Sunday, March 29, 2009

re(bust a)cap(in yo' ass)

My weekend was filled with the usual fun, because I'm just a leng zai kinda guy (let's all learn canto, canto FTW lor)

Friday night was the school dance which was at school -thus we can assume that dancing at school was involved. I was supposed to take photos the whole night but after about ten minutes I gave up because everyone else was dragging around their stupid pro intimidating SLRs and it's true what they say peeps - size DOES matter. My aim was to be like cobrasnake and I guess I achieved it with this one photo of a sleazy-lookingbut probably very niceguy.

mmmmm seedier than a Big Mac bun

The Moon and a Jedi

On Saturday was Tyler's double-surprise birthday party. First surprise meeting--some of his friends for dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Pinelands : )  we then went back to his house so that he could be further surprised with more surprises. Tyler's house is pretty cool because they have a sweet trampoline. 

We left the city a little early to go the the restaurant so we tried to buy some fish but the pet store at Sunnybank Plaza was just closing down (probably because I'm black) :( 

Then we caught the bus to pinelands and having an hour to kill decided to take photos of each other, and by each other I mean "Phuong working a pole". Most of the time we were laughing so any photo with a straight face took a lot of effort and concentration mangzzzz. These photos are for Phuong's 17th birthday and I know she doesn't read my blog so they are safe being posted here, but just in case you R Phuong poke your eyes out now.

Graceful, beautiful, elegant, "more-descriptive-words-than-a-perfume-commercial"-ul

Then we got up to the restaurant patiently awaiting Tyler's arrival. Anthony got there late so he pretty much ruined the surprise/Tyler's life/our lives/the day/this blog/the current global financial situation/Burma/my mum's casserole/that one time I messed up a line at church performance etc 

Anthony, who thinks he's straight up g just because he came late

The dinner was good as is expected of any reputable Korean BBQ joint : )
LOOK! Some more photos displaying our satisfaction with life. YOOSH. aigoo OTL
If the pictures had dialogue it would be something like 
"fun isseoyo?"
"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, isseoyo to the max, bruhhs"
Tyler's initial reaction to "SURPRISE" which was to face away from us and present himself ... I wonder what he was expecting us to do =/

The Birthday Boy

I didn't end up taking that many photos and uploading takes time because I'm stupid, but it was a lot of fun n_n at the second party there was heaps of beer but I am not really a beer-drinker and I felt a little overdressed/stupid for the ocassion
Me & Girljerms 

In my opinion beer is like a girly drink without the fun or sugar. So it's sorta like eating a candy with no sugar, which is what I like to call "pointless", but everyone has their own opinions. As soon as I got in the car to leave the party my mum said "you smell like beer >:[ " which made for a lovely awkward silent car drive home. Thanks, mum <3 

Good news at the place where we study the GOOD NEWS (I.e. church). Today in the kid's section of our church programme the minister's wife talked about starfish, and how this one boy threw them back into the ocean when they got washed up because they would die. So anyway the story was an allegory that represented each individual's ability to contribute to make a difference against climate change. "The man said to him that there were so many starfish that he couldn't possibly get them all back into the sea to which the boy said that he had to do his part no matter how small." Global warming etc etc anyway main point here is when will science leave my church alone ??!!?xD. 

Oh the good news is that I won a church raffle so now I have a week's groceries. Since it was under my name I'm keeping the honey in my room. My sister told me ants would get into it so I yelled at her for trying to steal all my honey. 

Christine doing what she does best--soul-searching & appearing artsy (college art captain '09)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[Sat - Tue] ALL-IN-ONE, how's that for value?

On Saturday morning I decided to head to the library to study. Afterwards I was really bored because I got kicked out of the study room and the library was effing packed packed so I decided to go on a break after two hours of tiresome work. I thought, "that was all good and everything but now that I'm in the city by myself there's not much I can do except look really popular". Not to worry however because Bek hath arrived at some point in time and we had a lot of fun seeing Friday the 13th (yeah we are hardcore and rebel to the max because neither of us are 18, also she is a bad influence on me because I just wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire D: ). Anyway later that evening Bek forced this defenseless (not really, because they probably knew Taekwondo--the guy was Korean so he was probably a master; and how to cut hair or do make-up--the chick was Viet and we all know their national form of martial arts is hairdressing and nail design) azn couple into taking photos of us. So I will end talking about that and finish when I get the photos. 

So I went home only to be surprised by the musical stylings of Cliff Richard, and one overly enthusiastic audience member. Mum and dad were waiting outside the car which made me think, "huh, am I in trouble?" then mum said we had no food in the house so we were going to eat at the goodna RSL club. Yep, we're cheap, but it wasn't bad except for the live music *cringe* Oh do you ever go to the bathroom and see other people leave without washing their hands? because that happened and I guess I deserve it for living in Ipswich (lol, yeah gross, right? :P)

On the train on Monday morning were the usual social norms - the old man whose eyes seem to be fixed on your junk, a woman in front of you just short enough for you to make out the "good stuff", seedy-looking people who are really just children from Indooroopilly State High etc etc. I was standing, as usual, but this train was later than the train I like to catch and particularly crowded. The man standing in front of me had a fly that seemed to be sleeping on his back and it reminded me of the time in year nine science that we watched some documentary on bugs and so I decided to look away from his back. There was this really close-up shot of the fly and it freaked me out and I guess that is why I don't do biology because the close-up shot of the fly is forever ingrained into my retina. As soon as I looked away however I was confronted with something that was possibly even worse--the hairiest arms I had ever seen ... wait for it ... and they belonged to a girl. I guess I really had nowhere to look so I just poked my two thumbnails into my eyeballs to save me from such unnecessary pain. Psyche, but still like it was pretty bad and stuff. So I levelled with myself, and spent half the time with my eyes open alternating from freakshow to the other, the other half of the time just closing my eyes trying to catch up on some sleep. 

After sleeping for TWELVE WHOLE HOURS last night, I think if I go to bed early tonight my sleeping pattern will return to a normal more human-like rhythm. Right now I should be studying for my two Mandarin tests on Thursday, because my study plan says I should it also says I have "free time" up until 6PM and that if I adhere to it I get rewarded with a sugary treat! Which reminds me today at school in the Leos meeting we were discussing what we would sell at the Cross Country stall, and people were discussing the shelf life of different food and drink. I suggested that we sell sugar because it has a really long shelf life but Hillary just sat there giving me a look that said "How inappropriate, your ideas are wrong because you are black, and not simply because they are highly inappropriate" Okay her look didn't exactly say that but whatever, some personal interepretation was required Nothing else exciting happened at school except for Geoff throwing a pen at me for making a bad joke. I'm not sure what the joke was but it must've been bad because usually Geoff has a high tolerance for bad jokes I.e. everything said at school, ever.

I just took a picture of the room that I used to conduct my study in, it is now used for nothing other than holding some of my junk, a broken vacuum cleaner, and as an emergency exit in case of fire. 
: )

Friday, March 20, 2009

YT fail lol

Ah so I actually BF BF BF'ed (as opposed to cbf'ed) making a video for youtube, but I'm sure it was broken'ed because it took more than three hours to upload. So I cancelled it and enjoyed Royal Pirates instead. They are a cool duo that do rock cover versions of some songs like Circus and Mirotic. This brings some of my favourite things together in a skeetfest-inducing culmination of pure awesome.
Britney Spears. Check (Hey, her music is so catchy like wow yeah and I am very lame)
Korean. Check
People who are more attractive than they are unattractive. Check (because we are all superficial ^ ^)
A singer with that pre-pubescent voice that was big in the early 00's. Check (I like it lol)


Hmmm did anything interesting happen today?
Well not really, but we had to do a role-play in Mandarin, and I guess that was pretty funny for us because we put a lot of hard work and effort into it and we were the embodiment of productive teamwork but yeah not really. It was pretty simple we just had to act out buying boxes for putting a jumper and scard into the mail (but I'd say ours was a tad more interesting than the others merely because our play involved a calculator, savings and not very good reasoning skills, and 三个超人  lulz) 

So I was on my way to bed but then mum called me over to help cut ribbons to make lolly necklaces for some thing she has tomorrow. Now whenever I do something last minute I'm going to say it's genetic (I made this "fallacy" really easy to identify, just for you Mr Kong).

For now I'm going to sleep because I feel like going to the library tomorrow morning to nerd out. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

an investigation of the anticlimax

So today I was at the bus stop, and I was cranky so I started writing my post for today. n_n

You want to know what I find stupid about my bus service? The interval between the bus I need to take and the bus after that is fifty minutes. Who the eff does that? Fifty minutes is not a normal time interval to be used or an SI unit so when I'm at home I couldn't have guessed "oh I'm going to say the interval between this bus and the next will be forty-four minutes and thirty-six seconds ^^" because that is just unreasonable like fifty minutes is == There is no bus in between so I have to wait here like a virgin dick desperate for a ride ... on the bus for almost fifty effing fricking minutes. Was there some chain mail that I deleted about fifty minutes being the new hour, and if so I'm still waiting for the small girl to murder me in my bed or some [true] shit. To make matters worse Mr Bus, you were late. I'm no longer angry just very disappointed in your behaviour this morning I just left in the midst of writing this post to go to the store to purchase some new stationary as mine has been pissing me off lately due to its inherent spiral-binderness and decrepitness (I know it's not a word but since I'm in HL English now I have to play the part--by trying to sound smart, and, in effect, increase my pre-existing awesomeness with some more awesome -vocab fail- so that you, the reader will view me as being more suited for HL English ... lol that made me work). So after picking the books I wanted I spent about fifteen minutes in the newsagency internally deliberating about which pen was a good pen that I should buy--no, I mean great pen--NO WAIT I MEAN THE MOST ULTIMATE PEN OF ALL PENS!

The qualities I looked for in the pen were whether or not they were German (because they would be uber efficient and built with a streamlined design thus maximising racing speed) or Japanese (because they would be the most kawaii des ne and they would also be the most suited for transforming into giant fighting robots, and, therefore, make better defenders of the planet Earth than most pens). The decision--difficult, the battle for my selection--intense, my heart's beat--rapid, my palms--sweaty and my hands--trembling. If only there were a way in which I could buy both, but due to the current global financial crisis I am forced into living an increasingly frugal lifestyle meaning I could only survive the rest of the week if I bought only one pen. If only there were some way I could combine both of the pens into one froth-worthy creation that brings together the best qualities of both much like Devon Aoki, my ultimate woman being half German and half Japanese or to some extent like Yuki Greinke, who is the epitome of perfection of the human form. Actually, more so the latter of those two.

Anyway, due to my financial restrictions I could not buy both and combine the two pens into one monstrous creation with parts selected from existing pens for their beauty a la Frankenstein or like that Soompi post Kt and I read in class today about combining two pens for increased fluidity or some shit ... but there could be only one survivor as everyone knows that the last two surviving will be a couple stranded on a deserted island where they are instructed to kill each other with dialogue something along the lines of
Boy: Yeah I love you let's survive together
*girl shoots guy*
*guys shoot back*
*girl dies*
*guys screams into abyss*

My mind was a mess with the imagined words of the pens.
Japanese Pen: anata doushite pick the German pen? pick me and I will be your personal geisha
German Pen: das other pen ist not good. Pick me for perfection, and leathery nights of fun

I squealed like a little bitch not knowing what to do with myself, but deep down I knew that if I looked into myself as a knower and discovered my inner learner profile's desires than I would make the right decision. I knew at this point that I had reached self actualisation, in others words--nirvana, because studying under the International Baccalaureate had changed my life for the better so I no longer felt any desire to want anything only to inquire about why people want and other annoying questions, as is the idea with TOK and, in general, a lot of things to do with IB.

The end.

You know what really sucks?
This story.

If anyone actually got into that story I bought the Japanese pen. I am only telling you so that you may sleep soundly tonight.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dear Victoria

as you know with everything important or special there is usually some sort of thoughtful plan to get there. Whether you're wanting to become a doctor, or fuck your life away ummm literally there should always be some foresight involved. So I just wanted to help a sister out because it looks like you need it. 

So you're fifteen and you're one of God's lovely creatures and you want to procreate. Woot, good on you--you're helping to solve a declining birth rate. Let's go through some of the pros and cons shall we? ^ ^

you will be able to get out of exams by saying things like "siiirr, my baybay jus' gon di' a big one, ya heard?" 

your baby will have done a big one

your jugs will totally be way bigger than all the other girls in year 9 Yay, take that you flat-chested hussies!

your jugs will now double as suspenders because they will be just that saggy actually it's a pro because you now have free suspenders !!

you will get to be on tv 

you're only going to be on a second rate talk show

your baby won't know what ethnicity it is because you speak like a mish-mash of cultural cliches 

you will teach your baby that it "doesn't matter what people think about me because that's who I am ... and I got it like that cos I'm a playa" 

Nawwww you're so deep ... on second thought just have your demon-baby 



Monday, March 16, 2009

people who no longer have sleeves to put their hearts on so they put their hearts on their msn names

ah nothing is more annoying than when someone will have something like "OMGGIDHGSDIHG my heart is broken into like 4343434 pieces my life is over wah wah wah this sucks like ttly so much omg eff i dnt know why i have a heart if it just gets broken blah blah you filthy slut cunt you fucked our friendship away by being a cheap dirty whore and i loved you i mean i heart you i mean i ttly est00hz'ed you bby buh now i kant tok abt u abt our estooh " etc in their pm name and when asked about it the response is usually

*heartbroken person* : ah nothing, dw.

Seriously if you're going to go to that much trouble to show that you want attention and then reject the attention you have relinquished any rights you may have had to whine about how your friends aren't very caring. Most people are probably tired of you drawing attention to yourself only to reject peoples' sympathies ... So in conclusion boo-fricken-hoo. (although I can't really judge them because I get pissed over everything thus my preceding argument is errrhm completely invalid lol)

In other news the cool new chinese teacher we had for a week is leaving (well he's actually my chinese teacher from year 8/9) but we had him for the past week and I remembered the fun I used to have in Chinese classes which is why in year nine we referred to chinese as "fun class" lol that isn't to say Chinese is no longer fun. Which reminds me I should get those clips of Jermia from year 8 hassling Mr Chen. "MRCHENMRCHENMRCHENMRCHENMRCHEN" *Mr Chen blocks ears* lol good times. Dwee tells me there is a Chronos (the name of the chinese teacher) in year eleven which I never knew about because I don't usually take the time to get to know the people who are "strangers" in my school.  

I was recording my oral for english and there are at least 5 pauses where I just stop to breath and swear under my breath. Yay n_n

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Childrens' playtime costumes & Extended Essay Exemplars (assonance and alliteration in one FTW)

The reason I blog is because I am bored almost every day.Using the commutative(?) law, today is therefore one of those days where I am found to be bored. Fuck I'm horny for Jay Chou music *turns on itunes* oh yeah that really hits the spot, you can tui my hou anytime* anyway I don't know why I'm doing the things I do half the time. Most times I do stuff because I'm driven to do it out of boredom/lacking the choice to do something interesting/hating real life lol.

I've realised that when I'm in the company of my brother's gf and we're driving around and there is no conversation we'll usually end up breaking out into song. The song is usually a song from the late 90's/early 00's like 3LW or some other one-hit wonder. It's fun reminiscing about the singer's gap toothed smile, and lisp-y rap and the fact that they were like thirteen. WOW. SUCK ON THAT, MILEY YOU OLD BITCH ah, childhood memories.

So on Friday Geoff and I were both bored at lunch and I thought I saw Fred going to play handball. So I suggested we go watch because Fred is one of the nicest, mellowest people I know ... but for some reason when he plays games/sports he becomes consumed with the spirit of Satan, and it is just really fun seeing someone who is usually really nice to act so mean or "in the zone". Sadly he wasn't getting into the game how I had imagined (him getting red-er ... if possibly :P etc) so I decided to cheer him on by doing the Gee dance. It didn't work but oh well I tried my hardest and the fact that it didn't work is totally GG haha get it? I am funny. *laugh track* ... he then asked me if I knew the Tell Me dance too, which I responded with "no, YOU PRESUMPTOUS whore now you're going to ask me if I run with a gang because I am an Islander" (note: actual wording may have been different but oh well it is now Sunday so forgive me)

Anyway I don't really know where I was going with that but looking at the title I feel I should try to like IDK make this post relate to it in some way or another. T_T  Crap, my cat just distracted me by making weird noises and now I have even less of an inkling of what I was going to talk about 

So on Friday morning I caught quite an early bus to school for no particular reason and I decided to go to the city in the morning because I hadn't been in a while, so I went to get Starbucks and check out the sites and ended up buying two badges being hawked by All Hallow's girls roaming the streets "fundraising for muscular distrophy". I saw through the rouge and knew that the school was in desperate need of funding because the school was not making enough money to support the newly installed make up training facilities--the most important building they have. In reality, I just saw someone I recognised and wanted to go say hi so I bought the little bow-shaped badge because I thought they were cool.  

Oh yeah so my nephew has at least twenty super heroe/hulk costumes (I put "/hulk" because well is he really a hero? let's see he gets angry and breaks things HEROIC? I think not) which is good because I may just opt to borrow one for the upcoming school dance that has some "Superheroes/Villains" theme going on. I know it's not very inspired but idc because costumes are difficult and expensive, and my instep teacher said he didn't want anyone dressing like sluts** so there's no fun anyway. 

On Thursday night/Friday morning I didn't sleep because I had to finish my Extended Essay refined draft which was due on the Friday morning (yeah I know I'm slack blah blah blah) so at school I was a bit hyped because sleep is the catalyst in making me more energetic. ^ ^ I read, in their entirety, around 4 extended essays which is freaking long because yeah they are 4 000 words each lol, and skimmed around ten others and I noticed that the essays
a) have weird dedications one essay I read had "this is dedicated to" and then he had quotes from (not really that famous now that I think of it) famous people which made me think "huh, that's a bit like unsentimental or impersonal ... like he referenced their book and now feels like it would be nice if gave them a shoutout
b) apparently don't require a great control of english to do well when written in english because well just because  
c) even though you should aim for 4 000 words 1200 words can suffice, which is supported by english teachers saying some TRUE SHIT like "something you say in ten words but can say in two should be said in two" 
d) Extended essays written in "Visual Art" could also be referred to as veritable "biographies"/what-ever-the-fuck-other-subject-you-would-like-to-put-in-here essays because they IMO can be, and are, written on pretty much every and any thing ever.  

Wow I think this post might be longer than my extended essay n_n

OOOH and today I called Leanne with my new phone and I giggled at her english accentedness lolllllllllllllllllllll it's so cute xD maybe next time I will get her to say "bollocks, tai gui le" lol but only for my birthday or something 

On a serious note it's really sad to see friends in a fight. So I'm gon pour this juice on the graves for my homies that got iced *pours several bottles* 

... many homies were iced :( 

*seriously, I give him permission
**he actually said "Phil was the true definition of a slut at last year's dance" which I think is a bit of a compliment 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

one alone is not enough; you need two together

I remember when my cousin slept over on the weekend and we were watching tv and we broke out into that song from Mulan 2 (yes, there's a sequel). That is all I could think about because I'm feeling a bit sick lately which I attribute to everyone in school having wild unprotected bouts (yes, they were like boxing matches and as the author it IS my intent to conjure such imagery in the audience's mind blah blah blah HL english is so pompous*) of intimacy by which saliva was transferred and now everyone is sick. Thankyou, sick people. Anyway just wanted to say thanks to Geoff for buying me food upon sighting my unsightly visage this morning. If ever you're angry at your parents and you need me to be -errrhm- black, I will definitely be here for you. 

Usually I wouldn't mind getting sick because well it's just illness and it's a fact of life (well it doesn't often happen to me, because Yeah 我是 superman Yeah 你是loser), but I have a debate tomorrow night, and I'm scared of telling the coach that I can't go because I'm sick. So I did the next best thing and told him that I would be too sick to go to school, but not sick enough to miss out on the debate. T_T You're probably thinking that it would make more sense to go to school and not go to the debate, or to not go to either, but fERTHEWRT (that is my teacher's name, it is not an alias, you can believe me or not) said if we have like committment issues with debating that we should've never joined the team (been born, enjoyed life, etc) 

*ahhh now that I am in the company of "higher beings" in my new HL class, I realise the level of pompousity and pretention the IB expects us to deliver in our orals which they give good marks for being "truly spontaneous utterances"--or some shit. In class we were all asked to bring something forward in the discussion of the excerpt we had in front of us (Macbeth's third soliloquoy for those of you playing at home). In the beginning I was like "oh that sounds good", but as it progressed it kept sounding more and more pre-packaged and manufactured. I find it highly contradictory of the english department, to expect us to present our own interpretation of the text if we're constantly fed the same interpretations. They don't want us to regurgitate ideas but we're bombarded with so much in-depth analysis as it is that what they're really expecting us to do is re-invent the wheel. 

In some way or another I guess I just feel like originality is dead, and someone thought your thoughts long before you thought them.


Oh and CONGRATZ to Rachel on the Moran Photography Prize thing! 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

WOK'in abt

Nothing much happened today except I got bored and drank a bottle of wine because I didn’t want to start my schoolwork. Can anyone spell “future problem-drinker”? I’d like to blame my study period supervising teacher for saying that people in my school weren’t normal teenagers because we weren’t risk-takers and that we should be more stressed because, in reality, we should be smoking more, drinking more alcohol, doing more drugs, and fearing STI’s due to all the dangerous sex we should be having. Trust me the majority of people in my school/anyone in the world wishes they were having more dangerous sex, but just wishing isn’t going to change the world. Btw dangerous sex does not mean doing it on top of a speeding truck or anything, but like with the risk of getting COCKNE(acne of the penis) xD It was funny because even though I knew what she was saying was true for the majority of people in our school, I still feel like I should be like defying her, because it makes us sound like pussies. Oh well, in my mind everyone else is having these really big parties that no one ever invites me, too. It’s like how I wish I lived in the skins universe so I could get to do drugs … well not really do the drugs, but just have the opportunity there. O_O

In the afternoon I started watching The Darjeeling Limited, and I thought it was really funny. I was happy because I had wanted to watch it for so long but for some strange reason I hadn’t (I usually see all the movies I want while they are still screening in cinemas). Too bad I fell asleep during the movie because I had been staying up L and I didn’t get to watch the Australian Macbeth either, which was my goal for the weekend. Seeing as I have no video rental store membership I rely on my brother but he said he was going outL. Anyway my English class are funny. Our teacher was talking about the part where he goes to the three witches for more prophecies and she said we wouldn’t watch that bit. I blurted out, “OMG THEY R HAS SEX?” The teacher said yes and everyone made plans to borrow it out that night/over the weekend. It’s great if you think about it. Porn under the guise of “Shakespeare”, the funniest thing is that most parents would’ve supported the idea n_n far better than internet porn in my opinion, because how are you supposed to be clicking on stuff, typing on msn, and “enjoying yourself” all at once (well I guess those with dexterous toes would not have such a problem). Not that I would know anything about this at all because I go to church and I know the Lord’s prayer so, of course, I had to ask my friend … 8-) 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

a bit ranty

Aaaahhh I wasn't going to mention it on this post but it just happened to me ... but wth is with people starting a convo with you only to abandon you in the convo three seconds in. Or they just stop replying to you, which is even worse, because it says they're online and now you just think they're fucking with you. Even thought they're probably not. Well I know she's not but it's still annoying xD

(I guess since the intro of this post seems "ranty" I'll just continue with that mindset xD)

Hmmm, I have a problem with people who think they're "deep". I don't know why it bothers me so much, but sometimes I feel like just saying something like oh I don't know - "OMG I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU THINK YOU HAVE ANY RIGHT TO COMPLAIN BECAUSE YOU'RE RICH, WHITE AND ARE ONLY SIXTEEN YOU HAVE NO REAL PROBLEMS. EAT, GOD". It wouldn't bother me as much, but reading philosophy books does not make you "deep", it means you can read. I don't think reading some book will suddenly make you totally wise. It's not like this is pokemon and you have a rare candy and it increases your level, just saying. My friend told me about some guys who were all up in her grill when she told them they weren't top shit for reading Nietzsche. I don't think reading some books will make you an expert on life.

... My parents trying to get me out of the house to ummmmm yeah consummate their relationship I like to think I was born of immaculate conception lol ... SERIOUSLY? I first suspected it when my dad got back from overseas and they made me go out to have dinner, when I didn't feel like going out T_T. Today dad asked me if I was going out at least 9 times this morning, which makes me feel like he wanted me out of the house and ew ew ew ew ewwwwwww ... 

... The fact that I swear so much. I need to stop, because I'm scared that in my IB english oral I will stumble and then say something like "FUCKINGBITCHWHORETITMOUTHCOCKSUCKINGCUNTDICK(honeynut)SHITBAG(s)" and knowing what I'm like normally, that's not much of a stretch, if at all. Especially since swearing has evolved into a competition between Kt and I, since we tried playing that game to see who could swear the longest without pausing (no, Kt, "nigger" is still not a swear word :P)

... Skinny girls who complain about being fat ... Okay then, you're fat =/ 

... When someone else gets credit for something I did ... like ummmm laundry. I know it's nothing big but WHY DO YOU MAKE ME DO ALL THE CHORES-oh crap I'm beginning to sound like
Steven lol

Ummm now that that is over I can commence with the dreary updates of my uninteresting life. I was home for most of the day and I almost finished my Debating speech for Wednesday, and of course by "almost finished" I mean "just started". The debating coach happens to be my instep (my school's name for "form") teacher which means he can hound me every day. He seems to get angry at me for everything I do lately, which might be why I'm late for/arrive after instep every day it's not planned it just happens to uhmmm happen, someone should buy me a thesaurus for my birthday although I'm not putting that into an official list of things I want for my birthday roflol gsgdsggedgerg53795354gdsh but seriously sometimes I don't know why he doesn't just take it easy on me for sometimes doing stuff.

Aaaaaaah since it's my blog I can decide whether or not I want to fangirl something or not. BoA's new album has almost been released, and I'm pretty sure I can convince mum to get it for me as some kind of early birthday present n_n 

... also not to brag but I got an A7 on my chinese interactive oral, but I'm pretty sure it's only because I said Mrs Richards has a "watermelon-seed-face".


Thursday, March 5, 2009

TOKin abt ummm how psychology was not respected until it was supported by scientific explanations

I'm pretty much done with my TOK draft which is why I decided to blog. I was planning on finishing it as soon as I got home but I was tired and before I could say "no-don't-go-to-sleep" I was-SPOILER ALERT-fast asleep. In my essay I talk about the similarities and differences between historical and scientific explanations. Since I didn't want to do any research I just recycled information I had already been taught about in the past, e.g. psychology, Mendel's Principles

When I woke up I was in an unpleasant mood, because I hate falling asleep in the afternoons because then I can't sleep properly at night. This sucks because lately I've been trying to get to bed at 11pm, otherwise I'd be late for school ummm not that anyone is concerned but I'm pretty sure that with the amount of times that I'm late to school, and the rate at which I am late- y' or f'(x) lol I will probably not receive my diploma for not being present for 250 class hours T_T so I can't be late anymore . It is now 1:33am and Eric wants me to go to the gym with him this morning, which means I would have to catch the 6:00bus, in four hours and twenty-six minutes at the time I typed this, that is. So that doesn't seem likely, but if I leave earlier I can go catch the bus with Jermia (at 5:00am) which is an appealing idea n_n 

This pretty much means I relinquish my crown as nocturnal club king, and it's something I'm not ashamed to admit. I'm getting old. It's like if you're a prostitute and you're starting to sag more so than usual you should know to call it quits ... or only advertise yourself to people with sag-fetish, which is still switching up your game. So in essence, I'm just dealing with my saggyness--old age, and advertising myself only to people with sag-fetish--by giving up such a childish competition.

I know by saying "childish competition" I sound pretentious but to be honest, there are so many childish competitions that I enjoy every day with friends. The competition about who could get the most year ten friends, the competition about who was liked more by X, Y or Z, the competition between who would be the first to talk to Q, the competition to see who was waved at more by B lol etc

I really enjoy these stupid competitions though, because besides being really fun they help me to relax on the juggling-balls. Oh yeah, and we've started to act like big-headed seniors which is quite fun. Saying things like, "know your place, you year ten person, and don't talk to me. Stop looking in my general direction, too" is always fun. Even though it sounds terribly abbraisive and harsh     ...

ummm it is, so I don't know why I put "even though" at the front ... it was probably to provide my character with some sort of non-existent redeeming quality... oh well, I tried : ) 

At lunch times the tables in our refectory uncommon fancy word for canteen are usually quite full, so being the considerate year twelves that my friends and I are we usually just swarm a small group from year ten. It's fun, and the "wtf"-looks on their face make it all the more worthwhile, besides they are often to paralysed with fear or awe at our awesomeness to respond verbally.

It's my senior year stress, stress eat stress balls, stress-face so don't judge me for finding pleasure in other people's slight discomfort xD

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"like so many juggling balls ... well ... really, only two"

Sometimes I think our school slogan should really just be "If you're busy juggling so many balls put one down to concentrate on the juggling of the rest of your juggling balls". Not only because a teacher who is leaving :( it's sad because she is cool and very connected to the students and their IB progress etc frequently uses this juggling-balls analogy to refer to the difficulties of being an IB student. Oh, also because it makes me giggle.

Sillyness aside, today was a day, much like a Monday or Tuesday, except it were a Wednesday. I thought about skipping the Grin n Tonic performance in the afternoon to finally get my learner's but decided against it because I didn't want to fail lol. I'm glad I didn't though because the Shakespeare performances were quite cool since changing to HL english I've had to start studying Macbeth--I really like it! They say the n-word ... sorta xD

Geoff mentioned the title of my previous post having nothing to do with the actual content of the post, which is actually quite encouraging in the sense that I now know that at least one person-Geoff, reads my blog lol kidding :P

So to elaborate on my title, I have my TOK essay working draft due on Friday, and I have only written about half of it, but I'm no longer stressed out about it, because I put down other juggling balls. I'm going to now try and segue my way into talking about my ipod top twenty-five playlist. I think I can achieve this by saying "juggling is a cycle because it happens again and again and again, much like a playlist on your mp3 on continuous play"

...okay well maybe my "seemless-segue-making" abilities are not so great, but I HAVE OTHER BALLS TO JUGGLE.  

On my way home I was thinking, as I often do, because I only have one travelling companion--my ipod, that my top 25 playlist is a big clique. If I choose to listen to the top 25 listened-to songs then what becomes of my others songs? D: 
I don't know why it bothered me but I feel like I'm not appreciating them, and that they might divorce me or something ... even though they are bits of data 

Well that's enough crazy for now n_n

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TOK Stress

So I sit here fifteen dollars richer than I were this morning, all because I was involved in some survey after school about QUT blah business degree blah analysis blah. I actually got paid sixty bucks but I had to repay a dinner-debt to Sandra and I went out to eat at a nice korean restaurant with some people after the survey. It was really cool and fun and I felt like a big boy.  

If last night was any indication to the fun I’ll be having after high school … I’m looking forward to it WOOOOO 

--unrelated but I just wanted to mention it--

I love trainwrecks. I think this is why I find Bad Girls Club so awesome besides the fact that it is just awesome. In a few words it’s tila-tequilaesque but better in that there are 6 crazy bitches constantly yelling at each other. Just to give you an idea of what it’s like it’s like this

“I love juice. Juice makes me happy, yes, it’s sweet and it has a lot of different flavours … nothing like a cold cup of juice, nothing .*drinks spits* … FUCK FUCK WHO PUT HOT SAUCE IN MY JUICE FUCK IMMA KILL YOU … FOR REELZ IM FROM BROOKLYN”

: )

Back to being happy about life, I was reading post secret because I found it in my brother’s room and one of the quotes said something like “high school is not your life” and it makes me feel better, because tbh I’m not a very big fan of school >: ] but then again I don’t think many people are :S


This post is really directionless so I’m just going to direct people to a song I like HERE