Saturday, April 11, 2009

mmmm that surely tastes like surly

Wow I haven't turned on my computer since Thursday night I deserve a smacko. So Thursday was the final day of school and being the model-student I am I decided to make an appearance unlike many others. My tardy/away record is not good as it is, on a count of "I-suck", so I thought I would tough it out, and by "tough it out"--I mean attend school in the last week where a) nothing happens b) teachers mostly pretend that "something" is happening c) everyone else is away. 

My plans, however, were foiled by my arch nemesis, the Sandman. So he decided to get revenge by making me sleep in, and thus missing my 7 o'clock bus (damn you, Sandyyyyy!!!), but I decided I would not let him win, so after ... um dozing back to bed after waking up, and then finally getting ready I decided to go to school. I thought it would be okay because my mum was working so she wouldn't know ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR *the incorrect buzzer on game shows kinda noise* she was in the kitchen. So I had to use my full pro ninja hax skills to sneak out of the house with my mum inside, jump the fence and make it to school. I got out of the house, and ran until my street turned into another just in case mum could feel it in her motherly senses that I was in the house. In my head I was all "oh yeah you the man ... you're so G ... lock me up in a cage tonight and plunder my dungeon etc etc" as I galavanted (I've always wanted to use that word *tear*) toward my bus stop. I decided to be adventurous and forego my closest bus stop for one closer to the petrol station so I could buy breakfast. On the way my dad drove past me on his way home though, and he stopped the car and I stood there staring at him for about three seconds hoping that in the three seconds I would learn some Jedi mind trick (uh, it didn't work) and convince him it wasn't me. Funny thing with my dad is that he would probably never say anything about it to me. So he just drove him, and I ran to the bus stop hoping that he wouldn't tell mum--the real enforcer. I ran the scenario through my head, "O M G they wouldn't kill me in public ... not with all this daylight, right??", but I panicked and even I grew doubtful of the tone my voice had assumed. The car then drove past me before I got to the bus stop and dropped me off to the bus.

Well that was the end of my little melodrama or so I thought, but when I signed in at the office one of the higher-ups grilled me for being late ... on a day when I could name at least ten people whose faces I hadn't seen all week. Ah, thank you God of Fairness for making life so fair. 


  1. i wish my life was this melodramatic oh adventurous musu.

    thursday consisted of just.. waking up at 6:30, getting driven to school at 7. =\

  2. hahah I can't believe you were angry at the sandman <3 love.