Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thank you Disney for making me the person I am today

So I suspected that this person hated me, for no apparent reason, and I was getting worked up over it because I didn't know what I did wrong ... but then I realised it wasn't something I did they just errrhm don't like me : ) so I'm over it, I was able to overcome it by remembering an episode of RECESS xD

In the episode there's this kid who doesn't like TJ (for those of you not in the know with late 90's/early 00's cartoons, TEEJ is cool-incarnate, the bomb, he's a mack daddy, he's who you want to be friends with, who you would give your children to, the reason you want to be alive, etc). TJ is confuzzled because he is the man, right? So he tries with all his might to do all these nice things for the hater. I think he gets him into the cool secret places at school and a bunch of other really nice things in order to impress him so that he likes TJ. Then in the end, when the guy is asked why he doesn't like TJ he says something like "just coz" or something to that effect. Then TJ realises that he is the man, and that not everyone can like him. 
Ahhh Disney, the provider of my moral-nutrients. 

So besides getting really ":S" about that person I've continued watching if you are Leanne don't higlight this page n_n Boys Before Flowers because I am lame. It sorta reminds me of Gossip Girl, except really watered down for the sensibilities of good Confucian modest azn teenagers, and the westerners who watch it too.

I just watched Day Watch just now and it's surprisingly good. It's weird to find a sequel that is better than the first installment, but this movie shat in-and-around the mouth of Night Watch, which BTW disappointed me into a state of depression (seriously thought the preview made it look so awesome and then the movie was really crap and it was all in all a very boner inducing, and then boner-reducing experience). So the movie is good albeit confusing. It has some pretty cool action scenes, a lot of it is weird, but there's a lot of nice messages in there--sorta. My blog is usually just wall of text so I decided I should just a picture of Day Watch up here to cut all the boring black writing (alliteration used for emphasis OMG IOC english SOON D: )


  1. Day watch is dangerously close to Bay watch.

    I guess if "Recess" had a TV show about it, it'd be called Confucius.

  2. ahhhh... disney reminds me of zac efron. speaking of all things which, he has a new moving comming outz tomorrow. XD

  3. Isn't that the one where he's the 17-year-old version of Matthew Perry?

    Could it BE any more of a cliché? I doubt it.

    And I just saw "Gossip Girl" and "Confucian" used in the same sentence. My head hurts.