Sunday, March 29, 2009

re(bust a)cap(in yo' ass)

My weekend was filled with the usual fun, because I'm just a leng zai kinda guy (let's all learn canto, canto FTW lor)

Friday night was the school dance which was at school -thus we can assume that dancing at school was involved. I was supposed to take photos the whole night but after about ten minutes I gave up because everyone else was dragging around their stupid pro intimidating SLRs and it's true what they say peeps - size DOES matter. My aim was to be like cobrasnake and I guess I achieved it with this one photo of a sleazy-lookingbut probably very niceguy.

mmmmm seedier than a Big Mac bun

The Moon and a Jedi

On Saturday was Tyler's double-surprise birthday party. First surprise meeting--some of his friends for dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Pinelands : )  we then went back to his house so that he could be further surprised with more surprises. Tyler's house is pretty cool because they have a sweet trampoline. 

We left the city a little early to go the the restaurant so we tried to buy some fish but the pet store at Sunnybank Plaza was just closing down (probably because I'm black) :( 

Then we caught the bus to pinelands and having an hour to kill decided to take photos of each other, and by each other I mean "Phuong working a pole". Most of the time we were laughing so any photo with a straight face took a lot of effort and concentration mangzzzz. These photos are for Phuong's 17th birthday and I know she doesn't read my blog so they are safe being posted here, but just in case you R Phuong poke your eyes out now.

Graceful, beautiful, elegant, "more-descriptive-words-than-a-perfume-commercial"-ul

Then we got up to the restaurant patiently awaiting Tyler's arrival. Anthony got there late so he pretty much ruined the surprise/Tyler's life/our lives/the day/this blog/the current global financial situation/Burma/my mum's casserole/that one time I messed up a line at church performance etc 

Anthony, who thinks he's straight up g just because he came late

The dinner was good as is expected of any reputable Korean BBQ joint : )
LOOK! Some more photos displaying our satisfaction with life. YOOSH. aigoo OTL
If the pictures had dialogue it would be something like 
"fun isseoyo?"
"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, isseoyo to the max, bruhhs"
Tyler's initial reaction to "SURPRISE" which was to face away from us and present himself ... I wonder what he was expecting us to do =/

The Birthday Boy

I didn't end up taking that many photos and uploading takes time because I'm stupid, but it was a lot of fun n_n at the second party there was heaps of beer but I am not really a beer-drinker and I felt a little overdressed/stupid for the ocassion
Me & Girljerms 

In my opinion beer is like a girly drink without the fun or sugar. So it's sorta like eating a candy with no sugar, which is what I like to call "pointless", but everyone has their own opinions. As soon as I got in the car to leave the party my mum said "you smell like beer >:[ " which made for a lovely awkward silent car drive home. Thanks, mum <3 

Good news at the place where we study the GOOD NEWS (I.e. church). Today in the kid's section of our church programme the minister's wife talked about starfish, and how this one boy threw them back into the ocean when they got washed up because they would die. So anyway the story was an allegory that represented each individual's ability to contribute to make a difference against climate change. "The man said to him that there were so many starfish that he couldn't possibly get them all back into the sea to which the boy said that he had to do his part no matter how small." Global warming etc etc anyway main point here is when will science leave my church alone ??!!?xD. 

Oh the good news is that I won a church raffle so now I have a week's groceries. Since it was under my name I'm keeping the honey in my room. My sister told me ants would get into it so I yelled at her for trying to steal all my honey. 

Christine doing what she does best--soul-searching & appearing artsy (college art captain '09)


  1. You and Jermia are WAAAYYY BUFF.

    That girl looks like she's molesting a pole.
    And not in a good way.

  2. "everyone else was dragging around their stupid pro intimidating SLRs" - at least you could tell which ones were the CI kids. x)

    and your pole working friend must of given the customers at coles in pinelands a good show. if the keeps happening, im thinking of moving from woolworths, yeh? n_n

  3. ahhhh good times :)

  4. E.S told us that starfish story, cept when she said it she said it was a girl
    so from this we can see that clearly girls are better and the ministers wife only said it was a boy to satisfy her husband ie. the minister