Monday, March 16, 2009

people who no longer have sleeves to put their hearts on so they put their hearts on their msn names

ah nothing is more annoying than when someone will have something like "OMGGIDHGSDIHG my heart is broken into like 4343434 pieces my life is over wah wah wah this sucks like ttly so much omg eff i dnt know why i have a heart if it just gets broken blah blah you filthy slut cunt you fucked our friendship away by being a cheap dirty whore and i loved you i mean i heart you i mean i ttly est00hz'ed you bby buh now i kant tok abt u abt our estooh " etc in their pm name and when asked about it the response is usually

*heartbroken person* : ah nothing, dw.

Seriously if you're going to go to that much trouble to show that you want attention and then reject the attention you have relinquished any rights you may have had to whine about how your friends aren't very caring. Most people are probably tired of you drawing attention to yourself only to reject peoples' sympathies ... So in conclusion boo-fricken-hoo. (although I can't really judge them because I get pissed over everything thus my preceding argument is errrhm completely invalid lol)

In other news the cool new chinese teacher we had for a week is leaving (well he's actually my chinese teacher from year 8/9) but we had him for the past week and I remembered the fun I used to have in Chinese classes which is why in year nine we referred to chinese as "fun class" lol that isn't to say Chinese is no longer fun. Which reminds me I should get those clips of Jermia from year 8 hassling Mr Chen. "MRCHENMRCHENMRCHENMRCHENMRCHEN" *Mr Chen blocks ears* lol good times. Dwee tells me there is a Chronos (the name of the chinese teacher) in year eleven which I never knew about because I don't usually take the time to get to know the people who are "strangers" in my school.  

I was recording my oral for english and there are at least 5 pauses where I just stop to breath and swear under my breath. Yay n_n


  1. errrhm i forgot to write the actual post lol

  2. i was going to blog about people and they're heartbroken msn names in my next blog.

    screw you musu D:

  3. zomg i use incorrect punctuation on my "they're".


  4. FARKKK. i just realized it's the wrong word all together. not "they're" but should be "their'

    now people are going to think im illiterate D:D:D:

  5. hahahaha... yaaay you blogged it just like how we talked about it on the phone :)

  6. i have lots of pauses also
    and i didnt even make it to ten minutes
    bloody nora