Thursday, May 21, 2009

today I am boring

So on the train I was just sitting and thinking 
1) wow I got a seat--today will be a good day, which will make up for the trainwreck that I expect my TOK presentation to be 2) holy crap the brisbane river is dirty. 3) why is this train so slow? wait, did I see that person on the sidewalk walk faster than this speeding train 4) I'm glad I'm black because it makes sure noone sits next to me on public transport 

I got to school ON TIME which for me only happens when I stay up all night so that I leave early or if I get driven (rarer than a fourth nipple, because I figure if a third nipple is rare than a fourth nipple ... would be way heaps rarer? Oh I used to think I had many nipples until one day I realised that they were not nipples they were the things around the areola that kinda look like goosebumps ... yeah ... ). So I got to school and first up I had English, which hasn't been proper classes for a while due to teacher getting concussed/stuff, and I'm very behind in school because in the past two weeks' ten school days I've only been there for around four days. Naturally, this means I have all the free time in the world to dick aroun with my blog.  
ahhh so we had our Theory of Knowledge presentation today and for some magical haxx reason (I was wearing a bhuddist bracelet, and rosary beads, and I'm pretty sure I prayed facing toward Mecca this morning) we passed, and I think we even did well. I could only ever cram well for something pointless like TOK, so I suck and hate school lol-_- Johnny's presentation is really funny and entertaining xD so if he ever gets up to posting it on youtube I'll put it on here.
Throughout the day I kept telling the 'priest, shaman and a rabbi' joke to people. (It's from a youtube video ) My old study period supervisor, who is actually a psychology teacher laughed so hard she almost cried. If you watch the video you'll understand why this is funny. : ]

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  1. " 4) I'm glad I'm black because it makes sure noone sits next to me on public transport "