Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy ending without the massage

Today was a fairly sweet day but it did have somewhat of a bitter/sour taste to it as well. I was very into my "not-going-out-anymore" stance until amanda seduced me with her saucy ways into going to eat dinner and going karaoke. 

: (

Needless to say, I am weak and only one man, and how could I resist?

So we ate at this korean restaurant (the newish madtongsan place upstairs next to koz n_n ) and the food was good. It was the same thing I usually get from there so I guess I was going to like it no matter what xD. amanda brought her friend Evan who is old and Chinese but cool and tall (like not just "tall-for-an-azn" tall, but like tall-tall, making me feel short next to him. He's pretty cool and he bought us booze because we are very very stressed lol. 

He also likes to model for shampoo commercials in China. Here is a picture of a spokesmodeling campaign from ... tonight? xD

Afterwards we went to karaoke and it was very enjoyable. On the train home not only did I discover that my ipod earphones were broken but also that these girls asked me if I wanted to go to a party ... but it was in Ipswich and I want my kidneys so I respectfully declined. I was so scared I would have to walk home in the freaking rain but I called my brother and he is very leet and uber cool and he picked me up. WOOT. happy ending 


  1. what a nice looking young man.

  2. EVAN <3333333333333333333333

    i wanna be in a shampoo commercial musu :(

  3. i had a person who once told me you can hear fat mothers scream a lot in central ipswich. pl0x confirm this for me, musu?

  4. Idk ... how often is your family in central ipswich, chris? :P