Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear windows live messenger latest install,

I didn't want to be the "one" to say it but serioulsy WTFFFFF? I can deal with the updates but are the updates really "updates" at all? 

Lately you've been pissing me off fudgeloads, and I really really miss using tabs. Tabs were probably the best part of my msn experience and if I had to complete a survey on MSN plus functions I definitely would've picked tabs but only because I'm a really really popular person with many msn contacts wanting to get at me all at once. 

anyway I just hope we can be bros one day like we used to.

Peace out, g. 

So now that that's done with what else has been happening.
Oh yeah-nothing.

*computer crashes*
ahh so my computer wasn't working and in this shituation (haha shit + situation GET IT???? like Enyd Blyton inventing "chortle" portmanteau FTW niggahhh). So I did what any sensible computer noob does and promptly pressed what can be referred to as the "holy trinity of keys from Computer-fixing For Dummies"--CTRL + ALT + DEL. I also screamed a bit and ran to the tv to find solace in the comforting warmth of the tv's shining light. Comfort was found in the form of Cold Case, and although it was an old episode--an episode I had seen, it was still a good one. I like Cold Case because the music is always so dope. It really brings me to the time-period of the murder. It makes me feel like I were poisoned in '75, and the sense of nostalgia is just a strong reminder of the power of music. Plus Lily has white hair ... just like Lili from Tekken. Coincidence? Yeah, if "coincidence" were spelt "C-O-N-S-P-I-R-A-C-Y", if you get my 意思? 

If you get what I mean please return it to my mailing address. 

My friend is venting his fight to me now and he stressed the importance of not making assumptions because the other guy kept making assumptions (that's how it seems to me :S). SO UNLESS YOU R IB PSYCH STUDENT & WOULD LIKE TO BASE A KEY CONCEPT ON AN ASSUMPTION DON'T DO IT LORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR



  1. i press alt + apple logo + esc key to quit on my mac. (ctrl + alt + del was so windows 95) n_n

  2. "I didn't want to be the "one" to say it but serioulsy WTFFFFF? I can deal with the updates but are the updates really "updates" at all? "

    Not only that, but I heard Windows-Live-New-Installer's dad has a new girlfriend;

  3. and shes your MUM! D:

    (no, shes not!)