Sunday, May 31, 2009

apples are better than alcohol

So here I am again. I'm doing it--I'm going to do an all-nighter on some school assessment after I promised myself that I would only ever spend an entire night on either making love or watching every episode of The O.C. I'm so disappointed in myself ...  

... placing these horrible feelings of disappointment aside, I realised that whenever I needed to stay up to do a lot of work I ended up drinking a bit of wine. Okay that does sound a little more alcoholic than I had wanted, but considering I do schoolwork infrequently as it is ... well, let's just say that means I'm not drinking often, I decided to replace wine with apples for tonight. Maybe they will stimulate my brain or do nothing but feed my desire for wine lol jks.  

On Friday night I went to kt's cousin's birthday party and it was pretty fun. Her cousin and his friends speak some heavy Singaporean-accented English, which is cool, except that I had to ask one of them to repeat himself a few times, and I know how annoying it is to get asked to repeat yourself. Usually when my mum (hey don't judge me I'm not perfect) asks me to repeat something I have to yell it for her to hear and because I am a cranky pants and then she yells at me for yelling and then I get angry and yell and go to my room to be angry, teen-aged and, like totally, misunderstood.


  1. ahhhh, that's exactly what i do.
    mum always gets pissed at me for mumbling - so then i yell.
    and then she gets all offended.

  2. lol yeahhh i heard somewhere that apples will keep you awake better then coffee xD