Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swimming, moisturizer party, Indro bumming, free fun, enjoying life/holidays : ]

So this afternoon Tyler and Phuong showed up at my house much to my ultimate behest but not really. Then we went for a quick swim which was fun because spending time with cool people is generally … uh cool, right? After the swim we decided to get ready to go pay Jermia a visit at her place of employment which I am withholding because Jermia is afraid of skeezy 50 yr old paedophiles who will track her down at work. Personally I don't know why she's worried because I already know where she works. Muahahahaha *creepy face*. –font joke intermission— Two fonts walk into a bar and the bartender says, "sorry we don't serve your type here" *wait for riotous laughter*. Okay back to blogging. Oh yeah and then we were all getting dressed in my room which was awkward especially when I offered to turn it into a 'moisturizer party' which is where we uhhh just lather moisturizer on each other LOL WTF so yeah I spiderman'ed some moisturizer onto Phuong's arm but the concept never really took off because everyone in my room at the time was a prude maybe next time? We got to Indro but Jermia could only see us briefly and although the sadness of this weakened my heart it was still nice to see her. Also wtf was with that sentence?

We ate Hanaichi after that and it was oishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Then we went to Harvey Norman so Tyler could check out SLR cameras while Phuong and I just danced around which is probably my favourite pastime. FREE FUN. It's when you dance to music that's already playing in stores and it's fun because who doesn't like dancing? And it's free because you don't have to pay for it hence the name, 'free fun'. Next time we're dancing in a store I should probably get it filmed so that my happiness can be forever immortalized on the internet or maybe just my computer because everyone can see stuff on the internet.

Everyone should probably go check out Kid Cudi's new song with MGMT and Ratatat – Pursuit of happiness, because it is better than the movie, and is the song that reminds me most of schoolies so yes I do have a soft spot for it. ^ ^



  1. blah... hate the song!!! xD

    and now everyone knows i work at indro!!! thanks a lot musu D:


  2. well ... they know for CERTAIN now. :P