Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"like so many juggling balls ... well ... really, only two"

Sometimes I think our school slogan should really just be "If you're busy juggling so many balls put one down to concentrate on the juggling of the rest of your juggling balls". Not only because a teacher who is leaving :( it's sad because she is cool and very connected to the students and their IB progress etc frequently uses this juggling-balls analogy to refer to the difficulties of being an IB student. Oh, also because it makes me giggle.

Sillyness aside, today was a day, much like a Monday or Tuesday, except it were a Wednesday. I thought about skipping the Grin n Tonic performance in the afternoon to finally get my learner's but decided against it because I didn't want to fail lol. I'm glad I didn't though because the Shakespeare performances were quite cool since changing to HL english I've had to start studying Macbeth--I really like it! They say the n-word ... sorta xD

Geoff mentioned the title of my previous post having nothing to do with the actual content of the post, which is actually quite encouraging in the sense that I now know that at least one person-Geoff, reads my blog lol kidding :P

So to elaborate on my title, I have my TOK essay working draft due on Friday, and I have only written about half of it, but I'm no longer stressed out about it, because I put down other juggling balls. I'm going to now try and segue my way into talking about my ipod top twenty-five playlist. I think I can achieve this by saying "juggling is a cycle because it happens again and again and again, much like a playlist on your mp3 on continuous play"

...okay well maybe my "seemless-segue-making" abilities are not so great, but I HAVE OTHER BALLS TO JUGGLE.  

On my way home I was thinking, as I often do, because I only have one travelling companion--my ipod, that my top 25 playlist is a big clique. If I choose to listen to the top 25 listened-to songs then what becomes of my others songs? D: 
I don't know why it bothered me but I feel like I'm not appreciating them, and that they might divorce me or something ... even though they are bits of data 

Well that's enough crazy for now n_n


  1. 1. grin and tonic are cool :)
    2. macbeth is soooo last year!!!
    3. i can get my P's in like 2 months...


  2. "and that they might divorce me or something ... even though they are bits of data "

    it can and will happen *sad face*