Sunday, April 19, 2009

Smoking pipes, Law & Order, dreaming that Lady Gaga is in need of a Lord

Sometimes I'm not sure why some things are so interesting, but I just know that they are. The other night at maccas I saw this man smoking a pipe and in my head I thought, "holy shit what a straight-up G". It's like the ultimate coolness of smoking a pipe overrides the destructiveness of what he is doing to himself. Relate this statement to Lady Gaga. ( 8 points)

The other night I was stuck in some apartment room with nothing to do so I decided to watch tv, because if I hadn't have left the house this is what I would resort to in moments of boredom. It was around ten that night and there was some marathon of Law & Order, and I began to wonder how many freaking law & orders there were. There's SVU and and and well that's the only one I know the name of but it seems like there's heaps of them. I always get kinda confused when I'm reading a tv guide and it just says the title. I know them as "the with zac from saved by the bell" and "the one with marishka hargitay"--whose named I only remember because it makes me think of female Hungarian bodybuilders. I don't know how it happened so that there are now so many incarnations of the show, but I guess I don't mind because many awesomes is greater than one singular awesome. 

I think Lawrence will be upset with this but I have to admit that I really really really love Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears' new music is so catchy and I am very easily entertained. She's the kind of artist that I would like if she wasn't so mainstream but she just happens to be so very mainstream. Besides her lyrics being at times somewhat inane, repetitively sexual to the point of explosion, and her get-up being so post modern that it transcends the guidelines of what it is the avant-garde and yet still relevant. (wait, wtf?) Just saying she's cool, and even if her image is highly over-sexed, I interpret it as being severe camp. Spacey, avant-garde, alien-tramp oversexed camp, but camp nonetheless. I don't always understand lyrics in songs anyway, sometimes the words are so unrecognisable that it has me questioning my English comprehension, but I know that if I feel the music in my soul (lol?) that I will probably enjoy it. 

... just kidding, I don't have a soul

So on other days when I'm soullessly wandering through life I like to go on the internet and look at nice things, but lately this vapid depreciation of my time has left me feeling like my time is fruitless. On and unrelated note I have a theory about time being represented as a living thing in Macbeth (there's a quite about time ... seeds blah) , lulz, but it's a massive compartmentalisation of a particular extract, which I tend to dabble in extensively (ooh yeah I just used a paradox, for what purpose am I--the author using this paradox for?       ...   I'll be fucked if I know). 

Thus completes the required pensive-flavoured part of this post. Stay tuned for future fluctuations in my errrhm unstable emotional economy(? =teenagers being sookey) Rofl, I thought that was funny xD

Oh yeah school starts soon which means we have our English IOCs very soon. I like Macbeth, well not as a person because he's a dick, but I don't think I would be able to perform as well using a text from Macbeth than Much ado about nothing. I attribute this to the fact that Macbeth makes me feel like a big fat helping of emo. "This extract relates to destructive personality ... omg everyone ... they all died .... :| ", and I don't really need to have a pussy-out during my oral, because my teacher told me that he was going to check out my last IB oral from last year, and downgrade it. I should be upset but the whole time I was thinking, "uhhhm they must've marked me too easily," and I guess I was, ultimately, right. Which is not a satisfying conclusion but I guess it does make me feel better about being right all the time. I wouldn't call it a silver lining but more of a lining made of a semi-precious stone, or possibly even just a worthless rhinestone. 



  1. Oh you're lucky
    I did Macbeth in year 9
    this year my stupid teacher decided to make us to Julius Caesar.

    oh and :D
    I like Britney.
    But Lady GaGa is a step too far.

  2. i like lady gaga's outfits

    a lot


  3. rhinestone hatez you now D:<

  4. ahmm.. well there is law and order (original), law and order svu, law and order criminal intent and law and order trial by jury.

    yehh... i think that about does it.

    oh and lady gaga is ok, i wonder what her dada thinks of her? .___."


    TISK. David Bowie is spacey camp. Lady Gaga is an astro-whore. And a talentless one at that.

    It's OK, not everyone can have as discerning musical taste as I do :3