Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Manliness Fail

So I just hung up my laundry and I went down there (because the laundry is outside and underneath the house) and as soon as I walked into the laundry I squealed like the epitome of masculinity that I am, because a toad jumped onto my foot. I walked upstairs and my brother asked me if my sister was downstairs ._.

It doesn't help that I also do laundry because chores are a women's task. lol JKS
I don't think it was as bad as that guy from the manliness fail video on youtube where he continues to squeal while presenting the news xD

Anyway, like most nights of my life today is a "DIY-DINNER" night which means I will probably eat either eggs/bread/canned goods or a combination of the three. 

I have selected tuna sandwiches. Woo hoo, living the good life!

p.s. it just turned 9pm when I finished hanging up the laundry, and I have to do it at night time otherwise I will sleep through the entire day and the sun will be gone and the clothes will not have been dried lol


  1. a toad.
    on your foot.
    i would scream.
    but then again

    I'M A GIRL.