Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tyra Banks & lost mail

One of the guiltiest pleasures in my life is being in love with Tyra Banks, or more her talk show and america's next top model. It's kinda like how I justify watching and enjoying Gossip Girl. Her talk show is amazing entertainment--she just had some lady on the show who eats chalk dust. WTF? There's so many topics and it's a massive contradiction how she projects the image of being sexy, but frowns upon flaunting sexuality and it's so the bomb.  

In relation to the episode about the porn guy that got fired from Subway well I probably wouldn't want to eat at a sandwich store that employed porn people because well semen in my food, yeah. There was another show about secrets and  I know why she wanted to go on the show to tell her mum she was pregnant, because she didn't want to GET KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT.        

Soz, I get all riled up by the Tyra Banks show lol. In other news my Outlook inbox saddens me, because it says there are three new messages and I can't find them. : ( It's because I can't find what day they came from so if you're familiar with Outlook and being a noob then you'd know I can't find the NEW MAIL xD

In closing a black guy just said, "it's hard for me to get a job because I'm big and have a beard". I bet you were thinking it was because he is black ; P     


  1. i HATE outlook
    why are you using it?!?!

    btw :D love you.

    and i think gossip girl and ANTM are awesome.

  2. blah the models are bleh and have unattractive inner beauty

  3. Find unread mail in Outlook:

    View> Current View> Unread Messages in this Folder. n_n

    my outlook downloads all my emails including ones that have already been downloaded from previous sessions from EQ everytime i open it. =\

  4. you knowww that you can just click the "unread mail" folder ....


  5. how come jeyar follows your blog...