Tuesday, June 9, 2009

can't keep it up ... giggle

I can never seem to be able to stay awake for very long after school and as I write this blog I know it's because of the late nights ... where I just do nothing/study. o_o

The first day of exams just finished and you would think I ought to be more prepared because we just had a long weekend but you know I'm a suckbag which reminds me if you put 'bag' on the end of an insult it's instantly an even worse insult. For instance take, ''you're a dick'', the term is indefinite so it doesn't specify the extent to which you are a ''dick'', but if you were to say, ''you're a dickbag'', then you're made aware of the fact that you are one bag's worth of dick. This makes it sound like you being a bag of dickness is a lot more than being a dick itself, because it implies you're more dick-ish. Pointless, I know, but I just like to share.

So I got in and the first paper I have is an English P1, so I didn't feel the need to study much for it, because it was unseen, duh. Then the poem was one we had already gone through last year and I ended up writing a heaping pile of shit. I guess you could say that my English essay was pretty much a massive shitbag! Jankies, right? All the wanking from the weekend that I did, for the purpose of training my arm to not get tired during my english exams, did not prepare me for the strain I felt upon my wrist. Just kidding. Ewww, no, I wanked because I enjoyed it, and by 'it' I mean 'seeing your mum'.

Seeing as tomorrow or rather today in 7 hours I have an English exam on two novels I haven't read (I lost wide sargasso sea the first day I borrowed it from the library xD), a Chinese exam that one of the Chinese teachers said "Oh yeah, it will be really hard" while puckering her lips together to make a sour face showing that her sentiment is genuine, and a Chem exam that shouldn't be hard--I'm just not prepared, I think it was a wise decision. The decision to come on blogspot to quell my thirst for the blog at 1:30 in the morning.               

In other news, what the hell is with the movie, Teeth? If you don't know it's a movie about this girl who has a monstrous vagina that has teeth that can bite and yeah o_o. So anyway I kept thinking about how she kept being kinda ... raped/sexually abused. I find it weird because she was not hot, and I'm just saying it's unrealistic because in a world of drunk hot teenagers and other hot people with the inability to refuse sex I find it weird. That is to say that in a perfect world, the ugly people will be raped least, if rape existed, which it wouldn't. I was going to say "I wouldn't rape her" but it reminded me of the episode in Veronica Mars where that comedy magazine says the same thing, and since I learn everything from my tv, I knew it was wrong to say something like that. It's wrong to say it, so I will just go back to thinking it in my head.      


  1. shut up rainbow bag :)

  2. OMG
    its not vitamin d
    its actually vitamin a
    im soooo sorry =(
    this probably made you fail your chem exam
    well i'm sorry we can't all be SL - geoffrey xu, 2009

  3. quote musu: My english teacher once said I was "overly verbose" in my oral, and nothing much has changed since.

    the first paragraph explains it all... (H)

  4. I saw an advert for Teeth when I was watching a late night movie last year
    it was DISGUSTING

    love you
    hope your exams are ok <3