Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free slushies, grocery shopping and my new life as an outlaw

As it is a Wednesday I finished school at 1.10 so, as usual, I decided to head into the city for no real purpose much like every other Wednesday. The difference this time was that I actually did have a purpose haha tricked ya earlier, and that purpose was to get and drink free slushies! If you live in Brisbane you would probably know that MX had free slurpees from 7/11 Vouchers, and if you didn't YOU'RE NOOB&GTFO. My friends being the amazing people they are clipped out dozens of the coupons so now everyone can enjoy the joy of a slushies for free. The whole promotion is about speed-slurping but I swear brain freezes will kill you :| no way can you drink a large in under 5 seconds, and if you can find anyone who can I will give them a Z-job.        

After all the excitement of three slushies, a free killer python, and a free chocolate bar melting in my pocket I decided to head home. When I got home I promised myself I wouldn't go to sleep because I would only be perpetuating my bad sleeping cycle.  

A while after that, in the evening, I had decided to go grocery shopping with my mum instead of what I really should have been doing--STUDYING, but I should always be studying and I'm not so I reasoned that if I were already not studying then going to Coles would be okay. We ended up buying Weis because it was on special and some weird sago dessert thing which suited the day because there was a big discussion about fruits among the Chinese diaspora present in my grade (also lolwtf at this sentence?) Turns out Sago and tapioca are not from the same plant (take that, Eric! yo ass got pwnt by wiki). Walking around the supermarket my mum went on to berate my entire generation for needing dentistry. I don't know why you people need to go dentists so much, I mean you brush your teeth when I was a girl noone ever needed blah blah. I found it funny, anyway after forcing my mum into the normal line (something like 50 items and trying to get into the express lane? I think not, mother) we headed home. 

When I got home I gorged on food because I hadn't eaten since lunch time, and right now I'm feeling quite sick from the ice cream and the weird sago+coconut milk dessert as well as the other relative crap that I ate.                 

Also I lost a few library books and am now never going to return to my school library. I'm also thinking of changing my name, and moving to New Zealand, but we'll see how determined the debt collectors will be. The old frail librarians-turned-debt collectors. 

I am feeling nostalgic at the moment so I want to listen to panic! at the disco's first album. I know it might seem oh so passe of me to say that but whatever, they were a big part of my year 8/9 high school experience, and the songs are quite good    xD  



  2. ahhhh yes, year nine...

    the year of the scoobie craze, panic! at the disco craze and THE PUSHING GAME CRAZE XD

    *jermia runs up to musu randomly in the locker room*


    *musu runs up to phuong*


    *phuongs falls over* xD