Thursday, February 26, 2009


So as I was making my way towards slumber I startled myself with a thought. No it wasn't "I wonder if 2girls, 1cup was real" although that is something I often contemplate but the thought of not having charged my ipod : (     So to kill the time while it is attached to my computer I will write a new post. 
^ ^

Today was my first SL Chemistry lesson, and even though it's my first lesson I can tell it's the beginning of me feeling a lot happier. Before I felt trapped/scared/feelinglikeiawasgoingtonotgetmydiploma but now I feel so much better. Even if there is some stigma attached to dropping down a science in my school--a school that values the sciences above all else, but I don't think I'm that way inclined and I don't want to study something science-related later anyway QA has taught me that much.

I'm also using all my study spares to go to year eleven HL math classes which sounds pretty nerdy, but it was my really smart friend's idea. Even though I still think it's a good idea ... Ahh looks like I'll need to kill more time because my ipod is screwy : (

HOT QA GOSS. except not really =/
There's this Samoan guy in year ten and my friend Nat and I are trying to befriend him. Except that he dislikes us annoying/befriending him. Oh well. In the refectory line I asked him to speak Samoan then he asked me if my Samoan was bad, in Samoan but in a really snipey way lol He's not making this easy but Nat and I swear we will befriend him even if it means she has to get dirty (NB: I have not yet discussed this with Nat, but I'm sure she'll understants its importance to the cause lol, if you read this SOZ lol)

In other news, Geoffrey Xu plans on completing a doctorate in philosophy (or how to make nice, whatever), whilst completing his MMBS and BLaw, too.   

kidding, geoff thanks you're ULTIM8 Zen-ness is greatly aprreciated *points finger like Mr N__ lol*


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

atmospheric disrupters

So the mood from the last post ended up being a bit too heavy for my preference of superficial depth. Therefore I feel I should lighten the mood by having you all imagine your parents doing it--doggy-style, on a swing, suspended, standing, imagine the position they used to conceive you.

Ok, good. Now that the mood is considerably less serious and considerably more "ew" I can begin with my blogpost xD

Wow I just watched a youtube vid of Tablo of epik high freestyling while drunk. I think he's really good and I admire someone who has a great ability to make something of words. I consider it to be a more "difficult" artform, because most other art is direct ... like a painting just goes straight to your eyes and looks nice, and music goes straight in your ears and sounds nice; but words go in and require interpretation and understanding. Anyway the Tablo rap is really good, there's some really good lines. There's another guy in the clip
myk but I don't know who that is. I Barock the show Obama-self. lol

I don't really like writing dedications or whatnot, because usually they involve broken promises -I'm going to relate this to one time when some guy said he would make me a shuffle dedication vid AKA a way to say "hey, you're cool" but he never did LOL - soooo, with that said I just wanted to say thanks to Dwee :) I realise how difficult it is for people to be on the fence but I think you do it better than anyone + you taught me that the year elevens aren't always disgusting just kidding :P, Naushin is cool, too xD

So Dwee and I discussed starting our own porn website don't worry not with us in the porn ... unless we get requests, I guess lol. It'd be a niche soz, no accents cos I'm not that cool :( website that involves milking races with MILFs. Yeah, A+ on the concept I know xD I'm thinking we could call it MILFmilkers or something. We get a room of MILFs and they have to milk themselves into a container with a line marked, and the first person to get to the line gets the prize of drinking everyone's milk combined or they get to pick who drinks the milk.


Soz, but I don't think it's that big a deal because the people I know who read this are used to me being uuhmmm ... me? 

From now on whenever I'm on msn and leave unexpectedly without saying my farewells I'm going to come back and say "there was an emergency". If they ask what it is I'll just say "I don't want to talk about it" then I'll just neglect to tell them I just wanted to go toilet/watch tv/eat chocolate/play games/etc. No-one gets hurt, and I avoid getting asked questions--they annoy me, 99% of the time. Oh wait, either that or it would make them ask me more questions =/

... ah hell 


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

**XXXX-SEX KOREAN JAP SEXY GIRL ACTION***raaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... sandra's guest post lol n_n

Bleh, in light of the recent buzz about BIRTHDAYS i just wanted to join in and make a blog post expressing my views on cultural imperialism.. No, really -.-" and since it's going to be 90 days until my birthday (i mean, with the latest NOT-ACTUALLY-BIRTHDAY-BIRTHDAY-PARTIES who knows what to expect? a party 90 days early? i love you guys so much wow n_n...) I decided to post up MY WISHLIST (yey) so y'all know what to get/find a ridiculously large amount of people to each chip in a ridiculously small amount of money/eat after announcing you'll bring it tomoz/whatever shizz n_n

- so i want like, heaps of shit and stuff cause yeah thats how y'all will prove your friendships to me etc etc
- longer hair! maybe i'll just subtly hint my boyfriend to buy them for me... cause yeah he'll buy them for me cause hes rich and stuff (x...... OH WAIT, WHICH BOYFRIEND? Cause according to a certain gossiping Korean Boy I've gone out with soooo many people this year XD (i.e. 2) so i'm such a slut/skank/player/whatever but i guess, well any number is more than you babes (x
- more SHIT
- true shit
- love? lol :$

BTW THIS IS NOT MUSU, THIS IS SANDRA GUEST-BLOGGING CAUSE sucky poo tits and yeah.. some logical reason... not just cause im qool... i'll tok abt it when we wok to the bus stop kay? =\

and wow, cause random indirect hidden meaning posts are SO trendy these days i guess all you avid readers of musu will have no idea what i'm going on abt....... so i guess just go to for the full story HEY KT IM ADVERTISING FOR YOU, BITCH >=[

mreaaaaaaaaaargh i wish i could just not care about you guys (princess and co.) and just worry about loud frogs croaking outside my room disturbing my sleep but maybe its because y'all "co" used to be friends and we used to all get along (kinda)= = I can't just be like "meh whats done is done i-dont-give-a-crap-about-you-and-your-friendship-at-all this is the way its turned out, cant help it now" like some korean boys
but i think you've really i dunno... =\ i'm sorry...

meh and since

Tuesday's blog posts will essentially be about each person's feelings towards recent events I guess I should talk about… *drumroll*

indonesian boy- (not dan -_-) i kinda don't feel overly sorry for you -_- aside from the fact that what happened was kinda.. expected of them? =\ honestly..

i'm so sorry but its just some of your actions are a bit.. disagreeable with okay? you talk about trust and friendship but really, you're not much of an exemplar of this either or does reading your good friend's msn convos/emails/computer files while he's afk just come with the package deal of "good friend"? :S cause really... i dunno anymore.. -.- i don't dislike you, its just some of the things you do which are erghhh "wtf" lol but i like you enough i guess, i just don't understand you sometimes....... but its just a little thing okay that i thought should put out in the open

and i dont not-feel-that-sorry-for-you because of that above thing but more like... yeah it was expected of them -_-

taiwanese boy- i dunno... am i your part time friend? are you a friendly friend or a betrayer? =\ cause usually friends:
- stick up for each other when others are talking about them
- dont talk about each other getting "bashed" behind their backs/to their faces
- inform each other when people fucking go into their emails and DONT blame your not wanting to be involved..... you bitch about X just as much as we do about Y......
- support each other when one has been wronged by some other person
meh, i'm sorry if i overassumed or whatever... i thought we had something, cause we kinda hung out alot during hols and yeah.. if you dont want this during school days its okay too
forgive me if it sounds sappy but i dont know what other words adequately describe it? :S i got a fucking A6 in english kay......

ANYWAY GTG GO STUDY FOR MANDARIN ORAL ABOUT haggling different coloured APPLES GGGGGGGGGG BABY BABY BABY bye richards i enjoyed the time we spent together and our wonderful relationship where you accurately recalled my actual name 111% of the time =)

bleh.. whatevs
judge from this if you must -_-"

misleading opening paragraph with no segue

So on the way home today I walked past this man filling up his tank at the petrol station and he had no neck. It wasn't the muscley thick no-neck neck, but like he had no-neck neck (he might have had one under all that skin though). I felt like going up to him and saying, "how's your neck, no-neck?", but then realised I would feel bad for making him feel different. Oh yeah, and because it takes me more than ten sweaty minutes to get home (personification ftw) so I didn't want to hang around in awe staring at the man's mesmerising no-neck neck. Although it would've been fun.

Anyway birthdays were never really a big deal to me, and to be honest, still aren't, because before high school I didn't get any presents for my birthday and I'm a loser who no-one likes etc lol I remember one time when I was a kid and my brother beat me up and it just so happened to be on my birthday (lol, I love my brother btw so no long-lasting damage xD ). What I'm trying to say is that ... birthdays aren't really a big deal to me, so when people want so much from it I just get like ... erhmmm I make this face -> :S I think birthday parties are cool and everything but you should never expect anything. Here, the first edition of Musu's-childhood-story-fun-time! Growing up my parents really struggled to keep the family fed and whatnot, and I never really got birthday presents just because my parents didn't have money but it's not like I felt like they didn't love me. I grew up in hand-me-downs, and I didn't really get presents from relatives either. My last birthday party was in year one because it was frivolous spending on my parents' part, in my opinion at least.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still as superficial as anyone else. I'm just saying that friendship is enough and that materialism only creates materialistic relationships. 

Birthdays are more for being appreciative of your friends, family, whoever else, otherwise it's just like "CONGRATZ ON GETTING BORNSKIES".

Saturday, February 21, 2009

If you are a slut do you have an a-DICK-tion?

So my blogspot is in a state of semi-retirement (like working two days a week now instead of the old times), brought upon mainly by me not having internet connection**. Oh man I just read the title of this *punch self*

I’ve decided I want to have an addiction. Not because I want to harm myself but because I am now fully aware that I am addicted to addictions.

Explain with the reference use of two Cognitive studies sentences.

Something new comes out and I think, “Wow cool”. Then I stop doing everything else to focus on said “cool” thing.

Right now it’s season three of skins. I just finished episode two, and I think Effie is ummm bloody brilliant (trying to be English lol ). In a slutty, troubled, drug-addiction-adled, “teenager”-ey way.
I like how Fred is a little bitch about Cook having sex with Effie … oh yeah SPOILER ALERT ­­­beforehand.

In other uninteresting world events starting Monday I am officially a quitter/loser/noob/epic failure :) I’m dropping Chemistry HL to SL so I can put English up from SL to HL. I was really struggling in Chemistry, brought on mostly by lack of effort, but I actually enjoy most aspects of English. I was never really one to do what I wanted in my life (IB selections, etc I'm really easily persuaded :S ) I sorta just did what everyone else was doing (quite stupid, really) but I like English, and I don’t even need HL Chemistry for University so I guess I’m doing myself a favour that's good for me like the one your mum did for me last night OH YEAAHHHZZZ ... like sexual favour ... as in your mother and I were involved in a sexual way ... as in there was the possibilty of intercourse in her or just some foreplay ; )

... okay all she did was help edit my english essay, but still it was a really nice favour :(

Just wanted to finish by saying R Kellz is a total slag. She’s such a cockface-tittymouth-dickshit-loser-deviant-slut-whore-cunt-bitch. Her hands are colder than stethoscopes at the doctors, and they often cause me fripples. She thinks she’s so cool because all the boys want her in the lederhosen. Her icy cold heart pumps blue freezepack goo through her veins. Fuck cunt BITCH shitty boob face.


**I had internet but saying that it was the internet is more convenient than listing the actual reasons

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So today I was doing heaps of revision for math because I needed it and I realised something--I suck at math (as if that's even news = =), and an extension of that being life.

Friday night parkour is very tiring. So much so that my arms are still sore and I have trouble lifting them up past my head. OTL I guess it's worth it for the CAS hours, and since I'm not really into
*cringe* exercise this is probably how I should feel.

In unrelated news,
written with the same lack of cohesion or flow that my writing is becoming accustomed to, I'm really into this Keyshia Cole song. I was put off by her ummmm how to say? ghetto fab/trashiness but the sentiment in her song, "Fallin' Out" is sincere, the lyrics aren't pretentious, and the melody is just nice. I would never have discovered this song if it weren't for Taeyang performing to it on Star King Dance.

So I’m very much a pussy, but I won’t elaborate. I’m feeling very “teenager” right now. xD I’m getting angee-face over the tiniest things. I’m afraid I’m pushing people away because of it—but that’s enough “stereotypical teenager dealing with life issues” related writing for this post.

For now I’m just going to pretend things are going to be okay, because good fortune and bad fortune are cyclical. Problems are like butter, they melt away lol.