Tuesday, March 10, 2009

one alone is not enough; you need two together

I remember when my cousin slept over on the weekend and we were watching tv and we broke out into that song from Mulan 2 (yes, there's a sequel). That is all I could think about because I'm feeling a bit sick lately which I attribute to everyone in school having wild unprotected bouts (yes, they were like boxing matches and as the author it IS my intent to conjure such imagery in the audience's mind blah blah blah HL english is so pompous*) of intimacy by which saliva was transferred and now everyone is sick. Thankyou, sick people. Anyway just wanted to say thanks to Geoff for buying me food upon sighting my unsightly visage this morning. If ever you're angry at your parents and you need me to be -errrhm- black, I will definitely be here for you. 

Usually I wouldn't mind getting sick because well it's just illness and it's a fact of life (well it doesn't often happen to me, because Yeah 我是 superman Yeah 你是loser), but I have a debate tomorrow night, and I'm scared of telling the coach that I can't go because I'm sick. So I did the next best thing and told him that I would be too sick to go to school, but not sick enough to miss out on the debate. T_T You're probably thinking that it would make more sense to go to school and not go to the debate, or to not go to either, but fERTHEWRT (that is my teacher's name, it is not an alias, you can believe me or not) said if we have like committment issues with debating that we should've never joined the team (been born, enjoyed life, etc) 

*ahhh now that I am in the company of "higher beings" in my new HL class, I realise the level of pompousity and pretention the IB expects us to deliver in our orals which they give good marks for being "truly spontaneous utterances"--or some shit. In class we were all asked to bring something forward in the discussion of the excerpt we had in front of us (Macbeth's third soliloquoy for those of you playing at home). In the beginning I was like "oh that sounds good", but as it progressed it kept sounding more and more pre-packaged and manufactured. I find it highly contradictory of the english department, to expect us to present our own interpretation of the text if we're constantly fed the same interpretations. They don't want us to regurgitate ideas but we're bombarded with so much in-depth analysis as it is that what they're really expecting us to do is re-invent the wheel. 

In some way or another I guess I just feel like originality is dead, and someone thought your thoughts long before you thought them.


Oh and CONGRATZ to Rachel on the Moran Photography Prize thing! 


  1. transfer of saliva = herpes