Monday, May 4, 2009


Scared that Natalie Portman is going to hit you with a chair?
Well after watching a segment from when she hosted SNL, you should be.

Click here for nightmares.

So lately I've been listening to Fantaisie Impromptu a lot because it's just really nice. It's nice because life is increasingly shitturbid and I need something to cheer me up. 

Something else that cheers me up is winning and today in study period I would definitely say I won against Nikola. I was playing tetris and I accidentally dropped a block down in the wrong place. It went something like this.  

Nik: You suck at tetris.

Me: I hope you get hit by a bus.

Nik: I hope a bus comes from underneath the Earth's surface and swallows you.

Me: I hope that you catch someone making out with their sister, and then tell people about it. Then when the rumour gets back to him and his sister commits suicide he decides to get his revenge on you when you least expect it. Thirty years have elapsed and you're happily married to a beautiful wife, and have one daughter. Then you get framed for the murder of your wife and are held captive in an unknown apartment for like twenty years. Then you're introduced to a beautiful women working as a chef in a restaurant. Your memory is pretty wiped out at this point. The two of you end up consummating your relationship and becoming a full-fledged couple. Then the guy who you saw make out with his sister reveals that the girl you're with is ACTUALLY your daughter           ...               and you get hit by a bus =/

Nik: *speechless*

inspired by OldBoy 

in other news...
SHIT Chinese speech meeting tomoz morning and I haven't got a topic so I'm going to make something up on the spot like the 'hua long dian jing' of the  'WEN FANG SI BAO' xD   


  1. NICE
    i remember that movie :L

  2. Lina is planning to play Fantasie Impromptu :)



  3. where are ze latest updates? >=[