Wednesday, February 25, 2009

atmospheric disrupters

So the mood from the last post ended up being a bit too heavy for my preference of superficial depth. Therefore I feel I should lighten the mood by having you all imagine your parents doing it--doggy-style, on a swing, suspended, standing, imagine the position they used to conceive you.

Ok, good. Now that the mood is considerably less serious and considerably more "ew" I can begin with my blogpost xD

Wow I just watched a youtube vid of Tablo of epik high freestyling while drunk. I think he's really good and I admire someone who has a great ability to make something of words. I consider it to be a more "difficult" artform, because most other art is direct ... like a painting just goes straight to your eyes and looks nice, and music goes straight in your ears and sounds nice; but words go in and require interpretation and understanding. Anyway the Tablo rap is really good, there's some really good lines. There's another guy in the clip
myk but I don't know who that is. I Barock the show Obama-self. lol

I don't really like writing dedications or whatnot, because usually they involve broken promises -I'm going to relate this to one time when some guy said he would make me a shuffle dedication vid AKA a way to say "hey, you're cool" but he never did LOL - soooo, with that said I just wanted to say thanks to Dwee :) I realise how difficult it is for people to be on the fence but I think you do it better than anyone + you taught me that the year elevens aren't always disgusting just kidding :P, Naushin is cool, too xD

So Dwee and I discussed starting our own porn website don't worry not with us in the porn ... unless we get requests, I guess lol. It'd be a niche soz, no accents cos I'm not that cool :( website that involves milking races with MILFs. Yeah, A+ on the concept I know xD I'm thinking we could call it MILFmilkers or something. We get a room of MILFs and they have to milk themselves into a container with a line marked, and the first person to get to the line gets the prize of drinking everyone's milk combined or they get to pick who drinks the milk.


Soz, but I don't think it's that big a deal because the people I know who read this are used to me being uuhmmm ... me? 

From now on whenever I'm on msn and leave unexpectedly without saying my farewells I'm going to come back and say "there was an emergency". If they ask what it is I'll just say "I don't want to talk about it" then I'll just neglect to tell them I just wanted to go toilet/watch tv/eat chocolate/play games/etc. No-one gets hurt, and I avoid getting asked questions--they annoy me, 99% of the time. Oh wait, either that or it would make them ask me more questions =/

... ah hell 



  1. I think I just swallowed my gum...

  2. lol, i loled at this :P
    my bad for disrupting the atmosphere on ur blog ><

  3. musu, your first paragraph made me gag. XD

    and i thought i might see you today at this schools parliamentary debate in the city (figuring you know, you do debating and such) but my anticipation fell short and i was left quite sadfaced when SMT had another student. D:

  4. hello business partner :)