Wednesday, December 16, 2009

la futura, 未来, luminai

Okay so once again there is no food. So I might be dramatic but I also know that I would find it quite difficult to make a meal out of flour and rice. Oh, and if Macguyver is reading this and thinks he can somehow pull a turkey roast or a bomb out of that, fuck you. Anyway sleeping on my hard mattress is like getting beaten uyp in my sleep or sleeping with a limp or something because whenever I wake up I feel like my spine is misaligned and my body feels more tender than menstrual time nipples ( or so I hear they are tender 8-) ). Anyway with that I have some news.

Since I last posted, actually probably a long time before that, I have finished school and have received my (shit) results. I didn't end up getting my IB diploma but I still managed to get into QUT Law which I was offered a place in last night so yeah. Oh, I know R kellz doesn't read this because it has too many words and too few pretty pictures but yeah you read correctly QUT--the university you don't consider to be a real university. So now my mum is thoroughly disappointed in my results and has no qualms with telling me how much I suck for doing the course I'm doing at any time of day and for having a shitty QTAC rank.


eating breakfast--"hey musu you did shit"
walking to my bedroom--"so disappointed in you"
making dinner--"such a waste of life" etc.

Anyway I argued about it with her today and she told me it is her way of 'motivating me' and firstly I thought, "WTF?" then after a while I thought ... "no wait, seriously wtf?!"

Lol oh well nooone sees eye-to-eye with their parents all the time. I was all D: about my mum saying things like that at first but then I realised somewhat--what would be the opposite of prematurely? maturely??--anyway I just realised I am still happy with who I am and that I am pretty cool even if I suck at school sometimes. Now I'm going to go to the mirror and tell myself that I am super cool and I'll believe every fucking word of it.

I was considering taking a gap year to make some money but my mum shut that idea down straight away and Kt said that if I didn't go to uni I would probably end up not ever going because I am lazy and will have many babies by next year.

Anyway surprised that I managed to write even that much which is ... not much. Ten million cool points to the person that picks up the movie reference in the post. : ]


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  2. woah qut law, you pwned me, and yes i did read the entire blog post.

  3. dont be dissapointed with QUT
    i wanted to go there but they didnt have my course :(
    and law is hardcore

  4. i agree with kt, you really wont end up going to uni lol. please dont take a gap year... unless you're going to be feeding poor kids in 3rd world countries. :p