Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TOK Stress

So I sit here fifteen dollars richer than I were this morning, all because I was involved in some survey after school about QUT blah business degree blah analysis blah. I actually got paid sixty bucks but I had to repay a dinner-debt to Sandra and I went out to eat at a nice korean restaurant with some people after the survey. It was really cool and fun and I felt like a big boy.  

If last night was any indication to the fun I’ll be having after high school … I’m looking forward to it WOOOOO 

--unrelated but I just wanted to mention it--

I love trainwrecks. I think this is why I find Bad Girls Club so awesome besides the fact that it is just awesome. In a few words it’s tila-tequilaesque but better in that there are 6 crazy bitches constantly yelling at each other. Just to give you an idea of what it’s like it’s like this

“I love juice. Juice makes me happy, yes, it’s sweet and it has a lot of different flavours … nothing like a cold cup of juice, nothing .*drinks spits* … FUCK FUCK WHO PUT HOT SAUCE IN MY JUICE FUCK IMMA KILL YOU … FOR REELZ IM FROM BROOKLYN”

: )

Back to being happy about life, I was reading post secret because I found it in my brother’s room and one of the quotes said something like “high school is not your life” and it makes me feel better, because tbh I’m not a very big fan of school >: ] but then again I don’t think many people are :S


This post is really directionless so I’m just going to direct people to a song I like HERE



  1. We put hot sauce into someone's cola at Nandos once...
    they weren't happy.

    I was.

  2. I'm fairly sure they've discovered the table number holder which you broke by now. I guess we can't go to that restaurant again... *sad face*

  3. Also, I like how the title has no relevance whatsoever to the passage.

    I'm just saying.......................

  4. lol i liked our big kids outing
    but we should all return to the place where we all live together next time n_n