Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my life is sometimes interesting (yay)

Yesterday after losing in wii tennis/golf/everything-except-wii-ironing-which-I-would-still-lose-in-anyway to Sandra and Nathan, and eating korean BBQ I was on my way home when I saw Vinh&Diem on the bus. He told me about this party that was happening and that I should go or he would pwn me in my noob face-which sounds like it might be fun if you use your imagination but in reality is probably painful and would result in the permanent loss of eyesight. So, of course, I end up going. In the city I met up with Jermia and Phuong and it was just the three of us for a while and it was really nice because it had been just that-a while since it was just us three. Oh, and some hobo started me on the way to the party or he was merely being nice because I remember him saying, "would you like this bin on the top of your head?"-which could be interpreted as something nice depending on your perspective because his language was quite polite. 
Phuong says I'm a "black pussy" so I would probs whimper/cower/etc but but I know WU SHU ... not really xD Anyway I have half a mind to report him to Ziggy, because in my mind all hobos know each other and are part of the SE QLD hobo council, and since Ziggy is the unofficial mascot of my school+BBC and the mayor of hobos in this district, I don't think he would like other hobos starting on his kids. 

So twenty minutes after we get into the party everyone is kicked out by reception LOL Even though it was pretty shit because of this it was the first time I went to an "apartment party" :O I think it was in the presidential suite too, so I guess it was pretty cool x] So there we were at 9:00 waiting to get picked up at 11:30. It was still fun though, because we were all a little little little little like so little it wasn't noticeable little buzzed. We befriended strangers and decided to have a slumber party at my house. We got home at around midnight and went for a swim. THEN THE REAL FUN ... *cringe* we just started watching gross videos on the internet. Now I'm not going to describe them but I think you can use your imagination. Two girls One cup - big ups to the two ladies and their cup that started the whole "disgusting internet video response on youtube" meme lol. Two guys one horse. BME Pain Olympics. :| I could go on but you can just go to to find out for yourself errrgh or like not go.

Today I went to the city and bumped into Kt and ex-QA students. I hung out with them for a bit but after feeling like a 17th wheel I decided to get some starbucks, say bye to Masaki and head home. I met his parents and they gave me some beard papa's.  ^ ^

Ah and this lady gave us this weird spiritual handout. I'll just write exactly what it says. 
"The question is; what is between every-ones legs. Answer 1. No one can have sex because you already are a sex, "male spirit or female spirit". Answer 2. No one can have sexual intercourse because no one has a penis or vagina yet. Answer 3. What we all have between our legs is a milking machine"

I'm okay with crazy people, but no one will take you seriously Margaret (she signed her name in gel pen on the bottom!) unless you learn to proofread ... oh and be uncrazy, crazy! Okay time to go study Chinese AKA DOWNLOAD KHALIL FONG ALBUMS!


  1. YAYYY~

    im gonna get the handout next time im in the city :D

    BLOGGER > wordpress


  2. LOL
    omg what a rubbish party ;p xD
    no offence :]]

    OH GOD.
    that two girls one cup keeps coming up in conversations. and i don't ever want to hear it.

  3. you are not special.
    and i meant that in a very special way.
    we should play wii fit, cause running on a small piece of plastic in your living room is SOO much more exhilerating than doing physical activity in real life. xD.

    did you just cum?
    peace out foreverz!!

  4. lol got milk musu ;)