAC rank.


eating breakfast--"hey musu you did shit"
walking to my bedroom--"so disappointed in you"
making dinner--"such a waste of life" etc.

Anyway I argued about it with her today and she told me it is her way of 'motivating me' and firstly I thought, "WTF?" then after a while I thought ... "no wait, seriously wtf?!"

Lol oh well nooone sees eye-to-eye with their parents all the time. I was all D: about my mum saying things like that at first but then I realised somewhat--what would be the opposite of prematurely? maturely??--anyway I just realised I am still happy with who I am and that I am pretty cool even if I suck at school sometimes. Now I'm going to go to the mirror and tell myself that I am super cool and I'll believe every fucking word of it.

I was considering taking a gap year to make some money but my mum shut that idea down straight away and Kt said that if I didn't go to uni I would probably end up not ever going because I am lazy and will have many babies by next year.

Anyway surprised that I managed to write even that much which is ... not much. Ten million cool points to the person that picks up the movie reference in the post. : ]

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swimming, moisturizer party, Indro bumming, free fun, enjoying life/holidays : ]

So this afternoon Tyler and Phuong showed up at my house much to my ultimate behest but not really. Then we went for a quick swim which was fun because spending time with cool people is generally … uh cool, right? After the swim we decided to get ready to go pay Jermia a visit at her place of employment which I am withholding because Jermia is afraid of skeezy 50 yr old paedophiles who will track her down at work. Personally I don't know why she's worried because I already know where she works. Muahahahaha *creepy face*. –font joke intermission— Two fonts walk into a bar and the bartender says, "sorry we don't serve your type here" *wait for riotous laughter*. Okay back to blogging. Oh yeah and then we were all getting dressed in my room which was awkward especially when I offered to turn it into a 'moisturizer party' which is where we uhhh just lather moisturizer on each other LOL WTF so yeah I spiderman'ed some moisturizer onto Phuong's arm but the concept never really took off because everyone in my room at the time was a prude maybe next time? We got to Indro but Jermia could only see us briefly and although the sadness of this weakened my heart it was still nice to see her. Also wtf was with that sentence?

We ate Hanaichi after that and it was oishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Then we went to Harvey Norman so Tyler could check out SLR cameras while Phuong and I just danced around which is probably my favourite pastime. FREE FUN. It's when you dance to music that's already playing in stores and it's fun because who doesn't like dancing? And it's free because you don't have to pay for it hence the name, 'free fun'. Next time we're dancing in a store I should probably get it filmed so that my happiness can be forever immortalized on the internet or maybe just my computer because everyone can see stuff on the internet.

Everyone should probably go check out Kid Cudi's new song with MGMT and Ratatat – Pursuit of happiness, because it is better than the movie, and is the song that reminds me most of schoolies so yes I do have a soft spot for it. ^ ^


Monday, December 7, 2009

I <3 Sleep Deprivation

So I woke up this morning feeling like P. Diddy—not really seeing as though I woke up at midnight so by the time the sun was coming up (it's still not up yet) I was feeling pretty shitty, but I guess this is what happens when you have a sleep cycle with the regularity of your mother's bowel movements (soz, still besties?).

The title isn't about my tendency to forego sleep in favour of more important things I.e. Bleach, but has to do with a confusing conversation I had with a semi-friendly acquaintance. We were talking about music and I mentioned something about liking 'sleep deprivation' the song, and she took it as well not-sleeping, which lead to one of those awkward moments when you realize you're not really BFF with a person you're talking to. She continued with the conversation saying something like "yeah not sleeping is awesome!" which is when I realized that we were not kindred spirits </3. Then I realized how I might have seemed like one of those people who say things that are 'totally random', acting all unserious and cute and started to loathe myself a bit for it.

God I hope I get a job soon, all this free time is turning my brain into mush. Delicious brain mush (I really want to see Zombieland, and is it discriminatory of me to assume zombies like eating brains. If so I apologise for this assumption L).

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cat sounds

Ah I didn't really know how to start out this post so I pissed off for a bit to read drool over THE MOST AMAZING FOOD BLOG EVER. Now that I have a food boner I am probably more distracted than when I had started typing but whatever. I haven't mentioned this but I have graduated from high school which is not really that great considering it's only high school which in the grand scheme of things is probably like a 3 on the modified-Richter scale of importance (NB: scale may not exist).

I am not really all that emotional about leaving my school. It's sad that it's over, and especially right now since the fact that real life is a complete bore is starting to set in. I guess I needed school as a distraction from DOING NOTHING OTHER THAN SWEATING PROFUSELY IN THIS MOFUCKING HEAT ON THE COMPUTER IN MY ROOM. Saddest. Image. Ever.

So after the final week of school I went to schoolies which is just a weeklong excuse for people to act slutty, drink underage, and have sex on the beach all willy-nilly with 30 000 other strangers/school leavers. Yes, it is mandatory to have sex with all of those 30 000 individuals to experience 'true schoolies'. In other words fun. Living in the bubble that is schoolies where all you have to do all day is sit about, swim, tan, drink alcoholic beverages--all in anticipation of the night time where you will be doing much of the same minus the tanning, is very comforting. It doesn't set you up for how much you will hate your life after that week but I'm sure people were well aware of the fact that you can't just selfishly enjoy yourself forever (but one guy 'enjoyed' himself for like over a day so whatever). In short, many people probably did things at schoolies that they're going to regret.

Once I got back from schoolies I went to check on my favourite blog, Daul Kim's 'I Like To Fork Myself', which seemed to be closed off, so I googled around to see if she had just shut down her blog. Unfortunately for me and the greater internet community she had died from what appeared to be a suicidal hanging. It's probably stupid that I got so upset about it but if you were as fascinated by her as I was something like this would've struck you hard. She was and still is my laptop background—it's one of the first pictures from when she died her blond. There are so many memorial posts on blogs about how great she was and I'll have to admit I was completely and utterly fascinated by this woman. So incredible was the way she looked in photographs, the genuine personality intricately revealed throughout her posts, her unique style, and the varied and reliable taste she had for film and music, her apparent addiction to trance music and raves, the quality of her mind as expressed through her blog. Perhaps it is unfortunate that people were drawn to her blog for its sometimes deprecating nature, and obvious self-conflict, but so much of her blog was deeply personal that is just added to the appeal for readers. Hopefully Daul, you, found the peace from your suffering that you just couldn't find in life.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today I woke up at 9:30 which was obviously too late to do whatever I didn't know I had planned, but luckily my dad reminded me of whatever I wasn't doing by being a complete dickhead. Got to give it to him he really commits himself to the whole "you do shit all, get out, I never want to see your face again" role. OMG I love holidays.