Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"oh wow, how non-descript!"

So last night I got home at around 6PM, and entered my completely dark, empty house. "Good, I can walk around nekkid," I thought (    ...    what? I only thought it). Yesterday was the school cross country which made for a surprisingly enjoyable day. Seeing as though it was cross country I was a little dirty and tired. I tried calling a bunch of people because I needed someone to keep me awake, but noone picked up their phones. I didn't even run/complete the actual course which makes me sound very unfit ... yeah, okay then. I was too tired to go shower so before I fell asleep I made my way to my sister's room to sleep in her bed, while I was home-alone, so that I wouldn't make my bed unclean. Yay for siblings! 

Fast forwarding a bit past the sleep I decided to expand my repertoire of Karaoke songs so I've been checking out some of Wang Li Hong's older "chinked out" rap songs. Heroes of Earth is pretty cool. Just thought it was worth mentioning because the upcoming holidays are only a week so it's not long enough to slack off and enjoy life ^ ^

Before I slept thought I browsed the net for a bit, and dad kept calling my name. I kept thinking I was getting in trouble because he would shout my name, I would go over to him, then he would tell me to turn on the tv or get his phone. The one thing he was actually yelling angrily at me was for leaving the buttons done up on a shirt that came back in the laundry. 

So what else is on my mind?
-Well break starts tomorrow, except it's only one week =/
So I don't think there'll be sufficient time to learn everything I need to know/revise, but I shouldn't let this stop me from trying

-My unseen english commentary
Even though I did poorly on the practice oral commentaries in class I don't feel too anxious about the real thing, but I will probably feel a lot worse the closer it gets. I wish I felt more scared about it now, get the fear out of the way. 

-getting serious about school
Well yeah Ib yeah year twelve yeah blah blah blah

-msn not working
Since msn is no longer working well, I guess I won't be going online as much ... which is good for my studying. Yay. 


    I love heroes of the earth
    I think my favourite "chinked out" song is the one with Jin, but only because he represents.

    HONG KONG <3

    oooh musu naked... ;)

  2. lol i haven't started my english 2000 word english extension assignment, or my public speakingn speech or the silly talent thing i need to organise... but ohhh well.... it's only year 12 :)

  3. mwahahaha me engrish bad

  4. i'm relearning all my content + some for this term too. :D