Monday, June 22, 2009


So if you have ever come across a teen bloggy you may have chanced upon an expression of their love for a significant other otherwise known as a ''deDika$|-|unNNNnnnn MENGZ!". I'm not criticizing people but it is amazing how similar they all sound. If it's a whole page it'll usually be filled with sappy words--something like "you are the [insert word for something that completes something] my [thing that is incomplete]" repeated until the person's hands get tired from typing. It might sound romantic, but can true love really be so formulaic? Besides the fact that I find most of these things stupid like "writing until forever" etc like seriously wth so young and thinking this person will last forever T__T This isn't based on one person in particular, but based on a great number of people who think they've found that seemingly unattainable person they will spend the rest of their lives with. Their one. Their 'wei yi' also: lol I could be just some loser cynic but doesn't anyone watch How I met your mother? He's over thirty and hasn't found 'the one' yet. Yes, I use that as an example because my whole life is based on tv. In closing every person who is young is stupid, and some people who are not young are still stupid, and some people who are young are not stupid.


  1. omgosh,
    this is soooo true,
    gee your such a realist
    anyways... through like.. observation and survey...

    there are more people who would rather live happy believing a lie
    then struggling beside the truth, even if afterward they find true happiness.
    people seem to want things the quick short efficient way, we like to cut corners. we're lazy naturally.

    p.s. love is over-rated

  2. hm well if it helps the person on the front of QTAC book looks like elliot from scrubs

  3. "every person who is young is stupid... some people who are young are not stupid"

    Examine the use of paradox in this passage and its effect on the text as a whole. (20 marks)

    Besides that, the hangman on your blog is addictive.

  4. Stab to the heart of many m-dawg ;D. lolll

  5. "Besides that, the hangman on your blog is addictive." QFT QFT QFT

    I find your hangman to be the best part of my world, my life is incomplete and meaningless babycakes without it, I love hangman forever and ever and ever, thanks hangman for being so great BFFL, hangman is my powerpoint for my charger, meatlovers for my pizza, Meng Yin for my Leong, and is like sandra combined with scolding.
    PERFECT MATCH in short <3 bffl bffl love luv <3 ily ty to best friends Quentin and Ilma. (btw, LOOKING GANGSTA) meaningless without you guys best ever best ever nothing can take me away from you, will never change, my life is so complex right now feel sorry for me I am emo, love me forever, no wait forever isn't long enough FML FML FML my life sucks fuck this shit no punctuation is totally what is cool atm.

    And now I stop because my fingers hurt.

    Also, I know I released my rights to say this by typing the above, but can you put in a few paragraphs next time, as now my eyes hurt more than that time I went to see that movie marathon marathon D: