Thursday, March 5, 2009

TOKin abt ummm how psychology was not respected until it was supported by scientific explanations

I'm pretty much done with my TOK draft which is why I decided to blog. I was planning on finishing it as soon as I got home but I was tired and before I could say "no-don't-go-to-sleep" I was-SPOILER ALERT-fast asleep. In my essay I talk about the similarities and differences between historical and scientific explanations. Since I didn't want to do any research I just recycled information I had already been taught about in the past, e.g. psychology, Mendel's Principles

When I woke up I was in an unpleasant mood, because I hate falling asleep in the afternoons because then I can't sleep properly at night. This sucks because lately I've been trying to get to bed at 11pm, otherwise I'd be late for school ummm not that anyone is concerned but I'm pretty sure that with the amount of times that I'm late to school, and the rate at which I am late- y' or f'(x) lol I will probably not receive my diploma for not being present for 250 class hours T_T so I can't be late anymore . It is now 1:33am and Eric wants me to go to the gym with him this morning, which means I would have to catch the 6:00bus, in four hours and twenty-six minutes at the time I typed this, that is. So that doesn't seem likely, but if I leave earlier I can go catch the bus with Jermia (at 5:00am) which is an appealing idea n_n 

This pretty much means I relinquish my crown as nocturnal club king, and it's something I'm not ashamed to admit. I'm getting old. It's like if you're a prostitute and you're starting to sag more so than usual you should know to call it quits ... or only advertise yourself to people with sag-fetish, which is still switching up your game. So in essence, I'm just dealing with my saggyness--old age, and advertising myself only to people with sag-fetish--by giving up such a childish competition.

I know by saying "childish competition" I sound pretentious but to be honest, there are so many childish competitions that I enjoy every day with friends. The competition about who could get the most year ten friends, the competition about who was liked more by X, Y or Z, the competition between who would be the first to talk to Q, the competition to see who was waved at more by B lol etc

I really enjoy these stupid competitions though, because besides being really fun they help me to relax on the juggling-balls. Oh yeah, and we've started to act like big-headed seniors which is quite fun. Saying things like, "know your place, you year ten person, and don't talk to me. Stop looking in my general direction, too" is always fun. Even though it sounds terribly abbraisive and harsh     ...

ummm it is, so I don't know why I put "even though" at the front ... it was probably to provide my character with some sort of non-existent redeeming quality... oh well, I tried : ) 

At lunch times the tables in our refectory uncommon fancy word for canteen are usually quite full, so being the considerate year twelves that my friends and I are we usually just swarm a small group from year ten. It's fun, and the "wtf"-looks on their face make it all the more worthwhile, besides they are often to paralysed with fear or awe at our awesomeness to respond verbally.

It's my senior year stress, stress eat stress balls, stress-face so don't judge me for finding pleasure in other people's slight discomfort xD


  1. the bus trip this morning was pleasent... even if i had to wake up at 4.00am for it :D

  2. u make me chuckle musu

    from ur samoan brother tavita

  3. poor koreans girls
    O____O <- their faces