Sunday, June 21, 2009

friend-making advice

So the other week I saw I Love You, Man, and although I didn't find it particularly funny it did pose some pose-worthy* questions. The difficulty in making friends--I bring this up because I swear my friendship circle has been closing in lately. This is the internet and I'm still a teenager so I'm allowed to write at least one pussy bitch blogpost about how pussy and emo I am.

Annnywwwwwwwwaay I would rationalise that most people find their friends through like mutual interests ...

or via facebook/bebo/myspace/blog stalking and since I have no interests, bebo and myspace I'm limited to facebook and blogging. This pretty much leaves me with blog-reading, because well facebook is the most difficult social networking site to stalk on (haha I probably sound creepy but ... I am so what the hey!?) Even then it's difficult to make new NEW friends like people with little-or-no mutual friends whatsoever. Oh I forgot to mention the possiblity of meeting people in real life but that's stupid because in a few years time noone will be real and we will all be like ... ummm usb-sticks? yeah usb-sticks plugged into computers that are switched on all the time interacting through virtual reality, also: wtf, I'm not high. Well actually, I rule out real life because lately I haven't been able to make friends in this crazy archaic way either and so as not to perpetuate my epik faildom momentum I should move to the internet.

So this is just about seeing some blogs that I think are cool and me needing friends, and also my friends are mostly very short and I would like to become friends with people who are not necessarily 'tall' but closer to my height because I went to my friend's birthday dinner last night (Happy Birthday, Eric!) with a bunch of other people I know and they are all mostly considerably shorter than me and a short person might be like, ''well, that's cool", but it's not because being like 44444x bigger than everyone else is weird and strangers in restaurants are probably thinking as you walk in, "Omg that black guy are the rapeskiessss all those kids he are with" or like, "where did black man steal those azn kids from?!"

In conclusion my friends should be taller and today I watched this Spanish movie (world movies channel FTMFW) called ''Fermat's Room' about this guy who invites four people to this room in the middle of nowhere to complete the greatest mathematical challenge ever but it turns out that it's [SPOILER REMOVED]. So now you must watch it : ) and it's not really about maths. It's captivating and intense kinda like Spanish any porn.

Goodbye blog and to everyone reading this I only have this to say:

*I'm going to buy a definitions-book**
**I'm going to buy a thesaurus so I can find a new word for ''definitions-book"


  1. omg this blog post is like...
    the beatles and discovering backmasking/smithing/whatever
    or like
    the beat generation and lsd to discover the innerself

    dood what are you on?
    probs first time rice experience.. kidding :L

  2. LOL OMG
    xDD we're all gonna be USB sticks?!
    that would be AMUSING. but would we even have emotions as USB sticks?! :p

    why do you want taller friends?
    easier access?


    and drink our fraps under romantic lighting :D

  3. We are of similar height aren't we? =O

    I hope that doesn't distress you ^^.

  4. well im tall for an asian girl
    and taller than nathan
    so i must be surpassing the average
    (asian girl average trend 2009)

  5. luckily your friendship with phuong isn't measured by height because then you wouldn't have much of a friendship xD

    ho ho ho...

    and bebo is probs the best for stalking... everyone on facebook is always private!!! :(

  6. hmmm how tall are you? i'm around 6'2"-6'3", maybe we should be BFFs?

  7. hahaha yes i tower over most people. maybe you just need to force them all to wear high heels. i get what you mean though, it's weird that people your own age can be short enough to look like your child

  8. i was thinking usb sticks plugged into each other, downloading...

    ANYWAY.. dw, we well alwaiiizzzz be fwends. <3<3<3. i feel like i've degraded myself to slut level now..

    and i second that about facebook. damn private profiles. XD