Saturday, March 7, 2009

a bit ranty

Aaaahhh I wasn't going to mention it on this post but it just happened to me ... but wth is with people starting a convo with you only to abandon you in the convo three seconds in. Or they just stop replying to you, which is even worse, because it says they're online and now you just think they're fucking with you. Even thought they're probably not. Well I know she's not but it's still annoying xD

(I guess since the intro of this post seems "ranty" I'll just continue with that mindset xD)

Hmmm, I have a problem with people who think they're "deep". I don't know why it bothers me so much, but sometimes I feel like just saying something like oh I don't know - "OMG I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU THINK YOU HAVE ANY RIGHT TO COMPLAIN BECAUSE YOU'RE RICH, WHITE AND ARE ONLY SIXTEEN YOU HAVE NO REAL PROBLEMS. EAT, GOD". It wouldn't bother me as much, but reading philosophy books does not make you "deep", it means you can read. I don't think reading some book will suddenly make you totally wise. It's not like this is pokemon and you have a rare candy and it increases your level, just saying. My friend told me about some guys who were all up in her grill when she told them they weren't top shit for reading Nietzsche. I don't think reading some books will make you an expert on life.

... My parents trying to get me out of the house to ummmmm yeah consummate their relationship I like to think I was born of immaculate conception lol ... SERIOUSLY? I first suspected it when my dad got back from overseas and they made me go out to have dinner, when I didn't feel like going out T_T. Today dad asked me if I was going out at least 9 times this morning, which makes me feel like he wanted me out of the house and ew ew ew ew ewwwwwww ... 

... The fact that I swear so much. I need to stop, because I'm scared that in my IB english oral I will stumble and then say something like "FUCKINGBITCHWHORETITMOUTHCOCKSUCKINGCUNTDICK(honeynut)SHITBAG(s)" and knowing what I'm like normally, that's not much of a stretch, if at all. Especially since swearing has evolved into a competition between Kt and I, since we tried playing that game to see who could swear the longest without pausing (no, Kt, "nigger" is still not a swear word :P)

... Skinny girls who complain about being fat ... Okay then, you're fat =/ 

... When someone else gets credit for something I did ... like ummmm laundry. I know it's nothing big but WHY DO YOU MAKE ME DO ALL THE CHORES-oh crap I'm beginning to sound like
Steven lol

Ummm now that that is over I can commence with the dreary updates of my uninteresting life. I was home for most of the day and I almost finished my Debating speech for Wednesday, and of course by "almost finished" I mean "just started". The debating coach happens to be my instep (my school's name for "form") teacher which means he can hound me every day. He seems to get angry at me for everything I do lately, which might be why I'm late for/arrive after instep every day it's not planned it just happens to uhmmm happen, someone should buy me a thesaurus for my birthday although I'm not putting that into an official list of things I want for my birthday roflol gsgdsggedgerg53795354gdsh but seriously sometimes I don't know why he doesn't just take it easy on me for sometimes doing stuff.

Aaaaaaah since it's my blog I can decide whether or not I want to fangirl something or not. BoA's new album has almost been released, and I'm pretty sure I can convince mum to get it for me as some kind of early birthday present n_n 

... also not to brag but I got an A7 on my chinese interactive oral, but I'm pretty sure it's only because I said Mrs Richards has a "watermelon-seed-face".




    they are fat.

    OOOH. ADS :)

  2. HAHAHA shit man i thought that leanne was QA leanne. lol. lol. lol.

    well i think if i say nigga enough it would become a swear word.

    "... FATFATFAT girls who complain about being fat ... Okay then, you're fat =/ "

    well if u were talking to princess, u'd remove the "=/" becus it would be a secure statement and not a "... i don't think so, but if u say so..." statement, which the "=/" face implies.