Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hey Neighbourino

So I've noticed after careful observations and by this I mean ummm having my eyes work that my neighbours don't seem to turn their lights off, ever. Now I don't want to diss them otherwise it would be awkward if they ever read my blog. I don't think they would ever read it, but suppose they happened across it and then they would be like "oh no he didn't?! *snaps fingers*" ya know? Besides they are my only neighbours because I live on the corner of a cul-de-sac, and it's hard to explain so I won't just know that it geographically forbids us from having any or many immediate neighbours, so I can't get rid of them liking my family. It's not like we're super close anyway, and the idea of a block party happening in my street is as probable as you getting with my mum I.e. IMPOSSIBLE. … but in all seriousness who will we give the excess barbecue food to if our relationship becomes strained? Although we have excess BBQ food as often as I use an excess amount of the titrant solution in a titration reaction I.e. NOT OFTEN AT ALL, COS I R PRO, no, seriously I'm the bomb at titrations, there's still the chance that it might happen and then the food will go to waste. From where I'm from it's basically a sin to waste food. If you were to interview my friends or family like this " stealing? Uhhh well is if it wasn't big. Wasting food? FUCK YOU", you would understand how important food is. Food is important, but so is not keeping on your lights all night. Why would they even need the lights on all night? I can't understand why anyone would ever need to do that, but I guess I'm just a big slice of hypocrite pie, because as I type this it's 1.43 in the morning and my lights are still on.

I guess my neighbours and I have more in common than I first thought, and maybe I should be the one to turn off my lights. Maybe one day when they were fed up with me having my light on each night they decided to challenge me to see who could keep their lights on the longest. If so, BRING IT ON.


  1. list on resume:
    "good at titrations" XD

  2. funfact: if you didnt have enough Vitamin D you'd get night blindnesss and not be able to see your neighbours lights!