Sunday, February 15, 2009


So today I was doing heaps of revision for math because I needed it and I realised something--I suck at math (as if that's even news = =), and an extension of that being life.

Friday night parkour is very tiring. So much so that my arms are still sore and I have trouble lifting them up past my head. OTL I guess it's worth it for the CAS hours, and since I'm not really into
*cringe* exercise this is probably how I should feel.

In unrelated news,
written with the same lack of cohesion or flow that my writing is becoming accustomed to, I'm really into this Keyshia Cole song. I was put off by her ummmm how to say? ghetto fab/trashiness but the sentiment in her song, "Fallin' Out" is sincere, the lyrics aren't pretentious, and the melody is just nice. I would never have discovered this song if it weren't for Taeyang performing to it on Star King Dance.

So I’m very much a pussy, but I won’t elaborate. I’m feeling very “teenager” right now. xD I’m getting angee-face over the tiniest things. I’m afraid I’m pushing people away because of it—but that’s enough “stereotypical teenager dealing with life issues” related writing for this post.

For now I’m just going to pretend things are going to be okay, because good fortune and bad fortune are cyclical. Problems are like butter, they melt away lol.


  1. As far as maths is concerned, lets just say its a big club...
    Its ok. Sherry imitations are fun during maths ^^

  2. *hugs*

    maths kills me.
    really really REALLY hate it at AS.