Tuesday, June 16, 2009

exam tears and newfound resolves (that are found every term)

So today we got back some exam results and needless to say, I pretty much sucked a big suckbag. Yeah, I was almost teary by the end of the day--not real tears because I am a big man *Ugh want meat* just like those secret tears that you hide inside until one day you explode over something trivial like dropping your pen and then *RAAAAAGGGEEEE, punch strangers in the face*

Considering I am pretty, well, let's be honest majorly SCREWED for most all of my subjects I think I will devote my time to actually reading the english texts and see how far that gets me in life. Nah, just kidding. I know everyone always says, ''oh yeah next term, next term'', well I'm still saying it this term T_T

After getting home in a mood crabbier than your vagina (TOTAL BURN, SUCKER) I decided to make the best of things and make like a straw and suck it up. When I got home I played piano for a bit and I'm slightly happier now because I'm trying to learn a new song. It usually takes me ages to learn a new song because I'm really crap, but I have to try otherwise I will only know one song for the rest of my entire life. That's as useful as something that is not very useful at all.

In other news my phone is acting up and I never have credit which is a double fail--kinda like my results this term. Ooh, self-inflicted burn!


  1. dw dude
    im SCREWED for my AS Levels


    love and miss you

  2. cheer up... you went crusing and ghost hunting on monday xD

    and yes... there is always next term!!!
    until you reach term 4...then you know you are screwed...

    "but ohhh well it's only year 12"
    i tell this to shannon and she always feels like punching me in the face afterwards :D


  3. blah blah blah you're a total bitch blah blah
    sorry i'm just making up for the lack of comments from nice girl on every other person except mine's blog =\
    do you think she has a crush on me