Friday, September 25, 2009

the industry standards of intimacy, wanting someone--well anyone, and the impending destruction of our planet

So recently my friends and I have been discussing being single most probably because I got drunk at a party and had a massive spack about it but whatever let's not get into the details. It's probably premature of us to worry about being lonely and whatnot, but I've come to realise that I am not really sure how intimacy is supposed to work anyhow.

Whenever I watch a movie or anything and a couple are together and they whisper some sweet words into the other one's ear I'm always confused. The only things my mind can imagine the person whispering are like "fill my hole", "suck my wang" or "let's go pancake manor?". With that being said I never really understood how to get someone and I'm just getting frustrated what with the world coming to an end.

Yesterday there was an EPIK DUST STORM, and although it didn't really make me think of planet Earth's impending doom, I am thinking of that now. Sometimes it feels like I'm ... how do I say it--Oh like Zoidberg, from Futurama. Everyone else from his generation were coupling up to reproduce and die, and he is fighting Fry so he doesn't get the chance to find his mate, and ends up the only adult lobster alien thing left.

Okay, so my situation isn't as serious, and there will be other opportunities in my life to have sex with lobsters, but is it my fault for wanting it now?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ever since my friends have been becoming of age and getting their P's there has been an increased pressure to sneak out and drive around, otherwise known as "cruising, bro". I must say that ever since Mylinh got her P's that I've seen her more often and I've been reminded why she's so awesome.

I am, however, sorry that I am really slack and don't have my L's so Mylo has to drop me home and pick me up, and I can feel myself get tired in the car on the way home, so my small way of making it up to her is usually to stay up until she gets home. Then that way I will feel like I'm making a difference when I'm really not--kinda like doing forty hour famine, without donating money, because essentially you're foregoing food for the sake of foregoing food, but there's a placebo effect in that you still think you're doing something.

On Friday night we went to Sunnybank, met up with Phuong and Anthony, drove up to Mt Cootha, screamed at ghosts, probably surpassed the speed limit, made Phuong cry out of fear of the fog atop Mt Cootha, and then made our way back to Maccas in Sunnybank at around 2 in the morning only to find out that they don't serve ice cream after 1, and then start serving it again until 4, which, at the time, was the most heartbreaking thing I had ever encountered.

So we decided to loiter for a bit, until one of Phuong's drug dealer acquaintances (I say one because she might have more. NO JUDGEMENT) came in high and offered us some drugs. It was nice of him and all, as he had only known us for five minutes, but yeah we declined and left to go home, after an hour (I think? I have a bad sense of time) of talking.

I think the best part about cruising is when Mylo has to drive me home and we're tired and we talk and it's nice because I think it makes us connect deeper than earlier in the evening. Is it weird that we're closer when we're tired? Whatever, it is usually the best part of the night.

So on Saturday I had planned to study, but my dad had a massive spack so I decided to call upon Jermia to pick me up and waste time together. I know this makes me a pussy and shit for using her, BUT ... I'm a pussy and shit so whatever lol. Just want to say--thanks, Jermia for yeah ... you know ... your brown nipples.

Tomorrow is the start of blocks and I'm not really prepared but what is new. My mum is slowly learning how to use the internet and she just showed me some samoan blog, and I read some of the articles and lol I just find it funny that my mum is using the computer because she is old.

Lol and I started playing Oblivion on X-box 360, some role-playing alternate universe with magic blah, etc game, and I joined "the dark brotherhood" by killing an innocent lady in her own house so I could steal her axe. Then I killed the Brotherhood's fucking pet rat in a dungeon then I got kicked out, and they sent a ghost to try and kill me. WTF? double standards, much? In my defence, I didn't know it was the house pet.