Saturday, March 14, 2009

Childrens' playtime costumes & Extended Essay Exemplars (assonance and alliteration in one FTW)

The reason I blog is because I am bored almost every day.Using the commutative(?) law, today is therefore one of those days where I am found to be bored. Fuck I'm horny for Jay Chou music *turns on itunes* oh yeah that really hits the spot, you can tui my hou anytime* anyway I don't know why I'm doing the things I do half the time. Most times I do stuff because I'm driven to do it out of boredom/lacking the choice to do something interesting/hating real life lol.

I've realised that when I'm in the company of my brother's gf and we're driving around and there is no conversation we'll usually end up breaking out into song. The song is usually a song from the late 90's/early 00's like 3LW or some other one-hit wonder. It's fun reminiscing about the singer's gap toothed smile, and lisp-y rap and the fact that they were like thirteen. WOW. SUCK ON THAT, MILEY YOU OLD BITCH ah, childhood memories.

So on Friday Geoff and I were both bored at lunch and I thought I saw Fred going to play handball. So I suggested we go watch because Fred is one of the nicest, mellowest people I know ... but for some reason when he plays games/sports he becomes consumed with the spirit of Satan, and it is just really fun seeing someone who is usually really nice to act so mean or "in the zone". Sadly he wasn't getting into the game how I had imagined (him getting red-er ... if possibly :P etc) so I decided to cheer him on by doing the Gee dance. It didn't work but oh well I tried my hardest and the fact that it didn't work is totally GG haha get it? I am funny. *laugh track* ... he then asked me if I knew the Tell Me dance too, which I responded with "no, YOU PRESUMPTOUS whore now you're going to ask me if I run with a gang because I am an Islander" (note: actual wording may have been different but oh well it is now Sunday so forgive me)

Anyway I don't really know where I was going with that but looking at the title I feel I should try to like IDK make this post relate to it in some way or another. T_T  Crap, my cat just distracted me by making weird noises and now I have even less of an inkling of what I was going to talk about 

So on Friday morning I caught quite an early bus to school for no particular reason and I decided to go to the city in the morning because I hadn't been in a while, so I went to get Starbucks and check out the sites and ended up buying two badges being hawked by All Hallow's girls roaming the streets "fundraising for muscular distrophy". I saw through the rouge and knew that the school was in desperate need of funding because the school was not making enough money to support the newly installed make up training facilities--the most important building they have. In reality, I just saw someone I recognised and wanted to go say hi so I bought the little bow-shaped badge because I thought they were cool.  

Oh yeah so my nephew has at least twenty super heroe/hulk costumes (I put "/hulk" because well is he really a hero? let's see he gets angry and breaks things HEROIC? I think not) which is good because I may just opt to borrow one for the upcoming school dance that has some "Superheroes/Villains" theme going on. I know it's not very inspired but idc because costumes are difficult and expensive, and my instep teacher said he didn't want anyone dressing like sluts** so there's no fun anyway. 

On Thursday night/Friday morning I didn't sleep because I had to finish my Extended Essay refined draft which was due on the Friday morning (yeah I know I'm slack blah blah blah) so at school I was a bit hyped because sleep is the catalyst in making me more energetic. ^ ^ I read, in their entirety, around 4 extended essays which is freaking long because yeah they are 4 000 words each lol, and skimmed around ten others and I noticed that the essays
a) have weird dedications one essay I read had "this is dedicated to" and then he had quotes from (not really that famous now that I think of it) famous people which made me think "huh, that's a bit like unsentimental or impersonal ... like he referenced their book and now feels like it would be nice if gave them a shoutout
b) apparently don't require a great control of english to do well when written in english because well just because  
c) even though you should aim for 4 000 words 1200 words can suffice, which is supported by english teachers saying some TRUE SHIT like "something you say in ten words but can say in two should be said in two" 
d) Extended essays written in "Visual Art" could also be referred to as veritable "biographies"/what-ever-the-fuck-other-subject-you-would-like-to-put-in-here essays because they IMO can be, and are, written on pretty much every and any thing ever.  

Wow I think this post might be longer than my extended essay n_n

OOOH and today I called Leanne with my new phone and I giggled at her english accentedness lolllllllllllllllllllll it's so cute xD maybe next time I will get her to say "bollocks, tai gui le" lol but only for my birthday or something 

On a serious note it's really sad to see friends in a fight. So I'm gon pour this juice on the graves for my homies that got iced *pours several bottles* 

... many homies were iced :( 

*seriously, I give him permission
**he actually said "Phil was the true definition of a slut at last year's dance" which I think is a bit of a compliment 


  1. Watch all the azn girls dress as Sailor Moon and forcing their boyfriends to dress up as Mamoru, and then there'll be a Tuxedo Mask SHOWDOWN on the dance floor.

    what new phone did you get?

    hahhaa why would you get me to say "bollocks, too expensive"? is that some inside joke?

    and YO
    I'll shank you.
    (empty threat)

  2. btw on your BIRTHDAY
    I'll be using my SKILLZ again, and writing YOU a dirty limerick... not just saying some chump-esque ;p
    and NOT that... *person escapes mind/obviously didn't have a name cool enough to remember* -> guy who was turning 18.

  3. Jermia: jade! you do biology... does the hulk live in africa?

    George: FUCK! everything lives in fucking africa

    Jade: ehhh... well the hulk isn't really an animal jermia

    Jermia: yehh but musu and truong said that hulk lives in africa...


  4. fred? wowow :O its like he becomes a demon in the night you probably look so tasty he could eat you up alive

  5. ... i'll eat you up, so yum yum yum