Tuesday, February 16, 2010

happy birthday nat : ) + uni orientation

Last Saturday was Natalie Petaia's 18th birthday party and it was very very enjoyable. No thanks to Nat, but entirely thanks to the karaoke machine :P After a hard long night of a good party I hit the karaoke machine hard with Nat's friend Grace and Nat chimed in to perform a Mariah Carey classic--"Always be my baby". This song reminds me of a lot of things but mostly of the time before Mariah got too lazy/old to dance. Now all she does is wiggle around on stage but I guess with a voice like hers it's okay. I met a fair few cool people at Nat's party and was quickly reminded of how cadbury Ryan is. Anyway happy 18th Natalie n_n

Oh uni orientation week has started and it's quite fun probably because it's not actually university and therefore not hard or work but semantics shemantics. Free shirts and food make it worthwhile and today in our library research lecture me and Christine passed the time by being lame and making jokes about the Phillipino gogo dancer who walked in only to find he had come to the wrong lecture.

Prior to the lecture I was headed to school to collect my laptop but got caught in some freaking torrential rain and so I found myself sitting, soaking wet, underneath a tarpaulin for viewing BBC tennis matches for around half an hour. My spirit crushed a few hours before my lecture was supposed to start I ran to the bus stop to go home because the rain made me sad and want to go home. Then I got to Indro walked to the train station and dried off my clothes in the bathroom, and then I realised that it would be pointless if I didn't go to my library research lecture if I left the house in the morning so I walked back to the bus and caught the reverse trip of the same bus into the city and walked to uni.

Anyway my sister has been going on about how awesome Nicky Minaj is. I didn't get it at first but after watching her perform with Robin Thicke on 106 & park I've done a complete 180. She's really entertaining to watch perform in that whole ''lady gaga captivates her audience by merit of being so dedicted to her performance'' way. Yes that does involve being weird and having bulging eyeballs.