Thursday, February 26, 2009


So as I was making my way towards slumber I startled myself with a thought. No it wasn't "I wonder if 2girls, 1cup was real" although that is something I often contemplate but the thought of not having charged my ipod : (     So to kill the time while it is attached to my computer I will write a new post. 
^ ^

Today was my first SL Chemistry lesson, and even though it's my first lesson I can tell it's the beginning of me feeling a lot happier. Before I felt trapped/scared/feelinglikeiawasgoingtonotgetmydiploma but now I feel so much better. Even if there is some stigma attached to dropping down a science in my school--a school that values the sciences above all else, but I don't think I'm that way inclined and I don't want to study something science-related later anyway QA has taught me that much.

I'm also using all my study spares to go to year eleven HL math classes which sounds pretty nerdy, but it was my really smart friend's idea. Even though I still think it's a good idea ... Ahh looks like I'll need to kill more time because my ipod is screwy : (

HOT QA GOSS. except not really =/
There's this Samoan guy in year ten and my friend Nat and I are trying to befriend him. Except that he dislikes us annoying/befriending him. Oh well. In the refectory line I asked him to speak Samoan then he asked me if my Samoan was bad, in Samoan but in a really snipey way lol He's not making this easy but Nat and I swear we will befriend him even if it means she has to get dirty (NB: I have not yet discussed this with Nat, but I'm sure she'll understants its importance to the cause lol, if you read this SOZ lol)

In other news, Geoffrey Xu plans on completing a doctorate in philosophy (or how to make nice, whatever), whilst completing his MMBS and BLaw, too.   

kidding, geoff thanks you're ULTIM8 Zen-ness is greatly aprreciated *points finger like Mr N__ lol*



  1. LOL
    why are you trying to befriend a lowly ten?
    ;p loveee

  2. "kidding, geoff thanks you're ULTIM8 Zen-ness is greatly aprreciated *points finger like Mr N__ lol*"


  3. yes it would have been nice of you to confer
    but i mean i have the skanky hair
    might as well use it