Wednesday, December 16, 2009

la futura, 未来, luminai

Okay so once again there is no food. So I might be dramatic but I also know that I would find it quite difficult to make a meal out of flour and rice. Oh, and if Macguyver is reading this and thinks he can somehow pull a turkey roast or a bomb out of that, fuck you. Anyway sleeping on my hard mattress is like getting beaten uyp in my sleep or sleeping with a limp or something because whenever I wake up I feel like my spine is misaligned and my body feels more tender than menstrual time nipples ( or so I hear they are tender 8-) ). Anyway with that I have some news.

Since I last posted, actually probably a long time before that, I have finished school and have received my (shit) results. I didn't end up getting my IB diploma but I still managed to get into QUT Law which I was offered a place in last night so yeah. Oh, I know R kellz doesn't read this because it has too many words and too few pretty pictures but yeah you read correctly QUT--the university you don't consider to be a real university. So now my mum is thoroughly disappointed in my results and has no qualms with telling me how much I suck for doing the course I'm doing at any time of day and for having a shitty QTAC rank.


eating breakfast--"hey musu you did shit"
walking to my bedroom--"so disappointed in you"
making dinner--"such a waste of life" etc.

Anyway I argued about it with her today and she told me it is her way of 'motivating me' and firstly I thought, "WTF?" then after a while I thought ... "no wait, seriously wtf?!"

Lol oh well nooone sees eye-to-eye with their parents all the time. I was all D: about my mum saying things like that at first but then I realised somewhat--what would be the opposite of prematurely? maturely??--anyway I just realised I am still happy with who I am and that I am pretty cool even if I suck at school sometimes. Now I'm going to go to the mirror and tell myself that I am super cool and I'll believe every fucking word of it.

I was considering taking a gap year to make some money but my mum shut that idea down straight away and Kt said that if I didn't go to uni I would probably end up not ever going because I am lazy and will have many babies by next year.

Anyway surprised that I managed to write even that much which is ... not much. Ten million cool points to the person that picks up the movie reference in the post. : ]

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swimming, moisturizer party, Indro bumming, free fun, enjoying life/holidays : ]

So this afternoon Tyler and Phuong showed up at my house much to my ultimate behest but not really. Then we went for a quick swim which was fun because spending time with cool people is generally … uh cool, right? After the swim we decided to get ready to go pay Jermia a visit at her place of employment which I am withholding because Jermia is afraid of skeezy 50 yr old paedophiles who will track her down at work. Personally I don't know why she's worried because I already know where she works. Muahahahaha *creepy face*. –font joke intermission— Two fonts walk into a bar and the bartender says, "sorry we don't serve your type here" *wait for riotous laughter*. Okay back to blogging. Oh yeah and then we were all getting dressed in my room which was awkward especially when I offered to turn it into a 'moisturizer party' which is where we uhhh just lather moisturizer on each other LOL WTF so yeah I spiderman'ed some moisturizer onto Phuong's arm but the concept never really took off because everyone in my room at the time was a prude maybe next time? We got to Indro but Jermia could only see us briefly and although the sadness of this weakened my heart it was still nice to see her. Also wtf was with that sentence?

We ate Hanaichi after that and it was oishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Then we went to Harvey Norman so Tyler could check out SLR cameras while Phuong and I just danced around which is probably my favourite pastime. FREE FUN. It's when you dance to music that's already playing in stores and it's fun because who doesn't like dancing? And it's free because you don't have to pay for it hence the name, 'free fun'. Next time we're dancing in a store I should probably get it filmed so that my happiness can be forever immortalized on the internet or maybe just my computer because everyone can see stuff on the internet.

Everyone should probably go check out Kid Cudi's new song with MGMT and Ratatat – Pursuit of happiness, because it is better than the movie, and is the song that reminds me most of schoolies so yes I do have a soft spot for it. ^ ^


Monday, December 7, 2009

I <3 Sleep Deprivation

So I woke up this morning feeling like P. Diddy—not really seeing as though I woke up at midnight so by the time the sun was coming up (it's still not up yet) I was feeling pretty shitty, but I guess this is what happens when you have a sleep cycle with the regularity of your mother's bowel movements (soz, still besties?).

The title isn't about my tendency to forego sleep in favour of more important things I.e. Bleach, but has to do with a confusing conversation I had with a semi-friendly acquaintance. We were talking about music and I mentioned something about liking 'sleep deprivation' the song, and she took it as well not-sleeping, which lead to one of those awkward moments when you realize you're not really BFF with a person you're talking to. She continued with the conversation saying something like "yeah not sleeping is awesome!" which is when I realized that we were not kindred spirits </3. Then I realized how I might have seemed like one of those people who say things that are 'totally random', acting all unserious and cute and started to loathe myself a bit for it.

God I hope I get a job soon, all this free time is turning my brain into mush. Delicious brain mush (I really want to see Zombieland, and is it discriminatory of me to assume zombies like eating brains. If so I apologise for this assumption L).

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cat sounds

Ah I didn't really know how to start out this post so I pissed off for a bit to read drool over THE MOST AMAZING FOOD BLOG EVER. Now that I have a food boner I am probably more distracted than when I had started typing but whatever. I haven't mentioned this but I have graduated from high school which is not really that great considering it's only high school which in the grand scheme of things is probably like a 3 on the modified-Richter scale of importance (NB: scale may not exist).

I am not really all that emotional about leaving my school. It's sad that it's over, and especially right now since the fact that real life is a complete bore is starting to set in. I guess I needed school as a distraction from DOING NOTHING OTHER THAN SWEATING PROFUSELY IN THIS MOFUCKING HEAT ON THE COMPUTER IN MY ROOM. Saddest. Image. Ever.

So after the final week of school I went to schoolies which is just a weeklong excuse for people to act slutty, drink underage, and have sex on the beach all willy-nilly with 30 000 other strangers/school leavers. Yes, it is mandatory to have sex with all of those 30 000 individuals to experience 'true schoolies'. In other words fun. Living in the bubble that is schoolies where all you have to do all day is sit about, swim, tan, drink alcoholic beverages--all in anticipation of the night time where you will be doing much of the same minus the tanning, is very comforting. It doesn't set you up for how much you will hate your life after that week but I'm sure people were well aware of the fact that you can't just selfishly enjoy yourself forever (but one guy 'enjoyed' himself for like over a day so whatever). In short, many people probably did things at schoolies that they're going to regret.

Once I got back from schoolies I went to check on my favourite blog, Daul Kim's 'I Like To Fork Myself', which seemed to be closed off, so I googled around to see if she had just shut down her blog. Unfortunately for me and the greater internet community she had died from what appeared to be a suicidal hanging. It's probably stupid that I got so upset about it but if you were as fascinated by her as I was something like this would've struck you hard. She was and still is my laptop background—it's one of the first pictures from when she died her blond. There are so many memorial posts on blogs about how great she was and I'll have to admit I was completely and utterly fascinated by this woman. So incredible was the way she looked in photographs, the genuine personality intricately revealed throughout her posts, her unique style, and the varied and reliable taste she had for film and music, her apparent addiction to trance music and raves, the quality of her mind as expressed through her blog. Perhaps it is unfortunate that people were drawn to her blog for its sometimes deprecating nature, and obvious self-conflict, but so much of her blog was deeply personal that is just added to the appeal for readers. Hopefully Daul, you, found the peace from your suffering that you just couldn't find in life.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today I woke up at 9:30 which was obviously too late to do whatever I didn't know I had planned, but luckily my dad reminded me of whatever I wasn't doing by being a complete dickhead. Got to give it to him he really commits himself to the whole "you do shit all, get out, I never want to see your face again" role. OMG I love holidays.

Monday, November 30, 2009


I just applied for some jobs but I don't think I will get them. It turns out no one likes a weak work ethic. :( I'm cut cos that was my selling point.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

IB’s Impending doom & boganity

So in a matter of days I will commence the tests that determine my life's worth. Yay for IB. I'm not really stressed out, but that doesn't mean I'm prepared. The past week has involved some half-arsed studying and mostly waking up in the late afternoon. It's quite funny that now as I am coming towards the end of my days in mandatory education ("woot woot", "fuck yeah", etc.) that a lot of my primary school acquaintances (just knowing someone doesn't necessarily facilitate a "friendship") have decided to connect with me online, and I realize that--offence implied, that I went to a predominately bogan school. That sounds rude but yeah whatever because OMG I'm so elitist but seriously after perusing some of their online profiles I have surmised the following.

  1. Ipswich is a hole—and from this that Ipswich is NOT the most livable city in QLD (It's some statistic they put in newspaper articles).
  2. Education, although important, is often neglected.

So one of the guys from my primary school posted a facebook status that asked "Who is more happier? the rich man who has everything or the homeless man who has very little?" and comments that were along the lines of "the rich guy" were responded to with "yeah but the poor guy is happy, man". My first thoughts were, "uhh he's kidding *lols*" but then I quickly realized that he was not being sarcastic (I don't think he knows what sarcasm is), and then I realized that he probably doesn't know what poverty is. Maybe I was reading too literally into what he had written (a trait that I have tried to develop after many misleading questions on Chinese papers like "did he like the food?" correct answer: "no, but it was described to be delicious and exquisite") and felt he did not adequately provide a basis for his argument. Then I realized poor people are always happy, just like in musicals. Orphans, I hear, are among the happiest people in the world, right after corpses, and children caught up in Nazi regimes escaping to the alps (I like Sound of Music, okay which was actually rather happy but I digress).

I didn't comment because I'm too much of a smug asshole to be an actual asshole and say something and because I don't really know why this annoys me. It's not like I taught him English or anything. Maybe I'm so empathetic towards his failed English/lower order reasoning (I don't think it can be considered ''higher order'') teacher that I am embarrassed for them.

Since I am almost finished with high school I'm supposed to have my career trajectory mapped out, except that I'm unmotivated to do much searching, and that I don't think I can get paid for eating bread and reading blogs (In a perfect world … *sigh*). Such is the extent of my laziness that I've taken to doing things in the dark (uh, not like that). On another note I should probably stop doing this because a) I hate three teaspoons of coffee in my coffees b) I miss my draws/baskets when I am putting my clothes away and c) because hot water is *quoting Johnny's TOK presentation* "in fact, HOT".

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was running a little late this morning because I had misplaced my school pants (yeah I know wtf, right?) anyway so in my flurried state I took off my sliding wardrobe doors to make it easier to search through the mass of clothes it conceals on the ground. Now right after reading this you, the reader, are probably thinking WTF he probably lives in a sty and in response to this I say, "umm ... yes". I don't think I will ever be able to own my house without it becoming overrun with just useless junk, and clothes on the floor. So my brother came in my room before and was like, "what happened to your door?" to which I replied "I COULDN'T FIND MY PANTS GET OFF MY BACK".

haha I'm retarded.

Friday, September 25, 2009

the industry standards of intimacy, wanting someone--well anyone, and the impending destruction of our planet

So recently my friends and I have been discussing being single most probably because I got drunk at a party and had a massive spack about it but whatever let's not get into the details. It's probably premature of us to worry about being lonely and whatnot, but I've come to realise that I am not really sure how intimacy is supposed to work anyhow.

Whenever I watch a movie or anything and a couple are together and they whisper some sweet words into the other one's ear I'm always confused. The only things my mind can imagine the person whispering are like "fill my hole", "suck my wang" or "let's go pancake manor?". With that being said I never really understood how to get someone and I'm just getting frustrated what with the world coming to an end.

Yesterday there was an EPIK DUST STORM, and although it didn't really make me think of planet Earth's impending doom, I am thinking of that now. Sometimes it feels like I'm ... how do I say it--Oh like Zoidberg, from Futurama. Everyone else from his generation were coupling up to reproduce and die, and he is fighting Fry so he doesn't get the chance to find his mate, and ends up the only adult lobster alien thing left.

Okay, so my situation isn't as serious, and there will be other opportunities in my life to have sex with lobsters, but is it my fault for wanting it now?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ever since my friends have been becoming of age and getting their P's there has been an increased pressure to sneak out and drive around, otherwise known as "cruising, bro". I must say that ever since Mylinh got her P's that I've seen her more often and I've been reminded why she's so awesome.

I am, however, sorry that I am really slack and don't have my L's so Mylo has to drop me home and pick me up, and I can feel myself get tired in the car on the way home, so my small way of making it up to her is usually to stay up until she gets home. Then that way I will feel like I'm making a difference when I'm really not--kinda like doing forty hour famine, without donating money, because essentially you're foregoing food for the sake of foregoing food, but there's a placebo effect in that you still think you're doing something.

On Friday night we went to Sunnybank, met up with Phuong and Anthony, drove up to Mt Cootha, screamed at ghosts, probably surpassed the speed limit, made Phuong cry out of fear of the fog atop Mt Cootha, and then made our way back to Maccas in Sunnybank at around 2 in the morning only to find out that they don't serve ice cream after 1, and then start serving it again until 4, which, at the time, was the most heartbreaking thing I had ever encountered.

So we decided to loiter for a bit, until one of Phuong's drug dealer acquaintances (I say one because she might have more. NO JUDGEMENT) came in high and offered us some drugs. It was nice of him and all, as he had only known us for five minutes, but yeah we declined and left to go home, after an hour (I think? I have a bad sense of time) of talking.

I think the best part about cruising is when Mylo has to drive me home and we're tired and we talk and it's nice because I think it makes us connect deeper than earlier in the evening. Is it weird that we're closer when we're tired? Whatever, it is usually the best part of the night.

So on Saturday I had planned to study, but my dad had a massive spack so I decided to call upon Jermia to pick me up and waste time together. I know this makes me a pussy and shit for using her, BUT ... I'm a pussy and shit so whatever lol. Just want to say--thanks, Jermia for yeah ... you know ... your brown nipples.

Tomorrow is the start of blocks and I'm not really prepared but what is new. My mum is slowly learning how to use the internet and she just showed me some samoan blog, and I read some of the articles and lol I just find it funny that my mum is using the computer because she is old.

Lol and I started playing Oblivion on X-box 360, some role-playing alternate universe with magic blah, etc game, and I joined "the dark brotherhood" by killing an innocent lady in her own house so I could steal her axe. Then I killed the Brotherhood's fucking pet rat in a dungeon then I got kicked out, and they sent a ghost to try and kill me. WTF? double standards, much? In my defence, I didn't know it was the house pet.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unintentionally Racist

So lately I've been thinking about whether or not you can consider something to be a racist occurrence if the people involved just don't know any better. I'm going to start out by saying something that should be obvious and that is that I don't like racism. If you're a decent human being you'd think the same, but recently I've come across a few people who seem to think it's okay to not know that what they're doing rubs me, and others, the wrong way--that way being, namely, racist.
Yes, I'm being rubbed racist-ly.

I guess I wouldn't care unless a few things that happened in the past two weeks hadn't occurred or maybe I'm just trying to play victim because I'm a sook. Either way I'm still going to write about it.

I remember catching a peak hour train from Central Station after school, and usually you can just hold up your ticket and the station operators barely look at it and they just let you through, but there I was in all my law-breaking blackness with my ticket intending to walk through like the 50-odd swarm of people that had just done so around me to be stopped and asked for my ID and so the guy could scrutinize my ticket. I didn't think of it but then this white guy came up to me and said, "that's fucking bullshit they didn't even check my ticket because I'm white. That's bloody racist" OWTTE (which Sandra tells me means, "Or words to that effect"). That made me think well yeah that was pretty racist but I'm not dying so I'll get over it.

My school uniform is pretty effed up in that no public transport workers ever think I am really a high school student. I was getting on my bus to go home, and I showed the bus driver my school ID to which he said, "I don't know this school *longest pause in the world*", to which I said,
"… it has the Queensland transport logo on it…"
"… That doesn't mean a thing!"
So he made me pay the adult fare.
I swear some bus-drivers are just small human beings who like to feel big by abusing all the power their jobs offer them.
He didn't even ask for the school IDs of other high school-aged kids, and it might just be because I look old for my age, but then again, they were all white. Some of them weren't even in uniform though. T_T I like to think I don't jump to conclusions, but was he honestly suggesting that I had made a fake school ID card, worn some fugly cheap business man uniform just to get a cheaper fare on my bus home. If I had the ability to invest that much effort in anything I would definitely not be as penniless as I am. I guess that's not really racist as much as it shows that the bus driver was the equivalent of a Pompei-sized douchebag erupting. It's still annoying though.

A teacher from school saw me wearing shorts on some extra-curricular school activity and noted how my knees looked, "dirty". They then said that it was as if I "don't scrub", and "need to wash [my] knees". I was silently astounded. There was no way that I thought a teacher would say something so blatantly uneducated. It's not like coloured people are rare in the world. I felt like I had stepped into a time warp and was remembering stories my primary teachers would tell me about there not being mixed swimming pools in case the colour ran off the indigenous Australians. More than anything, I was annoyed that such ignorance was able to prevail even until this day and age. My dark skins folds when my knee is not bent which makes it look darker or ''dirty'' as one might suggest, but honestly who would even say something like that. It's not like people go around saying, "you look like you need to wash", to strangers without causing offence. Even though the teacher probably isn't racist, I felt like that was a stupid thing to say considering my skin colour.

Something else that annoys me, but that I'm sometimes guilty of, is mistaking peoples' identites. A lady at the daycare where I went to drop my nephew off told me he couldn't come in because they have a rule not allowing children with fevers to return for at least a day. I asked if she was sure and she told me that my nephew had a fever of 40 degrees and that my house had been called to collect him yesterday. I told her that there was some mistake and that it wasn't him, because he wasn't even there the previous day. Then she told me to wait, that I was probably wrong and then she left to fuck around for ten minutes/check.
How and, more importantly, why did she think that she was correct? I wouldn't have minded had she not approached me with a face that was more "what the hell do you think you're doing?" than "sorry, we're just upholding company policy."
T_T WTF? If you hadn't mistaken every brown kid in your class for one another this type of embarrassing mix-up wouldn't happen. That is why mistaken identity annoys me, and I'm not entirely certain whether it's racist or not. I always used to say that racism is only when you do something like say, "this person sucks because they r x race" as opposed to "this x race person sucks", but I realize that there's so much more to it than that.


I know I'm overreacting but these daily annoyances are starting to get to me, and sometimes I feel like being unintentionally racist back, but even then I would feel like I know what I'm doing. So why doesn't everyone else?





Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Return to blogging

I don't know why I haven't managed to write a decent-sized post in while. I'm still doing the same things I used to, and it's not like the ''free time'' I used to have for blogging is gone—now I just sit and stare at my walls, though. So, I'm going to start trying to post again, because I just like the experience of blogging. It's a form of true catharsis (that is a big word, and would get me some major points in scrabble/QCS written response task).

So anyway, on Monday I had to write a QCS written response task, and we were given the topic of a circle. The article produced is supposed to be 600 words, so I did it in around an hour, without proofreading or editing because I am a fail/bad/lazy student. The previous Thursday we had a whole day committed to how to go about taking the QCS Tests and we were told that the writing task involved drafting and editing and just a lot of time but I think most of the people from my school think that they're the bomb and can last-minute everything. Haha, just kidding, because I do it all the time, and I guess everyone is just lazy. It just annoys me when people say things like, "omg 600 words in two hours … oh wait it is for normal high school kids *giggles*", because seriously there is a point where people go beyond being confident to just being … a steaming cup of asshole. My response was—I hope you can prepare yourself for the inanity of it, about "The existence of imagined circles". At the time I didn't know what to write about, and the coordinator lady was tracking people down giving them angry faces so I just thought of something that sounded like a TOK essay I had read and stuck with it. Needless to say, the essay produced was a probably filled with grammar and spelling errors, and a paucity of decent content. (btw ''paucity'' is one of the ''big unusual" words that I am planning on using in my real essay). Even though QCS is not that long away, I am still feeling rather mellow about it. I'm one of those people that don't work unless really pressured to, and in the end, that is my greatest weakness (please don't tell my enemies).

Right now I'm feeling quite shitty, and have a bad cold, blah blah joint pain blah blah simultaneously blocked and runny nose blah blah headaches, but my parents never really believe that I am sick. This can get annoying, and so a lot of the time I just tough it out and complain to everyone else. This would mean it would suck hairy balls to be my friend, but you got to take the good with the bad. I just made a pot of tea and chopped heaps of ginger and put it into the jug, because ginger is supposed to be a magical cure for … illness, and so I'm hoping that this effload of ginger will help to rejuvenate my ailing body. D:

I'm off to bed now, even though I slept around thirteen hours straight today.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Nowadays, I just a) really miss Lauryn Hill, b) am always tired and c) cbf blogging

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well... look on the brighter side of things... at least your mother doesn't rape you :)


jks jks... it's just Jermia in need of a serious rant so Musu has kindly lent me his blogspot so that I could vent.


well i've been fighting with my mutti bear (mother bear in german :P) a lot lately. mainly things about how all asians are drug dealers and how i over dramatise everything while withdrawing from our relationship whenever i feel emotionally vulnerable... my mother is a counsellor... there is no winning an argument with her >_>

whenever i try to confide in her, i find that her comeback always is something along the lines of "well my life sucks more..."

of course she doesn't say it so bluntly... but that's the underlying message of her long winded lectures. xD

jermia: hmm i'm tired
mum: YOU think YOU'RE TIRED!?! i have to wake up at 4.30 am to go to work so that i can pay your private school tuition

jermia: i feel sick
mum: well i wish i could get sick, but i don't even have that luxury... if i don't work i don't have money to pay the rent and we don't eat jermia!!! how do you feel with not eating for a week?

jermia: i'm poor...
mum: well you shouldn't be poor since i basically buy you everything you need, i pay your school fees, i feed you, i drive 30mins to work all the time, and i've just bought you a car, paid for your rego and insurance... i've worn the same clothes for about 15 years because i always put you first!

jermia: did you label that box?
mum: well jermia if you are so concern why don't you stop studying for your exams and stop doing your assignments and label all of these boxes for me okay! because right now i don't have the time to label boxes.
jermia: i was just curious to why this box wasn't labelled... that's all o_O

as you can see... it's not my fault and it's not like i can fix any of this so i don't understand why she needs to emotionally take it out on me :(

sometimes i feel like kicking or punching a massive hole in the wall... but we are currently renting] and i think both my mother and the landlord would then most likely kick or punch a massive hole in my face :\

not cool...

i think i've calmed down a lot now... so i'm not so aggressive with my ranting...

have you ever noticed how ugly you look when you cry? i dunno but when i look at myself in the mirror while i cry... it makes me cry even more because i look so emotionally and physically retarded... i do hope that everyone else resembles a dying whale when the cry cause i'd hate to be the exception lol

ohh yehh and the phrase FML... it's been overused... just like LOL LMAO ROFL... whenever i see these words i begin to evaluate... LOL... are they really laughing at what i just typed on msn... or is it just like a reflex... and immediate response or reaction!?!

FML... seriously... this term is so loosely thrown around... just like the phrase "i love you"

that's why whenever i tell musu i love him he never says it back... ^^
and it makes me happy that he won't say it back to me... because it's his way of telling me that he cares :)

if he were to say it all the time it would just lose it's meaning
so when he does say it... it means even more to me now :D

i have a lot of assignments and studying to do... 3 weeks till exam block which means less than 3 weeks until QCS... but i'm going to try to cram all of this revision into this week so that i can go partying this weekend without feeling so guilty!

download the song sexy bitch feat. akon... it's a stupid song but extremely catchy and contagious just like aids, only this song wont make you feel as if you are peeing out razor blades (thank you to all of the advertising campaigns on the brisbane buses which promote safe sex) xD

ohh yehh... i forgot to mention this but...

FML... YEAR 12 SUCKS... but then again... it's only year 12 right?^^

Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday? more like funday

So usually Sundays for me are quite boring. I wake up go to church, go home in the afternoon and sleep. Even the most Christian of Christians would find church boring sometimes (I think my priest falls asleep sometimes), and being that I am not the most Christian-ey of Christians I tend to get bored there pretty easily.

Today was different though, I decided to go to the University of Queensland open day with some friends, but it turns out that I was running late so I cbf'ed going to UQ and instead just decided to go into the city for some general debauchery.

Karaoke, and korean food was involved.

I hadn't seen these friends in a long time, and it was nice, but also bad because I imposed a ban on going out until Schoolies on myself (except formals, how could you ban yourself from a formal? are you crazy??)

: )

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Remember to


im lame cbf substance

Friday, July 3, 2009

knowing others' lives sucks makes me feel better

Is that considered schadenfraude?

Earlier today Phuong called me to tell me about how shit her life was. Then I told her how shit I felt, and then we both felt comforted knowing that each of the other one's lives sucked (that's what friends are for!). Oh and I just watched this short film about Chinese sex slavery called Lily's Hope, and now I know my life is not so crap ... and that I am glad I am not an illegally-trafficked Chinese sex slave :|

In other news Ciara has a new song and the film clip is the lolz. Check out that sweet dancing xD

So today after I had done all the chores in the house non-stop for a week (even though I still do this during school I'm on holiday so I want to not have to do something all the time at least some of the time lol), cooked dinner every night, babysat almost every second day, and had not asked to go out the entire week, my dad came home and got angry at me for--wait for it, "not doing any chores" claiming that I should--wait for it, again, that I should "find some place else to live because I am lazy. So lazy". This happened all while my brother who sleeps all day, does not work, and is generally just a dirty ratfaced loser was sleeping, and I'm still the bad one. With that I realised that it's not my fault that some people, like my dad, will never truly appreciate anything I do for them, and that I should stop feeling bad for myself because of it.

Monday, June 29, 2009

World domination and the ole ''my parents are the worst parents ever'' teenage rant

Yesterday marked the annual sighting of the elusive Mylinh and it was pretty chill. Ryan was also in attendance, it was nice : ) we went to the valley after finding out that Transformers was sold out for the entire day which was very fucking fuck. We also tried to buy alcohol at what I thought was this small empty pub, then we got massively cold feet and Mylinh pretended to get a phone call saying that we had to leave--it was pretty funny xD

So anyway for a while now I've been into korean pop culture (come on being into Japanese stuff is soooooooooo year nine, guys) and then the other day I had the epiphany that South Korea is trying to take over the world. Much like the Northern counterparts except with a happier, kill-you-with-cuteness, not trying to dominate everyone in a bad way kinda way.

Firstly, the number of Korean artists who are debuting or planning to debut in the U.S. is increasing.
Why? The United States are one of the most powerful countries in the world, they're also increasing the amount of Koreans present in the Chinese entertainment industry and that means they will infitrate the largest army in the world, disarm them with their catchy pop and then suck the life blood of that nation, and then every other nation in the world.

Secondly, in Brisbane alone, there has been a considerable and by ''considerable'' I mean "Isn't there a quota or something WTF HOW MNY?" increase in the number of Korean residents, shops, restaurants etc

Then I realised how awesome it would be so I stopped worrying and placed my faith in the hands of 9 cute girls singing about Genies. If South Korea were to take over the universe I don't think I would try to stop it, or "
deny ... [such] ... ''benificence beamed across laminex".

So my parents and I don't really have a great relationship and I know what you're thinking, "a teenager not getting along with their parents? No way, man! *rolls eyes*" but seriously I'm really "T_T" over it at the moment. I have decided to start with a positive story because if I didn't I don't think I could ever get out of this hate parents/hate life cos of parents/wanting to be away from my parents forevvvvzzz mindset.

The other night my mum was reading some bible story to me because I had a Sunday school test the next day, and she was skimming through and said, "Oh this story about Arana's wife ... the lady that turned into --"
"yes, a salt bag"
Through this entire time I just kept laughing because it was around 1 in the morning. Then we talked about Mary Magdalene and she asked me what she was to which I responded with, "sluz" to which my mum wearily agreed--"yes". It was funny for me, as is every interaction where I just say anything and the other person just goes along with it, made funnier by the fact that my mum is old. It's kinda like seeing white people rap, or black people play ice hockey--the unexpectedness of it really knocks you. NB: I'm not a fan of Eminem.

Today I got my report card, and it didn't really confirm anything that I didn't know because being the positive person I am I already didn't believe in the concept of ''unconditional love''. This concept btw is still bullshit, it's like ... in Full Metal Alchemist where Ed is whining about equivalent exchange in that final confrontation episode and the bitch he fights with is all "nigga please stfu about e.e. nigga be mad trippin' " Oh, and the other day Ryan said something about him not understanding my relationship between my parents and that I'm cold with them, but I think it's more that my parents being the silly ethnics that they are, make it so that I have to earn love. Nothing in the world comes for free. Blah blah blah, but seriously what do they expect from me? If you're not interested in reading about how I hate my life or me sook about crap then I suggest you stop reading now.

To know that your parents have given up on you is worse then finding out that Santa doesn't exist. It's also very unfair, or at least I feel it is.
"I don't even know what to say to you anymore. You're no good at anything, you don't even clean up the house. It would be okay if you just stayed and cleaned up the house but you don't even do that"
You know what would be a good thing to say?
That you will always care for me because I am your son and that you don't need to do anything to earn my love and that I care for you because you are you.

Somehow this is my fault because I am useless and I have ''changed''. Well, it wasn't my idea to be put in this predicament in the first place because a) you forced the idea of this school on me, and b) I remember telling you what I really wanted to be and you laughed and said I should do that on the side of me planning to get a ''real job''. I clean the kitchen every night, even when I don't eat here, which is more often than not, and yet you let my brother off without doing anything. I do more in this house than anyone else here, and all you manage to do is complain about how I don't do enough. You treat me like a servant and call me an ingrate, when you have never shown that you were grateful for what I've done either.

You criticise me for being too white, but what the fuck do you want from me? I'm going to say it--I'm not even proud of being Samoan, in fact I would go as far as to say I hate it. I'm not embarrased to say that I am Samoan, it's just like saying, "I have black hair," but it's not necessarily something that gives me pride or something I wanted. When I think of my parents' culture and people I don't think of success. You shove your idea of what me being successful would mean, but all you have are your words to back things up with--you're one contradiction after another. You've never understood how hard it is for me, because you literally, have nothing to compare it to. I don't fit in anywhere because I'm not Samoan, but I'm not anything else either, so I'm that weird spot in-between delegated to orphans who have no parents. You project traditional white ideas on me about success and yet you stress the importance of being Samoan, and sometimes--a lot of times, I just feel like calling you out for your shit. When I do though, it's always me just being disrespectful, in that case when am I supposed to tell you anything?

Who the hell walks around mumbling shit about how useless their kids are? What the fuck kind of person does that? Seriously, that's not even sane. The more I think about this the angrier, and sadder, and worse I feel. I can't talk to you about it because you'll just say you don't understand, because you don't, and then we'll have gotten nowhere.

I go to church for you even though I'm not sure if I believe in it. Plus I fucking hate church, I have no friends there and growing up I remember spending all my free time there. Stop putting me in your family prayer every fucking night I'm sick of hearing, "please help Musu in his school work" every night. You don't pray to change anyone elses' shitty ways nope just mine because I am the worst of all things to ever happen in your life. It isn't encouraging, it's just a constant reminder that you're not pleased with me. What makes it worse is that you're bringing your God into this. Please just fuck off with that.

In the end, I guess
unconditional love is too foreign and new-age a concept for my parents to believe in it.

Some of these are the things that I have wanted to say to my parents since as long as I could remember, but they're also the things that I'm never going to be able to say.

So in conclusion I'm lonely and want someone who will drop all their shit for me because sometimes every now and again I need to feel important. Haha, okay I will take my tampon out now. I don't really feel like blogging for a while either.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sometimes people just need the noise

I just read Lawrence's post about how the Black Eyed Peas have ruined his life. Personally, I don't think their music is bad because I'm like your mum--really easy to please. I like the fact that I can enjoy almost any type of music. This girl I used to date once said to me that she loved all music (we weren't really into the same music) and I would always, internally at least, think that it was a ''WTFCKSHITBBQ'' comment I.e. major bullshit. Now I have come to know that she could have truly loved all types of music because in some way the same is true for me. I thought it unrealistic that someone would say that they like all music because I would just assume that they were being PC so as not to hurt the unloved music genres' feelings. In my disbelief I neglected the fact that most people can like most things or at least tolerate them ('most' not applying to Lawrence it seems which makes him a racist, flag-burner. It's written on a blog—IT MUST BE TRUE!)

So back to the title of this post I think people need something that sounds pleasant enough to suffice--doesn't have to have the most meaningful lyrics, best instrumentals etc, but it just has to sound good enough. Ravekids need music that is repetitive enough to dance for hours, stoners needs music that is scary enough to illicit the best crazy ass hallucinations, lovers need music that is romantic enough to make them want to f*$*, and some people just need music to fill the silence of there being no music.

We're all human and we appreciate beauty in all its forms, and individual interpretation is going to skew our perspectives. Also don't ask me when I turned into Oprah but I just have, k?

Why exactly did I take it upon myself to write this nonsensical post?
To practice my English, of course.

You know what's more ironic than a young person giving advice about the world and why people like music?
"IMMA FUCK THE DECEPTIKONZ UPPP ... before 7PM cos Jamie is taking me to see the newest Hannah Montana movie. *twirls hair*"

Lawrence is cool because he is tall and if life were like life in Invader Zim he would probably lead the country.

Monday, June 22, 2009


So if you have ever come across a teen bloggy you may have chanced upon an expression of their love for a significant other otherwise known as a ''deDika$|-|unNNNnnnn MENGZ!". I'm not criticizing people but it is amazing how similar they all sound. If it's a whole page it'll usually be filled with sappy words--something like "you are the [insert word for something that completes something] my [thing that is incomplete]" repeated until the person's hands get tired from typing. It might sound romantic, but can true love really be so formulaic? Besides the fact that I find most of these things stupid like "writing until forever" etc like seriously wth so young and thinking this person will last forever T__T This isn't based on one person in particular, but based on a great number of people who think they've found that seemingly unattainable person they will spend the rest of their lives with. Their one. Their 'wei yi' also: lol I could be just some loser cynic but doesn't anyone watch How I met your mother? He's over thirty and hasn't found 'the one' yet. Yes, I use that as an example because my whole life is based on tv. In closing every person who is young is stupid, and some people who are not young are still stupid, and some people who are young are not stupid.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

friend-making advice

So the other week I saw I Love You, Man, and although I didn't find it particularly funny it did pose some pose-worthy* questions. The difficulty in making friends--I bring this up because I swear my friendship circle has been closing in lately. This is the internet and I'm still a teenager so I'm allowed to write at least one pussy bitch blogpost about how pussy and emo I am.

Annnywwwwwwwwaay I would rationalise that most people find their friends through like mutual interests ...

or via facebook/bebo/myspace/blog stalking and since I have no interests, bebo and myspace I'm limited to facebook and blogging. This pretty much leaves me with blog-reading, because well facebook is the most difficult social networking site to stalk on (haha I probably sound creepy but ... I am so what the hey!?) Even then it's difficult to make new NEW friends like people with little-or-no mutual friends whatsoever. Oh I forgot to mention the possiblity of meeting people in real life but that's stupid because in a few years time noone will be real and we will all be like ... ummm usb-sticks? yeah usb-sticks plugged into computers that are switched on all the time interacting through virtual reality, also: wtf, I'm not high. Well actually, I rule out real life because lately I haven't been able to make friends in this crazy archaic way either and so as not to perpetuate my epik faildom momentum I should move to the internet.

So this is just about seeing some blogs that I think are cool and me needing friends, and also my friends are mostly very short and I would like to become friends with people who are not necessarily 'tall' but closer to my height because I went to my friend's birthday dinner last night (Happy Birthday, Eric!) with a bunch of other people I know and they are all mostly considerably shorter than me and a short person might be like, ''well, that's cool", but it's not because being like 44444x bigger than everyone else is weird and strangers in restaurants are probably thinking as you walk in, "Omg that black guy are the rapeskiessss all those kids he are with" or like, "where did black man steal those azn kids from?!"

In conclusion my friends should be taller and today I watched this Spanish movie (world movies channel FTMFW) called ''Fermat's Room' about this guy who invites four people to this room in the middle of nowhere to complete the greatest mathematical challenge ever but it turns out that it's [SPOILER REMOVED]. So now you must watch it : ) and it's not really about maths. It's captivating and intense kinda like Spanish any porn.

Goodbye blog and to everyone reading this I only have this to say:

*I'm going to buy a definitions-book**
**I'm going to buy a thesaurus so I can find a new word for ''definitions-book"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

exam tears and newfound resolves (that are found every term)

So today we got back some exam results and needless to say, I pretty much sucked a big suckbag. Yeah, I was almost teary by the end of the day--not real tears because I am a big man *Ugh want meat* just like those secret tears that you hide inside until one day you explode over something trivial like dropping your pen and then *RAAAAAGGGEEEE, punch strangers in the face*

Considering I am pretty, well, let's be honest majorly SCREWED for most all of my subjects I think I will devote my time to actually reading the english texts and see how far that gets me in life. Nah, just kidding. I know everyone always says, ''oh yeah next term, next term'', well I'm still saying it this term T_T

After getting home in a mood crabbier than your vagina (TOTAL BURN, SUCKER) I decided to make the best of things and make like a straw and suck it up. When I got home I played piano for a bit and I'm slightly happier now because I'm trying to learn a new song. It usually takes me ages to learn a new song because I'm really crap, but I have to try otherwise I will only know one song for the rest of my entire life. That's as useful as something that is not very useful at all.

In other news my phone is acting up and I never have credit which is a double fail--kinda like my results this term. Ooh, self-inflicted burn!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

can't keep it up ... giggle

I can never seem to be able to stay awake for very long after school and as I write this blog I know it's because of the late nights ... where I just do nothing/study. o_o

The first day of exams just finished and you would think I ought to be more prepared because we just had a long weekend but you know I'm a suckbag which reminds me if you put 'bag' on the end of an insult it's instantly an even worse insult. For instance take, ''you're a dick'', the term is indefinite so it doesn't specify the extent to which you are a ''dick'', but if you were to say, ''you're a dickbag'', then you're made aware of the fact that you are one bag's worth of dick. This makes it sound like you being a bag of dickness is a lot more than being a dick itself, because it implies you're more dick-ish. Pointless, I know, but I just like to share.

So I got in and the first paper I have is an English P1, so I didn't feel the need to study much for it, because it was unseen, duh. Then the poem was one we had already gone through last year and I ended up writing a heaping pile of shit. I guess you could say that my English essay was pretty much a massive shitbag! Jankies, right? All the wanking from the weekend that I did, for the purpose of training my arm to not get tired during my english exams, did not prepare me for the strain I felt upon my wrist. Just kidding. Ewww, no, I wanked because I enjoyed it, and by 'it' I mean 'seeing your mum'.

Seeing as tomorrow or rather today in 7 hours I have an English exam on two novels I haven't read (I lost wide sargasso sea the first day I borrowed it from the library xD), a Chinese exam that one of the Chinese teachers said "Oh yeah, it will be really hard" while puckering her lips together to make a sour face showing that her sentiment is genuine, and a Chem exam that shouldn't be hard--I'm just not prepared, I think it was a wise decision. The decision to come on blogspot to quell my thirst for the blog at 1:30 in the morning.               

In other news, what the hell is with the movie, Teeth? If you don't know it's a movie about this girl who has a monstrous vagina that has teeth that can bite and yeah o_o. So anyway I kept thinking about how she kept being kinda ... raped/sexually abused. I find it weird because she was not hot, and I'm just saying it's unrealistic because in a world of drunk hot teenagers and other hot people with the inability to refuse sex I find it weird. That is to say that in a perfect world, the ugly people will be raped least, if rape existed, which it wouldn't. I was going to say "I wouldn't rape her" but it reminded me of the episode in Veronica Mars where that comedy magazine says the same thing, and since I learn everything from my tv, I knew it was wrong to say something like that. It's wrong to say it, so I will just go back to thinking it in my head.      

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hey Neighbourino

So I've noticed after careful observations and by this I mean ummm having my eyes work that my neighbours don't seem to turn their lights off, ever. Now I don't want to diss them otherwise it would be awkward if they ever read my blog. I don't think they would ever read it, but suppose they happened across it and then they would be like "oh no he didn't?! *snaps fingers*" ya know? Besides they are my only neighbours because I live on the corner of a cul-de-sac, and it's hard to explain so I won't just know that it geographically forbids us from having any or many immediate neighbours, so I can't get rid of them liking my family. It's not like we're super close anyway, and the idea of a block party happening in my street is as probable as you getting with my mum I.e. IMPOSSIBLE. … but in all seriousness who will we give the excess barbecue food to if our relationship becomes strained? Although we have excess BBQ food as often as I use an excess amount of the titrant solution in a titration reaction I.e. NOT OFTEN AT ALL, COS I R PRO, no, seriously I'm the bomb at titrations, there's still the chance that it might happen and then the food will go to waste. From where I'm from it's basically a sin to waste food. If you were to interview my friends or family like this " stealing? Uhhh well is if it wasn't big. Wasting food? FUCK YOU", you would understand how important food is. Food is important, but so is not keeping on your lights all night. Why would they even need the lights on all night? I can't understand why anyone would ever need to do that, but I guess I'm just a big slice of hypocrite pie, because as I type this it's 1.43 in the morning and my lights are still on.

I guess my neighbours and I have more in common than I first thought, and maybe I should be the one to turn off my lights. Maybe one day when they were fed up with me having my light on each night they decided to challenge me to see who could keep their lights on the longest. If so, BRING IT ON.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

apples are better than alcohol

So here I am again. I'm doing it--I'm going to do an all-nighter on some school assessment after I promised myself that I would only ever spend an entire night on either making love or watching every episode of The O.C. I'm so disappointed in myself ...  

... placing these horrible feelings of disappointment aside, I realised that whenever I needed to stay up to do a lot of work I ended up drinking a bit of wine. Okay that does sound a little more alcoholic than I had wanted, but considering I do schoolwork infrequently as it is ... well, let's just say that means I'm not drinking often, I decided to replace wine with apples for tonight. Maybe they will stimulate my brain or do nothing but feed my desire for wine lol jks.  

On Friday night I went to kt's cousin's birthday party and it was pretty fun. Her cousin and his friends speak some heavy Singaporean-accented English, which is cool, except that I had to ask one of them to repeat himself a few times, and I know how annoying it is to get asked to repeat yourself. Usually when my mum (hey don't judge me I'm not perfect) asks me to repeat something I have to yell it for her to hear and because I am a cranky pants and then she yells at me for yelling and then I get angry and yell and go to my room to be angry, teen-aged and, like totally, misunderstood.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tyra Banks & lost mail

One of the guiltiest pleasures in my life is being in love with Tyra Banks, or more her talk show and america's next top model. It's kinda like how I justify watching and enjoying Gossip Girl. Her talk show is amazing entertainment--she just had some lady on the show who eats chalk dust. WTF? There's so many topics and it's a massive contradiction how she projects the image of being sexy, but frowns upon flaunting sexuality and it's so the bomb.  

In relation to the episode about the porn guy that got fired from Subway well I probably wouldn't want to eat at a sandwich store that employed porn people because well semen in my food, yeah. There was another show about secrets and  I know why she wanted to go on the show to tell her mum she was pregnant, because she didn't want to GET KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT.        

Soz, I get all riled up by the Tyra Banks show lol. In other news my Outlook inbox saddens me, because it says there are three new messages and I can't find them. : ( It's because I can't find what day they came from so if you're familiar with Outlook and being a noob then you'd know I can't find the NEW MAIL xD

In closing a black guy just said, "it's hard for me to get a job because I'm big and have a beard". I bet you were thinking it was because he is black ; P     

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free slushies, grocery shopping and my new life as an outlaw

As it is a Wednesday I finished school at 1.10 so, as usual, I decided to head into the city for no real purpose much like every other Wednesday. The difference this time was that I actually did have a purpose haha tricked ya earlier, and that purpose was to get and drink free slushies! If you live in Brisbane you would probably know that MX had free slurpees from 7/11 Vouchers, and if you didn't YOU'RE NOOB&GTFO. My friends being the amazing people they are clipped out dozens of the coupons so now everyone can enjoy the joy of a slushies for free. The whole promotion is about speed-slurping but I swear brain freezes will kill you :| no way can you drink a large in under 5 seconds, and if you can find anyone who can I will give them a Z-job.        

After all the excitement of three slushies, a free killer python, and a free chocolate bar melting in my pocket I decided to head home. When I got home I promised myself I wouldn't go to sleep because I would only be perpetuating my bad sleeping cycle.  

A while after that, in the evening, I had decided to go grocery shopping with my mum instead of what I really should have been doing--STUDYING, but I should always be studying and I'm not so I reasoned that if I were already not studying then going to Coles would be okay. We ended up buying Weis because it was on special and some weird sago dessert thing which suited the day because there was a big discussion about fruits among the Chinese diaspora present in my grade (also lolwtf at this sentence?) Turns out Sago and tapioca are not from the same plant (take that, Eric! yo ass got pwnt by wiki). Walking around the supermarket my mum went on to berate my entire generation for needing dentistry. I don't know why you people need to go dentists so much, I mean you brush your teeth when I was a girl noone ever needed blah blah. I found it funny, anyway after forcing my mum into the normal line (something like 50 items and trying to get into the express lane? I think not, mother) we headed home. 

When I got home I gorged on food because I hadn't eaten since lunch time, and right now I'm feeling quite sick from the ice cream and the weird sago+coconut milk dessert as well as the other relative crap that I ate.                 

Also I lost a few library books and am now never going to return to my school library. I'm also thinking of changing my name, and moving to New Zealand, but we'll see how determined the debt collectors will be. The old frail librarians-turned-debt collectors. 

I am feeling nostalgic at the moment so I want to listen to panic! at the disco's first album. I know it might seem oh so passe of me to say that but whatever, they were a big part of my year 8/9 high school experience, and the songs are quite good    xD  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

today I am boring

So on the train I was just sitting and thinking 
1) wow I got a seat--today will be a good day, which will make up for the trainwreck that I expect my TOK presentation to be 2) holy crap the brisbane river is dirty. 3) why is this train so slow? wait, did I see that person on the sidewalk walk faster than this speeding train 4) I'm glad I'm black because it makes sure noone sits next to me on public transport 

I got to school ON TIME which for me only happens when I stay up all night so that I leave early or if I get driven (rarer than a fourth nipple, because I figure if a third nipple is rare than a fourth nipple ... would be way heaps rarer? Oh I used to think I had many nipples until one day I realised that they were not nipples they were the things around the areola that kinda look like goosebumps ... yeah ... ). So I got to school and first up I had English, which hasn't been proper classes for a while due to teacher getting concussed/stuff, and I'm very behind in school because in the past two weeks' ten school days I've only been there for around four days. Naturally, this means I have all the free time in the world to dick aroun with my blog.  
ahhh so we had our Theory of Knowledge presentation today and for some magical haxx reason (I was wearing a bhuddist bracelet, and rosary beads, and I'm pretty sure I prayed facing toward Mecca this morning) we passed, and I think we even did well. I could only ever cram well for something pointless like TOK, so I suck and hate school lol-_- Johnny's presentation is really funny and entertaining xD so if he ever gets up to posting it on youtube I'll put it on here.
Throughout the day I kept telling the 'priest, shaman and a rabbi' joke to people. (It's from a youtube video ) My old study period supervisor, who is actually a psychology teacher laughed so hard she almost cried. If you watch the video you'll understand why this is funny. : ]

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wow break law of blog much ? I know.

So if anyone has ever been inside my room (ah room rhymes with 'womb' which lends itself to unintentional hilarity! but anyway ... ) beside the general thoughts of ''wtburger, your room is messy?" you might have noticed the 3+ coffee mugs around the room. On my desk, on my bedhead, on the other bedhead, on the short table thing beneath my mirror, on the cabinet etc.

I just looked
around my room to find one ... still filled with tea from two days ago on a sidenote: EWWWWW . The thing is I just accumulate many cups in my room until there is few left in the kitchen, and I have to secretly sneak them into the kitchen washing machine. Noone else in my family regularly comes into my room, so they probably don't know who the eff stole the freaking cups. It's because when I start drinking coffee or tea, I just keep making them and making them (using the same cup) eventually forgetting about them and leaving them somewhere in this hole that I call my room. So to avoid the shame of being identified as a freaky cup-horder, and being committed, I usually try and sneak them out of my room.

Does this sound retarded?
ably. I don't really make much of an effort to disguise the returning of the cups besides big sunglasses, a baseball cap, fake moustache, and a thick Bulgarian accent but you know besides that I'd say I'd make about as much effort as I do when denying I ate someone elses' food.
brother: who
ate this? did _____ eat this?
me: -silence-
brother: you
ate this, didn't you Musu? I know.
me: -silence-
brother: you
ate it.
me: -casually walks off-

This picture is one of the arguments in my TOK presentation about fitting in.

Lol wtf so lame


TOK about lame

So TOK[theory of knowledge] has been dominating me for the past few hours, and not in a playful sexual way but in an unplayful mostly unsexual way that is not fun (except for people who like to watch me cry and spiral into self-deprecating hate fests. To these people: eat shit and die). Doing all this TOK research makes me want to eat the brains of smart people, kinda like Sylar. I know it's very last minute (my TOK presentation is tomorrow btw), but everyone elses is last-minute, and yes I would jump off a cliff if everyone else were going to :|

Don't worry though, I don't let my preoccupation with my grades, and schooling get in the way of me being a fine role model. No Sir-rey, I don't. 

My nephew being the child that he is says the darndest things sometimes, well not really but I'm just a douche. Like when he wanted me to peel his apple he asked me where the 'peeler' was my response to which was 'since when did you start hanging out with Phillipino women?" *laughs at own joke* Yeah, I know sad right? I have to keep my mind occupied with lame jokes otherwise it will be filled with the IMPENDING DOOM THAT IS MY FUTURE.     

Ok, maybe I do