Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year

I guess it's actually lunar new year but it doesn't really affect me because I'm not azn. Anyway, today it is Australia Day which means school starts tomorrow. >_<

On Saturday I went opshopping with my brother and his girlfriend, and I had a lot of fun. n_n We told mum about it and upon hearing of the fun we had she asked if she could come next week. I have a lot of fun talking to my mum. She yells at me for always being sarcastic (errrhm, which I am) but then laughs anyway. xD

Whenever mum asks me something involving my "free time" she always likes to bring her voice down to a whisper. I think it's funny because she acts as if she's scared to ask me to spend time with her. To which I only have one response and that is to "QUIT PLAYING THE SILLY BUGGERS!"

Mum: Let's go op-shopping, but I'm working on Saturday. Can I come the next time you're going?
Me: Next time is next Saturday though.
Mum: So can I come?
Sister & Me: You just said you're working on Saturday. 
Mum: Oohh, yeah ... well I'll be sick on Saturday *giggles*

I like how mum likes to play the silly buggers.


  1. LOL
    omg your mum sounds so cute <3

  2. :LLLLLL

    ditto that



  3. hahaha!


    i totes live an exciting life ;)

  4. Hah. I bet your mum talks in a quite voice becuz of that saleswoman in china at the pearl shop.