Friday, December 4, 2009

Cat sounds

Ah I didn't really know how to start out this post so I pissed off for a bit to read drool over THE MOST AMAZING FOOD BLOG EVER. Now that I have a food boner I am probably more distracted than when I had started typing but whatever. I haven't mentioned this but I have graduated from high school which is not really that great considering it's only high school which in the grand scheme of things is probably like a 3 on the modified-Richter scale of importance (NB: scale may not exist).

I am not really all that emotional about leaving my school. It's sad that it's over, and especially right now since the fact that real life is a complete bore is starting to set in. I guess I needed school as a distraction from DOING NOTHING OTHER THAN SWEATING PROFUSELY IN THIS MOFUCKING HEAT ON THE COMPUTER IN MY ROOM. Saddest. Image. Ever.

So after the final week of school I went to schoolies which is just a weeklong excuse for people to act slutty, drink underage, and have sex on the beach all willy-nilly with 30 000 other strangers/school leavers. Yes, it is mandatory to have sex with all of those 30 000 individuals to experience 'true schoolies'. In other words fun. Living in the bubble that is schoolies where all you have to do all day is sit about, swim, tan, drink alcoholic beverages--all in anticipation of the night time where you will be doing much of the same minus the tanning, is very comforting. It doesn't set you up for how much you will hate your life after that week but I'm sure people were well aware of the fact that you can't just selfishly enjoy yourself forever (but one guy 'enjoyed' himself for like over a day so whatever). In short, many people probably did things at schoolies that they're going to regret.

Once I got back from schoolies I went to check on my favourite blog, Daul Kim's 'I Like To Fork Myself', which seemed to be closed off, so I googled around to see if she had just shut down her blog. Unfortunately for me and the greater internet community she had died from what appeared to be a suicidal hanging. It's probably stupid that I got so upset about it but if you were as fascinated by her as I was something like this would've struck you hard. She was and still is my laptop background—it's one of the first pictures from when she died her blond. There are so many memorial posts on blogs about how great she was and I'll have to admit I was completely and utterly fascinated by this woman. So incredible was the way she looked in photographs, the genuine personality intricately revealed throughout her posts, her unique style, and the varied and reliable taste she had for film and music, her apparent addiction to trance music and raves, the quality of her mind as expressed through her blog. Perhaps it is unfortunate that people were drawn to her blog for its sometimes deprecating nature, and obvious self-conflict, but so much of her blog was deeply personal that is just added to the appeal for readers. Hopefully Daul, you, found the peace from your suffering that you just couldn't find in life.

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