Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So I find myself without the willpower required to read Edgar Allan Poe, and stumble across my beloved wikipedia which is also one of my greatest vices.

It started because someone mentioned somebody I didn't know, and rather than seem like the uninformed douche I truly am, I promptly wiki'ed his name to find that he is an Australian tennis player who is the same age as me. I then thought it was a good idea to find out about other people who are my age. You know other people JUST LIKE ME except that they all had amazing talents and gifts and had already accomplished more in sixteen years than I will in my entire life lol dw it's for fun. 

Most of the notable 1992 births are of athletic children or good looking actresses. Since I am neither athletic or a good looking girl who can act, my chances of making it onto this list in the next three seconds news travels fast these days lol are quite slim.

The most well known people my age are probably Nick Jonas - of the Jonas Brothers fame, MILEY CYRUS - of pure awesomeness fame eeeh she's like Britney Spears to me, someone I'm embarrassed about liking but still like anyway 

My personal favourite is the world's strongest girl - Varya Akulova. Plus the bitch has myspace, y'all 

Another would be Calle Fahllund for being part of possibly the cutest heavy metal band ever. You heard me, they're cute and in heavy metal.

Ngaaaawwww I know they are all about headbanging and whatnot but I just want to read the one on the right a bedtime story. ^ ^


  1. i think you are good looking in the dark,
    and you can act better then the average camel with cancer.

    just some free niceness for you.
    im nice like that. xD.

  2. LOL
    that blonde one on the right looks like such a munchkin