Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ahh just to start off I'm getting annoyed at the usage of the word "epic" ("epiiiiikkkkk" or other variations inclusive). I know I'm guilty of saying it, but now I know how annoying it must've been to people around me. If everything is really truly "epic" than nothing really seems epic. Y'know?

"How was your day?"

"...and school?"



"...belly button lint?"
"most epic"


So please don't use the word as an everyday descriptor unless talking about Epik High, because chances are that a good old-fashioned, well uh, "good" will suffice.

Anyway I bought Tolstoy the other day when I was thirdwheeling (it was voluntary + I knew what I was getting into so I decided to give them alone time n_n) just because I want to start some sort of book collection going on. My friend said it's stupid because it's expensive but I know that if I don't spend it on something respectable like books it will go straight to the whorehouses. 


  1. porn is epic.

    no need for a 'k' to emphasize. it is understood.


  2. Tolstoy <3
    EPIK (i epik high it man) IS AN... EPIC WORD.

  3. i buy books

    and totally regret it cos i could have spent the money on something better... like -