Wednesday, April 29, 2009

adrenaline rush

I don't know why but giving oral gives me a great surge of excitement--a rush of blood to the head, if you will. When there is that great ejaculation of spontaneous release you feel nervous, relieved, excited, and I'm talking about the IB English IOC, obviously ... but I wasn't *giggle giggle* IOC = Internal Oral Commentary

So it was the day before my big important IOC, and I hadn't read all of the Poe stories we could've been assessed on. Yeah, I know what you're thinking I'm "slack", "lazy" and "has really silky smooth hands", and in my defence I have this to say, "uh, yes, okay. agreed." Last night I wasn't able to sleep because I felt that I wouldn't be able to wake up in time for school unless I stayed up the entire night (I know that lacks ummmm reasonable logic, but, like the narrator from The Tell-Tale Heart, the disease/lack of sleep increased my abilities). Having started reading all of the Poe stories at around 1, I managed to finish reading and working out my main ideas on each text before 5. I probably should've started earlier but I have a timetable where I have "free-time" until 6PM lol because I'm cool and generous to myself--then after free time I fell asleep, then woke up and had to watch Gossip Girl. I know there were other extracts not written by Poe that I could've been assessed on, but I was secretly really hoping I didn't get Much ado about nothing, and it turns out that I have strong wishpower (not recommended for everyone), although I did look over the story to some extent. What I really didn't want in the IOC were three poems by Bruce Dawe--"A Victorian Hangman Sends His Love", "Burial Ceremony", and "Butterworth Road". Mostly because I hadn't studied any of them extensively and the Poe texts were still fresh in my mind. I ended up getting Butterworth Road, and I know a lot of people would be thinking "wtf Musu is a douche. Butterworth Road is easy. It is like the easiest of easy things out of all the easiest things to ever do (besides your mum). Reh reh reh". This is why I'm usually careful never to display any kind of expertise in anything, in case it makes other people feel bad, because usually when people do it around me, I end up feeling bad. I know its probably perceived to be easier, but everyone is an individual [except for people + their doppelgangers lol] and most people are mostly capable of independent thought or having their own opinion. Overall, I think it went okay, but I did have a few major lapses in consistent speech :S It was exciting though n_n and now I can finally sleep.


  1. LOL when I read that in the following list..
    I thought
    "Either someone's hacked Musu or he's found a new interest in sex."

  2. naw your msn still broken?

    well i'm catching bus tomorrow for english extension... did i mention that because i was sick last week no one told me it was cancelled that day aow45u3984t!U()Q$@(%*

    *phuong shows up at 7.45*

    "oh good... you're not in yet cause i was stressing thinking i was late"

    "phuong... i don't think it's on today cause no one is here..."

    "umm... i guess it is... i never pay attention to what is said in class anyway xD"

    i got to see mylinh yesterday on her birthday (cause english extension was cancelled again...wth ==)

    and yeahhh i said... "mrs. rush is public speaking on this weekend cause the website says it is..." (mrs. rush has been telling us for the past week it's not until the 16th)

    "you're not doing it are you jermia?"

    "you got all my details and asked me to fill out the form before easter holidays and you talked to me in the library about it last week..." =='

    "ohh... what about griffin"

    "umm... griffin isn't doing it!" (WTH ==')

    "ohhh... okay... i'll see at the meeting tomorrow afternoon then?"

    "we have a meeting?"

    "well i guess we have to now..."

    wahhhh it's stupid cause she doesn't know what day (either sat/sun) or what time... ho ho ho... and she hasn't even checked drafts of speaches or prepared our mooting for next week


    hopefully i will see you on the bus tomorrow morning!!!!

  3. IOC = International Olympic Committee

  4. "This is why I'm usually careful never to display any kind of expertise in anything, in case it makes other people feel bad, because usually when people do it around me, I end up feeling bad."
    aw you touched my heart just then T___________T
    musu is the best