Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GG (not for gamers)

I've decided that if I only had to pick one televsion show to watch for the rest of my life it would be Gossip Girl. I know what you're thinking, "oh that's a chick show ... Musu has no testoserone ... etc etc" and in my defence errrrhm well there is nothing to say that it is not but it's still very entertaining so yeah =/  

Right now it's more important than the work I should've been doing these holidays. Y'know? The usual workload consisting of learning every chinese word ever, memorising everything ever, reading books and general revision of every terabyte of data given to man.

So Serena is such a bitch. Seriously sometimes I just get so pissed watching gossip girl that I want to slap her in the face  *WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT FOLLOWING*

with my dick

or just like yeah well uhhhm she is hot so she can get away with it.

Which relates to the theory Bec and I constructed stating that the bigger the girls' titties the meaner she is allowed to acceptably be -it makes a lot of sense. This relates to another personal theory of mine - that Bec is awesome. 

Besides that, Vanessa is always a source of curiousity for me. I always question myself on the topic of whether she is black or not. I know other GG fans will understand. She could be black, but she could be white. In the first season I thought "she's definitely black DID YOU SEE HER KICKS, no white girl in the GG world would wear ghetto fab sneakers like those" but then I realised that she could very well be white because 
a) her parents don't live with her because she chooses to live on her own-which I find weird considering she's so young and therefore they are never in the show
b) she is friends with Dan - who is the epitome of cool male teenage characters in tv-land in that he likes old rock etc and is very smart and wants to pursue some literary career 

Alternatively she could be half black/white or something really obscure(personally, I'm hoping she's from Lithuania)

So I've decided to go to the source of all of the world's knowledge AKA Wikipedia.

Well it says nothing but I checked the actress who plays her and she's half Hungarian/half Black. Obscure enough for me, I'm off to bed!

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  1. I always thought that Vanessa was kind of... latino or something.
    she reminds me of that chick from HSM.
    thank you for confirming that ;p