Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sometimes people just need the noise

I just read Lawrence's post about how the Black Eyed Peas have ruined his life. Personally, I don't think their music is bad because I'm like your mum--really easy to please. I like the fact that I can enjoy almost any type of music. This girl I used to date once said to me that she loved all music (we weren't really into the same music) and I would always, internally at least, think that it was a ''WTFCKSHITBBQ'' comment I.e. major bullshit. Now I have come to know that she could have truly loved all types of music because in some way the same is true for me. I thought it unrealistic that someone would say that they like all music because I would just assume that they were being PC so as not to hurt the unloved music genres' feelings. In my disbelief I neglected the fact that most people can like most things or at least tolerate them ('most' not applying to Lawrence it seems which makes him a racist, flag-burner. It's written on a blog—IT MUST BE TRUE!)

So back to the title of this post I think people need something that sounds pleasant enough to suffice--doesn't have to have the most meaningful lyrics, best instrumentals etc, but it just has to sound good enough. Ravekids need music that is repetitive enough to dance for hours, stoners needs music that is scary enough to illicit the best crazy ass hallucinations, lovers need music that is romantic enough to make them want to f*$*, and some people just need music to fill the silence of there being no music.

We're all human and we appreciate beauty in all its forms, and individual interpretation is going to skew our perspectives. Also don't ask me when I turned into Oprah but I just have, k?

Why exactly did I take it upon myself to write this nonsensical post?
To practice my English, of course.

You know what's more ironic than a young person giving advice about the world and why people like music?
"IMMA FUCK THE DECEPTIKONZ UPPP ... before 7PM cos Jamie is taking me to see the newest Hannah Montana movie. *twirls hair*"

Lawrence is cool because he is tall and if life were like life in Invader Zim he would probably lead the country.


  1. hahaha i like ur transformer
    i remember back in the days when i used to watch toonami XD

  2. yeah gangsta music ruined my life...
    cya kuya musu
    i'm busy atm,
    i have the best of both lives
    now i must choose 1

  3. you're oprah and dr.phil combined xD.
    solving the worlds greatest questions one by one (H) haha. ^^.

    good luck with tomoz brrruuuzzzz.
    we will try come watch you. =)
    i hope you don't mind if we wear our Musu supporter t-shirts and matching head bands.



    i mean, in between the exaggerations and hate spewing forth in my post i did make legitimate points. i was saying that i personally don't find the songs enjoyable - that part is subjective. however, what is not subjective, is that musically, the songs are fucking awful.

    i am prepared to write a retaliatory post complete with misspellings of your name if the need arises :P