Sunday, May 31, 2009

apples are better than alcohol

So here I am again. I'm doing it--I'm going to do an all-nighter on some school assessment after I promised myself that I would only ever spend an entire night on either making love or watching every episode of The O.C. I'm so disappointed in myself ...  

... placing these horrible feelings of disappointment aside, I realised that whenever I needed to stay up to do a lot of work I ended up drinking a bit of wine. Okay that does sound a little more alcoholic than I had wanted, but considering I do schoolwork infrequently as it is ... well, let's just say that means I'm not drinking often, I decided to replace wine with apples for tonight. Maybe they will stimulate my brain or do nothing but feed my desire for wine lol jks.  

On Friday night I went to kt's cousin's birthday party and it was pretty fun. Her cousin and his friends speak some heavy Singaporean-accented English, which is cool, except that I had to ask one of them to repeat himself a few times, and I know how annoying it is to get asked to repeat yourself. Usually when my mum (hey don't judge me I'm not perfect) asks me to repeat something I have to yell it for her to hear and because I am a cranky pants and then she yells at me for yelling and then I get angry and yell and go to my room to be angry, teen-aged and, like totally, misunderstood.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tyra Banks & lost mail

One of the guiltiest pleasures in my life is being in love with Tyra Banks, or more her talk show and america's next top model. It's kinda like how I justify watching and enjoying Gossip Girl. Her talk show is amazing entertainment--she just had some lady on the show who eats chalk dust. WTF? There's so many topics and it's a massive contradiction how she projects the image of being sexy, but frowns upon flaunting sexuality and it's so the bomb.  

In relation to the episode about the porn guy that got fired from Subway well I probably wouldn't want to eat at a sandwich store that employed porn people because well semen in my food, yeah. There was another show about secrets and  I know why she wanted to go on the show to tell her mum she was pregnant, because she didn't want to GET KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT.        

Soz, I get all riled up by the Tyra Banks show lol. In other news my Outlook inbox saddens me, because it says there are three new messages and I can't find them. : ( It's because I can't find what day they came from so if you're familiar with Outlook and being a noob then you'd know I can't find the NEW MAIL xD

In closing a black guy just said, "it's hard for me to get a job because I'm big and have a beard". I bet you were thinking it was because he is black ; P     

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free slushies, grocery shopping and my new life as an outlaw

As it is a Wednesday I finished school at 1.10 so, as usual, I decided to head into the city for no real purpose much like every other Wednesday. The difference this time was that I actually did have a purpose haha tricked ya earlier, and that purpose was to get and drink free slushies! If you live in Brisbane you would probably know that MX had free slurpees from 7/11 Vouchers, and if you didn't YOU'RE NOOB&GTFO. My friends being the amazing people they are clipped out dozens of the coupons so now everyone can enjoy the joy of a slushies for free. The whole promotion is about speed-slurping but I swear brain freezes will kill you :| no way can you drink a large in under 5 seconds, and if you can find anyone who can I will give them a Z-job.        

After all the excitement of three slushies, a free killer python, and a free chocolate bar melting in my pocket I decided to head home. When I got home I promised myself I wouldn't go to sleep because I would only be perpetuating my bad sleeping cycle.  

A while after that, in the evening, I had decided to go grocery shopping with my mum instead of what I really should have been doing--STUDYING, but I should always be studying and I'm not so I reasoned that if I were already not studying then going to Coles would be okay. We ended up buying Weis because it was on special and some weird sago dessert thing which suited the day because there was a big discussion about fruits among the Chinese diaspora present in my grade (also lolwtf at this sentence?) Turns out Sago and tapioca are not from the same plant (take that, Eric! yo ass got pwnt by wiki). Walking around the supermarket my mum went on to berate my entire generation for needing dentistry. I don't know why you people need to go dentists so much, I mean you brush your teeth when I was a girl noone ever needed blah blah. I found it funny, anyway after forcing my mum into the normal line (something like 50 items and trying to get into the express lane? I think not, mother) we headed home. 

When I got home I gorged on food because I hadn't eaten since lunch time, and right now I'm feeling quite sick from the ice cream and the weird sago+coconut milk dessert as well as the other relative crap that I ate.                 

Also I lost a few library books and am now never going to return to my school library. I'm also thinking of changing my name, and moving to New Zealand, but we'll see how determined the debt collectors will be. The old frail librarians-turned-debt collectors. 

I am feeling nostalgic at the moment so I want to listen to panic! at the disco's first album. I know it might seem oh so passe of me to say that but whatever, they were a big part of my year 8/9 high school experience, and the songs are quite good    xD  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

today I am boring

So on the train I was just sitting and thinking 
1) wow I got a seat--today will be a good day, which will make up for the trainwreck that I expect my TOK presentation to be 2) holy crap the brisbane river is dirty. 3) why is this train so slow? wait, did I see that person on the sidewalk walk faster than this speeding train 4) I'm glad I'm black because it makes sure noone sits next to me on public transport 

I got to school ON TIME which for me only happens when I stay up all night so that I leave early or if I get driven (rarer than a fourth nipple, because I figure if a third nipple is rare than a fourth nipple ... would be way heaps rarer? Oh I used to think I had many nipples until one day I realised that they were not nipples they were the things around the areola that kinda look like goosebumps ... yeah ... ). So I got to school and first up I had English, which hasn't been proper classes for a while due to teacher getting concussed/stuff, and I'm very behind in school because in the past two weeks' ten school days I've only been there for around four days. Naturally, this means I have all the free time in the world to dick aroun with my blog.  
ahhh so we had our Theory of Knowledge presentation today and for some magical haxx reason (I was wearing a bhuddist bracelet, and rosary beads, and I'm pretty sure I prayed facing toward Mecca this morning) we passed, and I think we even did well. I could only ever cram well for something pointless like TOK, so I suck and hate school lol-_- Johnny's presentation is really funny and entertaining xD so if he ever gets up to posting it on youtube I'll put it on here.
Throughout the day I kept telling the 'priest, shaman and a rabbi' joke to people. (It's from a youtube video ) My old study period supervisor, who is actually a psychology teacher laughed so hard she almost cried. If you watch the video you'll understand why this is funny. : ]

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wow break law of blog much ? I know.

So if anyone has ever been inside my room (ah room rhymes with 'womb' which lends itself to unintentional hilarity! but anyway ... ) beside the general thoughts of ''wtburger, your room is messy?" you might have noticed the 3+ coffee mugs around the room. On my desk, on my bedhead, on the other bedhead, on the short table thing beneath my mirror, on the cabinet etc.

I just looked
around my room to find one ... still filled with tea from two days ago on a sidenote: EWWWWW . The thing is I just accumulate many cups in my room until there is few left in the kitchen, and I have to secretly sneak them into the kitchen washing machine. Noone else in my family regularly comes into my room, so they probably don't know who the eff stole the freaking cups. It's because when I start drinking coffee or tea, I just keep making them and making them (using the same cup) eventually forgetting about them and leaving them somewhere in this hole that I call my room. So to avoid the shame of being identified as a freaky cup-horder, and being committed, I usually try and sneak them out of my room.

Does this sound retarded?
ably. I don't really make much of an effort to disguise the returning of the cups besides big sunglasses, a baseball cap, fake moustache, and a thick Bulgarian accent but you know besides that I'd say I'd make about as much effort as I do when denying I ate someone elses' food.
brother: who
ate this? did _____ eat this?
me: -silence-
brother: you
ate this, didn't you Musu? I know.
me: -silence-
brother: you
ate it.
me: -casually walks off-

This picture is one of the arguments in my TOK presentation about fitting in.

Lol wtf so lame


TOK about lame

So TOK[theory of knowledge] has been dominating me for the past few hours, and not in a playful sexual way but in an unplayful mostly unsexual way that is not fun (except for people who like to watch me cry and spiral into self-deprecating hate fests. To these people: eat shit and die). Doing all this TOK research makes me want to eat the brains of smart people, kinda like Sylar. I know it's very last minute (my TOK presentation is tomorrow btw), but everyone elses is last-minute, and yes I would jump off a cliff if everyone else were going to :|

Don't worry though, I don't let my preoccupation with my grades, and schooling get in the way of me being a fine role model. No Sir-rey, I don't. 

My nephew being the child that he is says the darndest things sometimes, well not really but I'm just a douche. Like when he wanted me to peel his apple he asked me where the 'peeler' was my response to which was 'since when did you start hanging out with Phillipino women?" *laughs at own joke* Yeah, I know sad right? I have to keep my mind occupied with lame jokes otherwise it will be filled with the IMPENDING DOOM THAT IS MY FUTURE.     

Ok, maybe I do       

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

why is there so much juice in this vodka?

I wouldn't say that I am a cocky person or confident for that matter but I would say I'm rather unsure about what I want in the future. I guess everyone in my situation is a bit ... for lack of a better--I mean real word, introspective-ey,  in other news I gave myself a splinter on the palm of my hand with a chicken bone. Yes FML, indeed.

A while ago I watched 21 Up america and one of the people was working multiple jobs, and he wasn't rich or anything but he seemed happy and like every other cliche I feel directionless/uninspired blah blah. So needless to say I'm planning on becoming an alcoholic or something else with advancement opportunities, I'm still in brainstorming so don't grill me.     

I'm guessing my life, like the kids I may or may not have, might just happen without planning, and I'm not sure whether or not that's a good thing.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The theme is the good ole "No Particular Theme" theme

So my internet is slow at the moment and beside making me want to learn how to hack into other peoples' faster internet I know a quick fix to the problem will probably be an ineffective measure much like the pull-out method. I'm just going to have to suck it up and bear with the African dial up connection speeds inflicted upon me by the cruel internet-speed God (damn you!).

Life is, like many other IB students' lives, hectic (by 'hectic' I mean 'busy' and by 'busy' I mean 'filled with spiritually-enriching activities' and by 'spiritually-enriching activities' I mean 'painful shit that reminds me of that one near-death experience I had, and, subsequently how unfortunate I believe I now am having to do IB'). That reminds me, when I was a kid I remember almost drowning in a river, and now I can't swim. So moral of the story ... nature sucks. 

Lately I've been getting annoyed with people getting uppity about pointless things. It's like 'suppress the brown guy's opinion' week or something, which I would usually be down for, if the previously afforementioned brown guy were not me : (

Seriously people need to relax at my school. I know things are tense and everyone is generally pretty high-strung--I got to the school as well -_-'' so it's not like I'm saying this as an outsider, but I don't see the point in starting an argument about me saying 'I'm not really sure about the difference between HL and SL English, or if the difference is that great at all".  

maybed I'm just cranky because ...

Aaaaaah I miss my mum xD
She left on Saturday with my dad to Samoa for two weeks and before she left we talked and now I feel like she would love me no matter what decisions I make in life (I.e. relating to university course selections, future career goals) . Even though I should've known that beforehand, the confirmation was still nice : ) 


Monday, May 4, 2009


Scared that Natalie Portman is going to hit you with a chair?
Well after watching a segment from when she hosted SNL, you should be.

Click here for nightmares.

So lately I've been listening to Fantaisie Impromptu a lot because it's just really nice. It's nice because life is increasingly shitturbid and I need something to cheer me up. 

Something else that cheers me up is winning and today in study period I would definitely say I won against Nikola. I was playing tetris and I accidentally dropped a block down in the wrong place. It went something like this.  

Nik: You suck at tetris.

Me: I hope you get hit by a bus.

Nik: I hope a bus comes from underneath the Earth's surface and swallows you.

Me: I hope that you catch someone making out with their sister, and then tell people about it. Then when the rumour gets back to him and his sister commits suicide he decides to get his revenge on you when you least expect it. Thirty years have elapsed and you're happily married to a beautiful wife, and have one daughter. Then you get framed for the murder of your wife and are held captive in an unknown apartment for like twenty years. Then you're introduced to a beautiful women working as a chef in a restaurant. Your memory is pretty wiped out at this point. The two of you end up consummating your relationship and becoming a full-fledged couple. Then the guy who you saw make out with his sister reveals that the girl you're with is ACTUALLY your daughter           ...               and you get hit by a bus =/

Nik: *speechless*

inspired by OldBoy 

in other news...
SHIT Chinese speech meeting tomoz morning and I haven't got a topic so I'm going to make something up on the spot like the 'hua long dian jing' of the  'WEN FANG SI BAO' xD