Thursday, March 19, 2009

an investigation of the anticlimax

So today I was at the bus stop, and I was cranky so I started writing my post for today. n_n

You want to know what I find stupid about my bus service? The interval between the bus I need to take and the bus after that is fifty minutes. Who the eff does that? Fifty minutes is not a normal time interval to be used or an SI unit so when I'm at home I couldn't have guessed "oh I'm going to say the interval between this bus and the next will be forty-four minutes and thirty-six seconds ^^" because that is just unreasonable like fifty minutes is == There is no bus in between so I have to wait here like a virgin dick desperate for a ride ... on the bus for almost fifty effing fricking minutes. Was there some chain mail that I deleted about fifty minutes being the new hour, and if so I'm still waiting for the small girl to murder me in my bed or some [true] shit. To make matters worse Mr Bus, you were late. I'm no longer angry just very disappointed in your behaviour this morning I just left in the midst of writing this post to go to the store to purchase some new stationary as mine has been pissing me off lately due to its inherent spiral-binderness and decrepitness (I know it's not a word but since I'm in HL English now I have to play the part--by trying to sound smart, and, in effect, increase my pre-existing awesomeness with some more awesome -vocab fail- so that you, the reader will view me as being more suited for HL English ... lol that made me work). So after picking the books I wanted I spent about fifteen minutes in the newsagency internally deliberating about which pen was a good pen that I should buy--no, I mean great pen--NO WAIT I MEAN THE MOST ULTIMATE PEN OF ALL PENS!

The qualities I looked for in the pen were whether or not they were German (because they would be uber efficient and built with a streamlined design thus maximising racing speed) or Japanese (because they would be the most kawaii des ne and they would also be the most suited for transforming into giant fighting robots, and, therefore, make better defenders of the planet Earth than most pens). The decision--difficult, the battle for my selection--intense, my heart's beat--rapid, my palms--sweaty and my hands--trembling. If only there were a way in which I could buy both, but due to the current global financial crisis I am forced into living an increasingly frugal lifestyle meaning I could only survive the rest of the week if I bought only one pen. If only there were some way I could combine both of the pens into one froth-worthy creation that brings together the best qualities of both much like Devon Aoki, my ultimate woman being half German and half Japanese or to some extent like Yuki Greinke, who is the epitome of perfection of the human form. Actually, more so the latter of those two.

Anyway, due to my financial restrictions I could not buy both and combine the two pens into one monstrous creation with parts selected from existing pens for their beauty a la Frankenstein or like that Soompi post Kt and I read in class today about combining two pens for increased fluidity or some shit ... but there could be only one survivor as everyone knows that the last two surviving will be a couple stranded on a deserted island where they are instructed to kill each other with dialogue something along the lines of
Boy: Yeah I love you let's survive together
*girl shoots guy*
*guys shoot back*
*girl dies*
*guys screams into abyss*

My mind was a mess with the imagined words of the pens.
Japanese Pen: anata doushite pick the German pen? pick me and I will be your personal geisha
German Pen: das other pen ist not good. Pick me for perfection, and leathery nights of fun

I squealed like a little bitch not knowing what to do with myself, but deep down I knew that if I looked into myself as a knower and discovered my inner learner profile's desires than I would make the right decision. I knew at this point that I had reached self actualisation, in others words--nirvana, because studying under the International Baccalaureate had changed my life for the better so I no longer felt any desire to want anything only to inquire about why people want and other annoying questions, as is the idea with TOK and, in general, a lot of things to do with IB.

The end.

You know what really sucks?
This story.

If anyone actually got into that story I bought the Japanese pen. I am only telling you so that you may sleep soundly tonight.


  1. well i hate spiral books with a passion,
    and my favourite pens to write with are 'Bic Classic Fine' :)

    only the black ones though, since the blue ones ALWAYS have a habbit of running/drying out within a period of one week :(


    i'm glad i got this off my chest...

  2. i personally prefer the uniball eye micro pen series. i'm glad to know that you managed to resolve this crisis of pen choosing though. ^^

    (and i heart liquid ink pens xD)

  3. Good plan.
    I buy japanese pens from Muji.

    I don't know who Yuki Greinke is.
    but i fucking love his name.