Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[Sat - Tue] ALL-IN-ONE, how's that for value?

On Saturday morning I decided to head to the library to study. Afterwards I was really bored because I got kicked out of the study room and the library was effing packed packed so I decided to go on a break after two hours of tiresome work. I thought, "that was all good and everything but now that I'm in the city by myself there's not much I can do except look really popular". Not to worry however because Bek hath arrived at some point in time and we had a lot of fun seeing Friday the 13th (yeah we are hardcore and rebel to the max because neither of us are 18, also she is a bad influence on me because I just wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire D: ). Anyway later that evening Bek forced this defenseless (not really, because they probably knew Taekwondo--the guy was Korean so he was probably a master; and how to cut hair or do make-up--the chick was Viet and we all know their national form of martial arts is hairdressing and nail design) azn couple into taking photos of us. So I will end talking about that and finish when I get the photos. 

So I went home only to be surprised by the musical stylings of Cliff Richard, and one overly enthusiastic audience member. Mum and dad were waiting outside the car which made me think, "huh, am I in trouble?" then mum said we had no food in the house so we were going to eat at the goodna RSL club. Yep, we're cheap, but it wasn't bad except for the live music *cringe* Oh do you ever go to the bathroom and see other people leave without washing their hands? because that happened and I guess I deserve it for living in Ipswich (lol, yeah gross, right? :P)

On the train on Monday morning were the usual social norms - the old man whose eyes seem to be fixed on your junk, a woman in front of you just short enough for you to make out the "good stuff", seedy-looking people who are really just children from Indooroopilly State High etc etc. I was standing, as usual, but this train was later than the train I like to catch and particularly crowded. The man standing in front of me had a fly that seemed to be sleeping on his back and it reminded me of the time in year nine science that we watched some documentary on bugs and so I decided to look away from his back. There was this really close-up shot of the fly and it freaked me out and I guess that is why I don't do biology because the close-up shot of the fly is forever ingrained into my retina. As soon as I looked away however I was confronted with something that was possibly even worse--the hairiest arms I had ever seen ... wait for it ... and they belonged to a girl. I guess I really had nowhere to look so I just poked my two thumbnails into my eyeballs to save me from such unnecessary pain. Psyche, but still like it was pretty bad and stuff. So I levelled with myself, and spent half the time with my eyes open alternating from freakshow to the other, the other half of the time just closing my eyes trying to catch up on some sleep. 

After sleeping for TWELVE WHOLE HOURS last night, I think if I go to bed early tonight my sleeping pattern will return to a normal more human-like rhythm. Right now I should be studying for my two Mandarin tests on Thursday, because my study plan says I should it also says I have "free time" up until 6PM and that if I adhere to it I get rewarded with a sugary treat! Which reminds me today at school in the Leos meeting we were discussing what we would sell at the Cross Country stall, and people were discussing the shelf life of different food and drink. I suggested that we sell sugar because it has a really long shelf life but Hillary just sat there giving me a look that said "How inappropriate, your ideas are wrong because you are black, and not simply because they are highly inappropriate" Okay her look didn't exactly say that but whatever, some personal interepretation was required Nothing else exciting happened at school except for Geoff throwing a pen at me for making a bad joke. I'm not sure what the joke was but it must've been bad because usually Geoff has a high tolerance for bad jokes I.e. everything said at school, ever.

I just took a picture of the room that I used to conduct my study in, it is now used for nothing other than holding some of my junk, a broken vacuum cleaner, and as an emergency exit in case of fire. 
: )


  1. holy CRAP you have the same vacuum cleaner as me. (except that mine works..) I also remember that it was cheap. :D

    (End: Random note for the day)

  2. I actually love your study area :p
    haha xD
    omg i want to see the pics of you ^^
    you weren't making the couple grossed out by making out or something were you? O_o
    I would've backhanded you.

  3. it was like about how when mr smith was a young'n they didnt learn complex numbers and you were like "well they sure lived in simpler times" lol

  4. If I could throw a pen over the internet, I would :@

    Actually, that's not nearly as bad as some jokes at QA.

    I hope I didn't hurt you or your feelings by throwing that pen =)

  5. Yes, there has been an increase in hairy armed ladies recently. This could probably be explained on a semi-log graph of H=A.10^(kt). where H = number of hairy armed ladies and t = time.

    ANYWAY... this reminds me of the time where i saw a lady with a beard D:

  6. wow your train rides are so much more exciting than my bus rides. and by exciting i mean freakishly wierd and disturbing