Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Life As We Know It" ... So I guess I do like anything

I'm closing in on the last three episodes of Life As We Know It, which if you don't know, is a tv show that aired in america and got cancelled only thirteen episodes in (thank you, source of all information--Wikipedia). Seriously though the show is so good because it is bad and I like anything. In a way the horrible overacting (which I believe to be a director's choice--"Dino feels angry. Give me more angry, growl at me, bash your cymbals, monkey-boy, etc"), the cliche storylines, and the somewhat-insulting dialogue (seriously sometimes they say lines that are a combination of cheesey, unbelievable and otherwise.) It's almost like the writers were told to paint a portrait of each character using only one colour--these colours being "hormonal" and "teenage angst". I like to think I'm a little more complex than, "Jackie looked at another boy, we r broken up but still grrrrrrrrr. ROAR I R has hormones, I consider any girl who is not Kelly Osborne to be hot, when really most of the "hot girls" I see are mostly un-hot, and closer to 'homely'. *eats dinosaur*" The unrealistic nature of the show is, essentially, what I'm drawn to. I like how the guys--who look older than me, but are supposed to play characters my age and younger, get so excited when a brother hooks up. I find this weird because sex is becoming less a rite of passage and more a thing that you sorta just do. Oh, and because they are supposed to not be giggly preschoolers, but okay whatever tell me how "teen life" should be. 

Like what Tyra said today, "Two abortions? You don't even treat it like it means anything. It's just like you're saying 'yesterday, I had a ham sandwich and an egg sandwich' and it means nothing to you". The episode was about teenaged girls who were pregnant/wanting to get pregnant (I have no idea why), some of the pregnant girls were twelve/thirteen, and I guess it just made me jealous that they were getting some lol, but seriously if a twelve year old can get sex something is wrong with me. Tyra is pretty much the bomb, because even if you don't like her, her tv-presence is strong, and she is so often unintentionally funny.

The show reminds me somewhat of an asian drama because I find that the acting in those shows is always so so sooo overdone. E.g. "I am in the process of making a sandwich! YOOOOSHH!!! SANDWICHES!!!! I love sandwich. *backflips*". Thus, very entertaining and enjoyable. 

I think the time-freeze turn-to-face-camera break-the-fourth-wall give-audience-glimpse-into-the-inner-mind-of-an-average-teenager is possibly the best part. The show is so like a blueprint they got out of a "cliche-story" filing cabinet, at times it makes me wet.  

It has also taught me important stuff like telling that your true feelings will make you feel better, fat girls need love too, sluts won't give you boners because you will be in love with someone else.


  1. uhmm.. did you enjoy your racist movie? D:

  2. HAHA
    i wish i had foxtel too

  3. ^by that i mean i would watch the tyra show everyday
    and ellen