Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ahh just to start off I'm getting annoyed at the usage of the word "epic" ("epiiiiikkkkk" or other variations inclusive). I know I'm guilty of saying it, but now I know how annoying it must've been to people around me. If everything is really truly "epic" than nothing really seems epic. Y'know?

"How was your day?"

"...and school?"



"...belly button lint?"
"most epic"


So please don't use the word as an everyday descriptor unless talking about Epik High, because chances are that a good old-fashioned, well uh, "good" will suffice.

Anyway I bought Tolstoy the other day when I was thirdwheeling (it was voluntary + I knew what I was getting into so I decided to give them alone time n_n) just because I want to start some sort of book collection going on. My friend said it's stupid because it's expensive but I know that if I don't spend it on something respectable like books it will go straight to the whorehouses. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

first day back

and what do I think?

It's still just school ( the main component in deciding my future quality of life) and the new kids are ugly.

kidding ... well they are probably nice people =/

It was pretty cool today, and I don't think they're ugly :S I just like saying irreverent things. I was two hours late but my teacher didn't seem to notice because we had some formal year ten welcome/year twelve farewell thing going on in the lecture theatre, and I was somehow able to blend in with everyone just going back to class (but I did go to the office to get a late slip but the lady ignored me and asked me about locker reassignment so I went with it).

It was really good to see everyone back at school. You don't realise how much you miss someone, not necessarily miss someone, but miss the familiarity of their faces--their presence around you, but besides from that I did miss a few cool people that I hadn't seen over the holidays.

After my last period, study spare - which was a total bludge, the bus driver told a few friends and I that the bus was too full. I got all pissy when he let other students on so he eventually let us back on because we were going to die there hyperbole FTW. >_<

So I got to the city and 
  • met Ryan's uncle who gave me this cool bracelet he bought while travelling in Thailand
  • chilled with the wiebchen which was adequate, DARE I SAY IT - quite enjoyable xD
  • had a chat with a friend I don't usually talk to very much 
From the city I took the train to Runcorn which is so far away to go pay my wu shu fees but I was late and the place was closed so I screamed a bunch of expletives at the pavement. I headed home via the city reading Perfume on the train, and in the car my nephew gave me a spongebob squarepants pacer. He then told me it was a present for being his uncle and that I am his best friend ( best part of my day ^ ^)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year

I guess it's actually lunar new year but it doesn't really affect me because I'm not azn. Anyway, today it is Australia Day which means school starts tomorrow. >_<

On Saturday I went opshopping with my brother and his girlfriend, and I had a lot of fun. n_n We told mum about it and upon hearing of the fun we had she asked if she could come next week. I have a lot of fun talking to my mum. She yells at me for always being sarcastic (errrhm, which I am) but then laughs anyway. xD

Whenever mum asks me something involving my "free time" she always likes to bring her voice down to a whisper. I think it's funny because she acts as if she's scared to ask me to spend time with her. To which I only have one response and that is to "QUIT PLAYING THE SILLY BUGGERS!"

Mum: Let's go op-shopping, but I'm working on Saturday. Can I come the next time you're going?
Me: Next time is next Saturday though.
Mum: So can I come?
Sister & Me: You just said you're working on Saturday. 
Mum: Oohh, yeah ... well I'll be sick on Saturday *giggles*

I like how mum likes to play the silly buggers.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So I find myself without the willpower required to read Edgar Allan Poe, and stumble across my beloved wikipedia which is also one of my greatest vices.

It started because someone mentioned somebody I didn't know, and rather than seem like the uninformed douche I truly am, I promptly wiki'ed his name to find that he is an Australian tennis player who is the same age as me. I then thought it was a good idea to find out about other people who are my age. You know other people JUST LIKE ME except that they all had amazing talents and gifts and had already accomplished more in sixteen years than I will in my entire life lol dw it's for fun. 

Most of the notable 1992 births are of athletic children or good looking actresses. Since I am neither athletic or a good looking girl who can act, my chances of making it onto this list in the next three seconds news travels fast these days lol are quite slim.

The most well known people my age are probably Nick Jonas - of the Jonas Brothers fame, MILEY CYRUS - of pure awesomeness fame eeeh she's like Britney Spears to me, someone I'm embarrassed about liking but still like anyway 

My personal favourite is the world's strongest girl - Varya Akulova. Plus the bitch has myspace, y'all 

Another would be Calle Fahllund for being part of possibly the cutest heavy metal band ever. You heard me, they're cute and in heavy metal.

Ngaaaawwww I know they are all about headbanging and whatnot but I just want to read the one on the right a bedtime story. ^ ^

Manliness Fail

So I just hung up my laundry and I went down there (because the laundry is outside and underneath the house) and as soon as I walked into the laundry I squealed like the epitome of masculinity that I am, because a toad jumped onto my foot. I walked upstairs and my brother asked me if my sister was downstairs ._.

It doesn't help that I also do laundry because chores are a women's task. lol JKS
I don't think it was as bad as that guy from the manliness fail video on youtube where he continues to squeal while presenting the news xD

Anyway, like most nights of my life today is a "DIY-DINNER" night which means I will probably eat either eggs/bread/canned goods or a combination of the three. 

I have selected tuna sandwiches. Woo hoo, living the good life!

p.s. it just turned 9pm when I finished hanging up the laundry, and I have to do it at night time otherwise I will sleep through the entire day and the sun will be gone and the clothes will not have been dried lol

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GG (not for gamers)

I've decided that if I only had to pick one televsion show to watch for the rest of my life it would be Gossip Girl. I know what you're thinking, "oh that's a chick show ... Musu has no testoserone ... etc etc" and in my defence errrrhm well there is nothing to say that it is not but it's still very entertaining so yeah =/  

Right now it's more important than the work I should've been doing these holidays. Y'know? The usual workload consisting of learning every chinese word ever, memorising everything ever, reading books and general revision of every terabyte of data given to man.

So Serena is such a bitch. Seriously sometimes I just get so pissed watching gossip girl that I want to slap her in the face  *WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT FOLLOWING*

with my dick

or just like yeah well uhhhm she is hot so she can get away with it.

Which relates to the theory Bec and I constructed stating that the bigger the girls' titties the meaner she is allowed to acceptably be -it makes a lot of sense. This relates to another personal theory of mine - that Bec is awesome. 

Besides that, Vanessa is always a source of curiousity for me. I always question myself on the topic of whether she is black or not. I know other GG fans will understand. She could be black, but she could be white. In the first season I thought "she's definitely black DID YOU SEE HER KICKS, no white girl in the GG world would wear ghetto fab sneakers like those" but then I realised that she could very well be white because 
a) her parents don't live with her because she chooses to live on her own-which I find weird considering she's so young and therefore they are never in the show
b) she is friends with Dan - who is the epitome of cool male teenage characters in tv-land in that he likes old rock etc and is very smart and wants to pursue some literary career 

Alternatively she could be half black/white or something really obscure(personally, I'm hoping she's from Lithuania)

So I've decided to go to the source of all of the world's knowledge AKA Wikipedia.

Well it says nothing but I checked the actress who plays her and she's half Hungarian/half Black. Obscure enough for me, I'm off to bed!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my life is sometimes interesting (yay)

Yesterday after losing in wii tennis/golf/everything-except-wii-ironing-which-I-would-still-lose-in-anyway to Sandra and Nathan, and eating korean BBQ I was on my way home when I saw Vinh&Diem on the bus. He told me about this party that was happening and that I should go or he would pwn me in my noob face-which sounds like it might be fun if you use your imagination but in reality is probably painful and would result in the permanent loss of eyesight. So, of course, I end up going. In the city I met up with Jermia and Phuong and it was just the three of us for a while and it was really nice because it had been just that-a while since it was just us three. Oh, and some hobo started me on the way to the party or he was merely being nice because I remember him saying, "would you like this bin on the top of your head?"-which could be interpreted as something nice depending on your perspective because his language was quite polite. 
Phuong says I'm a "black pussy" so I would probs whimper/cower/etc but but I know WU SHU ... not really xD Anyway I have half a mind to report him to Ziggy, because in my mind all hobos know each other and are part of the SE QLD hobo council, and since Ziggy is the unofficial mascot of my school+BBC and the mayor of hobos in this district, I don't think he would like other hobos starting on his kids. 

So twenty minutes after we get into the party everyone is kicked out by reception LOL Even though it was pretty shit because of this it was the first time I went to an "apartment party" :O I think it was in the presidential suite too, so I guess it was pretty cool x] So there we were at 9:00 waiting to get picked up at 11:30. It was still fun though, because we were all a little little little little like so little it wasn't noticeable little buzzed. We befriended strangers and decided to have a slumber party at my house. We got home at around midnight and went for a swim. THEN THE REAL FUN ... *cringe* we just started watching gross videos on the internet. Now I'm not going to describe them but I think you can use your imagination. Two girls One cup - big ups to the two ladies and their cup that started the whole "disgusting internet video response on youtube" meme lol. Two guys one horse. BME Pain Olympics. :| I could go on but you can just go to to find out for yourself errrgh or like not go.

Today I went to the city and bumped into Kt and ex-QA students. I hung out with them for a bit but after feeling like a 17th wheel I decided to get some starbucks, say bye to Masaki and head home. I met his parents and they gave me some beard papa's.  ^ ^

Ah and this lady gave us this weird spiritual handout. I'll just write exactly what it says. 
"The question is; what is between every-ones legs. Answer 1. No one can have sex because you already are a sex, "male spirit or female spirit". Answer 2. No one can have sexual intercourse because no one has a penis or vagina yet. Answer 3. What we all have between our legs is a milking machine"

I'm okay with crazy people, but no one will take you seriously Margaret (she signed her name in gel pen on the bottom!) unless you learn to proofread ... oh and be uncrazy, crazy! Okay time to go study Chinese AKA DOWNLOAD KHALIL FONG ALBUMS!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

performance anxiety

So I've got this new blog and I don't know what to write.
I think this is called stage-fright.